Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 510

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Chapter 510: Beginning dual cultivation (Part 1)

“It’s rare seeing you lose control of your emotions.”

Bai Jin Yi’s voice with a trace of evil charm sounded from behind Ye Yu Xi.

Perhaps he could see that Ye Yu Xi’s mood was bad, so Bai Jin Yi didn’t reach out to take advantage of Ye Yu Xi.

“That break on the sword, do you really know what caused it?”  Ye Yu Xi turned around with eyes as cold as springs of ice, sending out a chill from her eyes.

Bai Jin Yi firmly shook his head, not being affected by Ye Yu Xi’s eyes at all.

“Although I don’t know what cultivation technique that is, based on what that little fatty said, your people shouldn’t be dead.  Taking people away and directly killing someone, the second is much less troublesome. The other side chose the first one, that means……your people are still useful to them.”  Bai Jin Yi calmly gave his thoughts.

“Your sisters, in the Ice Mist Country, their cultivation aren’t considered weak.  For them to be taken away, that means your enemy is stronger. What you need to do is increase your own strength.”  Bai Jin Yi kept giving his thoughts to Ye Yu Xi.

Actually, Bai Jin Yi didn’t need to persuade her.  In Ye Yu Xi’s eyes, there was no confusion from the beginning!

Killing gods and buddhas that stand in her way!

This was the path Blood Enchantress wanted to walk.

This was also…..Ye Yu Xi’s chosen path!

“What did you come here for?”  Ye Yu Xi looked outside to see the sky gradually turning darker.  She had already prepared a room for Bai Jin Yi, but this fellow still silently came into her room.

“I’m here to cultivate.”

“Cultivate?”  Ye Yu Xi raised a brow.


Bai Jin Yi didn’t give Ye Yu Xi time to react, as he appeared in front of her.  He placed his hand onto Ye Yu Xi’s forehead.

Everything turned dark in front of Ye Yu Xi and when it lit up again, she had appeared in her chaotic space!

“You!”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes opened wide as she looked at Bai Jin Yi to the side.

“Dragon master taught me.”  Bai Jin Yi gave a shrug.

“Un, un!  Xiao Bai learns quite fast, not bad, not bad!”  Long Xiao Pang was eating his lamb meat when he saw Bai Jin Yi come in.  He gave a few words of praise.

Ye Yu Xi watched as the big and small person worked together to “bully” her.  Ye Yu Xi…..was too lazy to care about them!

“How are you planning on cultivating!”  Ye Yu Xi glared at Bai Jin Yi. He was already here, at worst she could just throw him out.

Not to mention…..With Bai Jin Yi’s strength, he might not listen to her.

Bai Jin Yi was not in a rush to reply.  He looked around, but he was like Ye Yu Xi, he could only see the white mist around them.

“Ze, ze, I’ve read in a secret ancient book that there were high mountains and streams in the chaotic space.  The main thing is, there is also…..” Bai Jin Yi said half of this and suddenly stopped. He smiled and changed the subject.

“It seems like your cultivation is too low.  You still can’t control this chaotic space yet.”

“Other than high mountains and streams, what else is there?”  Ye Yu Xi’s heart was stirred as she asked Bai Jin Yi.

“The chaotic space, it’s main use is that it can help the cultivator who owns it.  But…..looking at your situation, this chaotic space can only give you a bit of help with your alchemy.”  Bai Jin Yi continued looking around. When he saw the rows of bookshelves, his eyes lit up.

“He’s talking about the Illusory Beast.”  Long Xiao Pang didn’t always favour Bai Jin Yi, he answered Ye Yu Xi’s question at this time.

“Illusory Beast?  You’re talking about spirit beasts?”  Ye Yu Xi’s eyes became a bit bigger!

Long Xiao Pang shook his head and revealed a mysterious smile.

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