Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 505

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Chapter 505: Swallow Ridge (Part 1)

The fatty was in the kitchen roasting lamb meat when Shi Qing suddenly came to say that the boss was looking for her.

The fatty knew that with Shi Qing’s personality, that it definitely would not be a joke.  He didn’t dare delay and didn’t even take off his apron as he rushed off.

“Boss, what is it?”  The fatty rubbed the oil on his hand on his apron as he walked into the main hall.

“Un?  Bai You?”  The fatty looked at Bai You leaning back in the chair.

The fatty’s memory wasn’t bad.  The first time he saw Bai You was in the little yard in Ningyuan City.  When he opened the door, Bai You’s sword stabbed at him. Bai You’s persistence was deeply imprinted in the fatty’s memory.

“Un?”  Long Xiao Pang followed the fatty and came in to see the unconscious Bai You.  He was eating a lamb leg as he came closer.

He reached out his oily little hand to touch Bai You, “This little girl is not tired, something has happened.”

“Dragon master, do you have a way to wake her up?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Long Xiao Pang. Properly speaking, if Bai You rested properly and slept for a few hours, she would naturally wake up.  But with the current anxious situation, Ye Yu Xi wasn’t patient enough.

Long Xiao Pang chewed and swallowed the lamb meat in his mouth.  He then blew out at Bai You.

For a while, a medicinal fragrance filled the main hall and stunned everyone who smelt it.


Long Xiao Pang picked up the teacup from the table.  The tea inside the cup was already cold and he threw it right onto Bai You’s face.


A white light flew through the door.

Huo Ling had a serious face and he sniffed the medicinal fragrance in the hall as he searched for the source of the fragrance.  When he saw Long Xiao Pang, his original enthusiasm fell by half. Although he liked this kind of medicinal fragrance, Huo Ling didn’t dare eat Long Xiao Pang.

“Master, I’m going out to play.”  Huo Ling turned his little head and flew out.

“Huo Ling, don’t leave first.  I have a use for you in a bit.”  Ye Yu Xi called out to Huo Ling, but she was still looking at Bai You.

After Long Xiao Pang blew at Long Xiao Pang, the fatigue in her body disappeared and she gradually woke up.

“Ah, young miss.”  Bai You opened her eyes and immediately became nervous.  She anxiously looked at Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi placed a hand on Bai You’s shoulder and pushed her down in the chair for her to calm down.  She asked, “Bai You, did something happen to Qing’er and the others?”

Bai You’s face changed, “After young miss Qing’er came back to Ningyuan City, we left that night.  We wanted to reach the capital city quicker, but we never expected that we would be ambushed halfway.  There were too many people on the other side and they were very strong, we couldn’t stop them with just us.  Young miss Qing’er and big sister Ye Man killed a path out to let me escape so I could come here and report.”

“How were those people dressed?”  Ye Yu Xi’s expression became serious.

Bai You shook her head and tried remembering, “Those people were all wielding swords and had masks on their faces.  Those people were all wearing black clothes and we couldn’t see how they were dressed. That’s right! There was something with a very strange cultivation technique, he didn’t use his weapon and just used his hands to block our weapons.”

“Where were you ambushed?”  Ye Yu Xi looked over the broken sword.  That break was indeed strange.

“Swallow Ridge.”

“Fatty!”  Ye Yu Xi shouted with cold eyes.


“Fatty, Huo Ling will bring you to Swallow Ridge, see if you can find anything there.”  Ye Yu Xi ordered.

“Understood!”  The fatty’s expression was very serious.  He waved his hand at Huo Ling and Huo Ling was swaying as he flew out holding the fatty.

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