Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 498

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Chapter 498: Explode!

Ye Yu Xi flew out and turned in midair before landing on one knee.

There was a smile in the bottom of her eyes and her lips under her mask softly mouthed “explode”.

Dong, dong!

When Ji Chao Yuan’s hit landed and he saw the black clothed person flying away,  he thought that he had won. He revealed a look of joy and raised his sword to chase after them.

Dong, dong!

Ji Chao Yuan suddenly stopped and he looked down at his chest.  There was no wound on his chest at all.

But all his power kept flowing out.


Ji Chao Yuan inserted his sword into the ground and he leaned on the sword without falling for a while.

“Ge, ge.”

These sounds came from Ji Chao Yuan’s throat.  He wanted to speak, but he already couldn’t do it.

Elder Wei stood in the tree and felt Ji Chao Yuan’s spiritual energy quickly scattering, “Is it over…..”

Ye Yu Xi slowly stood up.  Looking at Ji Chao Yuan’s state, she knew that her spiritual energy controlled by her mental energy had already destroyed his heart.

“Huo Ling, sprinkle the things.”  She said to Huo Ling in her mind.

Once Ji Chao Yuan died, the remaining things would be easier to take care of.


Huo Ling in the yard suddenly heard Ye Yu Xi’s voice.

All his feathers shook in fright, but he quickly reacted.

Ji, ji, cha, cha!

Huo Ling called out a few times into the sky and the surrounding birds in the trees obediently gathered.

With Huo Ling leading the little birds, they took a few scrolls from the pile and flew into the sky.

Ji, ji, cha, cha!

Huo Ling called out again.  These hundreds of birds scattered and flew off in all directions.



Under the cover of night, hundreds of birds suddenly appeared in the skies around the village.

These birds flew over the city guards and released their claws, letting the scrolls fall down.

Most of them fell onto the heads and bodies of the city guards.

“Un?  What is this?”

These city guards saw the scrolls falling from the sky and they curiously opened them.  With their torches, they read what was written on them.

The real goal of them being mobilized and Ji Chao Yuan’s major crimes such as taking bribes were all written on these papers.

For a while, there was a riot in the city guards.  Sending the troops out this time was actually for this kind of reason!

The vice commanders looked at the things in their hands and their expressions fell.  The reason for this mobilization was already far fetched, but now that these things had appeared, it was even worse for their general!

“General!  General!”

Several vice commanders saw Ji Chao Yuan standing there without moving and they all shouted out.

With a gust of wind, Ji Chao Yuan’s body swayed twice before falling to the ground.

When something happened to Ji Chao Yuan, the four men would inevitably be distracted.  The fatty and the others seized this chance and killed them one by one.


The vice commanders saw Ji Chao Yuan fall and their pupils widened…..Falling on a battlefield, there was only one reason…..


Elder Wei moved and appeared on the battlefield, raising the token high up.

“The third prince’s token is here.  City guards, listen to his order. Ji Chao Yuan has moved the army without reason and has committed a crime.  The city guards cannot forget who they serve!”

Elder Wei’s slightly hoarse voice with the injection of his spiritual energy, spread across the entire village.

Elder Wei saw the city guards were still stunned on the spot.  He raised the token and took a few steps forward.

“The third prince’s token is here, seeing the token is like seeing the third prince!  City guards, why are you not kneeling!”

Elder Wei looked at a vice commander of the city guards and the latter nodded.  He first kneeled down before saying, “This servant obeys the command!”

“This servant obeys the command!”

“This servant obeys the command!”

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