Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 512

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Chapter 512: Beginning dual cultivation (Part 3)


Ye Yu Xi threw Beast Flames into it!

Seeing the Beast Flame burn brightly at the bottom of the cauldron, Ye Yu Xi remembered the cultivation technique she just learned.

The «Hundred Flower Hands» was as flame control technique!  According to what was written, after learning it, one can greatly increase one’s refining speed and increase the power of the flames.

For an alchemist, flames were their most powerful method of attacking.  The Hundred Flower Hands could raise the might of their flames, so looking at it from another perspective, it could also increase their attack power when they were fighting.

Ye Yu Xi brought a hand out and slapped it onto the cauldron while being filled with spiritual energy.  After that, the spiritual energy in her meridians wildly flowed as Ye Yu Xi’s hand wildly slapped out.

Peng, peng, peng!

An intense muffled sound came from the cauldron.

Each time Ye Yu Xi’s palm came out, it seemed like she was hitting the caudron, but she was actually sending her spiritual energy to the turquoise Beast Flame inside.

With the spiritual energy, the Beast Flame began to rotate.

While the Beast Flame was rotating, it changed forms.


Ye Yu Xi gave a low roar.  This Hundred Flower Hands was harder to use than she had imagined.  Not to mention anything else, each time she slapped out, spiritual energy would flow through her meridians.

Although it was only a short time, it was not an easy thing for it to happen several hundred times.

Hu, hu, hu.

The turquoise Beast Flame began to turn even faster and it became even more powerful.  The cauldron did not move as all the spiritual energy gathered in the Beast Flame.

When Ye Yu Xi’s meridians released spiritual energy for the fiftieth time, the spiritual energy inside her body became unstable.  Her release of spiritual energy was not as fluid as before.

With just a second of rest, that quickly rotating Beast Flame already lost control.


The turquoise Beast Flame scattered in all directions and the spiritual energy contained within was blown up.  A gust hit the copper cauldron and let out a buzzing sound.

Long Xiao Pang saw that the Beast Flame was about to explode and knew it was bad.  He immediately put his hand behind his back,

Without having time to do anything else, the Beast Flame that scattered out poured over Long Xiao Pang.

Not just Long Xiao Pang, even Ye Yu Xi was covered in flames.  There were black holes that appeared on her white training clothes and the spring scenery under her clothes could be seen.

“Hu, it’s a good thing nothing bad happened.”

Long Xiao Pang saw this and let out a long sigh of relief.

Ye Yu Xi heard Long Xiao Pang’s words and was a bit confused.  Long Xiao Pang isn’t afraid of the Beast Flame! What was he worried about?  Could it be…..the cultivation technique had raised the power of the Beast Flame?

Ye Yu Xi’s thoughts were good, only reality quickly brought Ye Yu Xi out of her fantasies.

She saw Long Xiao Pang “gratefully” finish his words as he took his hands out from behind him.  In his hand…..There was a greasy roasted lamb leg.

Long Xiao Pang looked over it, the roasted lamb leg was still fine!  Although the Beast Flame was strong, he had protected the roasted lamb leg, so it hadn’t been damaged at all and he could still eat it.

Long Xiao Pang opened his mouth and ripped off a piece of meat.  He was chewing as he said to Ye Yu Xi, “Little girl, next time you blow up your cauldron, give me a warning.  It’s a good thing this dragon master reacted quickly, otherwise a roasted lamb leg would have been wasted.”

Ye Yu Xi rolled her eyes in her heart, it wasn’t like she could control her cauldron exploding!

Then again…..Ye Yu Xi didn’t want it to explode!

Looking over her cauldron, she saw that it hadn’t been affected too much by the impact.  Ye Yu Xi then gave it a second try.

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