Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 503

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Chapter 503: The fatty’s thoughts

“Understood!”  Nangong Ying Xue instantly understood Ye Yu Xi’s meaning and turned to go prepare it.

Ye Yu Xi watched Nangong Ying Xue leave.  Her beautiful eyes slightly narrowed as she muttered to herself, “The capital city, it’s about to change……”


The fatty yawned as he walked in.

“Boss, we went a little overboard yesterday.  Shouldn’t we run away, this place is not safe.”  The fatty wiped a tear as he said his thoughts to Ye Yu Xi.

With the fatty’s thief like character, changing places after fighting or stealing was best.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She had already thought of what the fatty said.  In the capital city right now, it must have already exploded.  Probably in another half a day, the city guards with an imperial edict will surround them again.

“Do you have somewhere good to go?”  Ye Yu Xi thought about it. She didn’t know much about the capital city, she didn’t really have any good places to hide.

“Wa——”  The fatty kept yawning.  He lazily stretched himself out as he honestly replied, “Ai, I don’t!  Boss, don’t look at me like that. We can discuss where to go.”

Ye Yu Xi glared at the fatty.  She wanted to say something, but there was suddenly a flash of light behind Ye Yu Xi.

A little boy slowly appeared……

The fatty looked over and instantly lost all his drowsiness, turning to run.

“Ai, little fatty, don’t run!”  Long Xiao Pang saw that the fatty was here, so he took the initiative to come out.  If the fatty wanted to run now, how could Long Xiao Pang let him escape.


Although the fatty was very fast, Long Xiao Pang was faster.  When he reached the door, he was already blocked by Long Xiao Pang.

“Little fatty, I’m hungry.”  Long Xiao Pang looked up at the fatty.

“Hei, hei, big brother Long, I was busy all of last night, I’m going back to sleep some more.”  The fatty was laughing as he pleaded.

“You can.”  Long Xiao Pang gave him a straightforward response, but without waiting for the fatty to thank him, he added, “You can go sleep after you finish roasting some lamb meat for me.”

When the fatty heard this, he instantly broke out sobbing, “Big brother Long, you can’t be like this.  There are so many chefs in this manor, you can’t just keep catching me.”

“They can’t cook it as well as you.  What? You’re not willing?” Long Xiao Pang’s tone was very unkind.

“No, no, how could that be?  Big brother Long, with how good our relation is, how could I not be willing!”  The fatty quickly tried to please him. Although the fatty was very lazy…..he couldn’t offend Long Xiao Pang because of this.  The fatty also knew that Long Xiao Pang would give him many benefits in the future.


The fatty’s mind churned and he thought of another way to be lazy, “Dragon master, I roast some for you to eat first and then I’ll go rest.  When I wake up, I’ll continue cooking for you, how about that?”

Long Xiao Pang thought about it and nodded, “Alright, we’ll do that.  You can roast a bit less this time.”

“Alright!  We’re going to the kitchen!”  Achieving his goals, the fatty stood up and headed to the kitchen.

Long Xiao Pang followed behind the fatty as he said, “Honestly, roasting less is fine.  You don’t need to cook tonight’s midnight snack either, you can just roast until I’m full.”

When the fatty heard this, he almost tripped over and fell onto the ground.  He looked back with great difficulty, “For you to be full, it’ll probably take all night…..”

“Who cares about you!”  Long Xiao Pang rolled his eyes and pulled the fatty by his clothes into the kitchen……

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