Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: Beginning dual cultivation (Part 5)

“Hundred Flower Hands, what is displayed at the end is a hundred hands appearing at once and the flames gathering into a flame lotus.  This gives it its name, the Hundred Flower Hands.” Bai Jin Yi looked at Ye Yu Xi’s appearance and explained in a gentle voice.


Ye Yu Xi’s throat quivered as she saw the difference between her and Bai Jin Yi again.

Although there was a difference in strength with Bai Jin Yi, there was no discouragement or any hit to Ye Yu Xi.  Instead, there was an intense desire to win in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.

If Bai Jin Yi can learn this thing, why can’t I!

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes were determined.  She walked over towards the cauldron and planned to continue practicing.


Bai Jin Yi grabbed Ye Yu Xi’s arm, “The first time practicing the Hundred Flower Hands, you shouldn’t try too many times, otherwise it will damage your meridians.  You need to rest.”

“What rest, you can just cultivate that jade slip.”  Long Xiao Pang finally finished chewing on the roasted lamb leg and made an interjection.

Bai Jin Yi looked over at Ye Yu Xi with a questioning gaze.

Ye Yu Xi slowly nodded.  She didn’t have anything to do right now and there were a few hours before the sun came up, so it was fine to cultivate it a bit.

At least…..she wanted to see what that high earth grade cultivation technique was like!

Long Xiao Pang saw Ye Yu Xi nod and there was a sinister smile that appeared on his lips.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi faced each other, sitting cross legged on the platform.  Between them was that jade slip

“This place is silent, you can just focus on cultivating.  I’ll protect you guys…..Un…..I won’t let the little dumb bird disturb you.”

Long Xiao Pang said that he would guard Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi…..He directly put down two books and made a simple pillow.  Lying on the platform, he lifted his legs up as he watched the two of them.

Probably…..Long Xiao Pang would stop Huo Ling from disturbing the cultivation of the two in a dream.

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi locked gazes and nodded at the same time.  They both stretched a hand out and placed it on the jade slip.

After that, their mental energy came out at the same time and entered the jade slip.

Instantly, the jade slip lit up with a green glow!

Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi were completely enveloped by this green light.

Long Xiao Pang who wasn’t far away felt this green light and opened his eyes to look at it.  He said in a voice filled with praise, “Ze, ze, with the Medicine King Valley’s background, they really do have some good things.”

Long Xiao Pang watched the green light envelope them before he closed his eyes again.

When Ye Yu Xi and Bai Jin Yi’s mental energy touched the jade slip, three large words appeared in their mind.

Exquisite Wonder Technique!

Before the two of them could react, a large amount of information filled their heads.

A giant suction force came from the jade slip.  Ye Yu Xi felt the world turn as everything turned dark and she didn’t know what was happening.

Silence, a strange silence!

Without knowing how long passed, Ye Yu Xi finally woke up.  Not far away from her was another person standing there.

With the reaction of a first class assassin, Ye Yu Xi didn’t immediately open her eyes wide, rather she narrowed them.  For some sensitive people, even if they didn’t notice you, they would notice your existence if you stared at them for too long.

It was because of this that Ye Yu Xi chose to narrow her eyes.

But this was only a momentary reflex.  After that, Ye Yu Xi realized that that person should be Bai Jin Yi.  She was currently cultivating with Bai Jin Yi.

Ye Yu Xi was lying on the ground and wanted to sit up, but she noticed that her head was very heavy.  It was like a large amount of information was recorded in her mind in a short period of time and overloaded her brain.

“Where is this.”  Ye Yu Xi looked around and saw that it was green as far as her eyes could see.

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