Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 348

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Chapter 348: Day of the test

The green clothed attendant’s words were very courteous.  The people who came here were coiled dragons and crouching tigers, not to mention this girl was here for the alchemist test.  He could not afford to offend her.

Ye Yu Xi gave a nod in thanks to the green clothed attendant and walked in.

The decoration inside was very simple.  There was a counter and there was a plain looking girl sitting there looking bored.

“Registering as an alchemist?”  That girl saw someone come in and instantly came to attention, but hearing her voice, there was a trace of disbelief in it.  The person who came in…..they were too young!

Ye Yu Xi looked at the girl in front of her and felt the green clothed attendant outside was better to look at.  She spoke without any expressions on her face, “There is registration for the alchemist test?”

The girl nodded and took out a scroll from the desk.  She began to read the basic information according to procedure to Ye Yu Xi.

But according to her lazy tone, one could hear that she was just following procedure.  She didn’t believe Ye Yu Xi could pass the test at all.

“Please tell me the name of your teacher, I need to record it.”  The girl placed the pen in her right hand onto the parchment and she began to ask Ye Yu Xi a few questions.

“Can I take the test without a teacher?”  Ye Yu Xi knit her brows. The ones who had taught her were Long Xiao Pang and Bai Jin Yi, but these names were not suited to being spoken.

If one really needed a teacher to take the test, Ye Yu Xi would leave for sure.  With Ye Yu Xi’s current strength, it wasn’t important for her to have an identity as an alchemist.

The girl also knit her brows and her appearance became more disdainful, but she didn’t say anything too harsh.

“If you don’t have a teacher, you need take the test according to the rules.  If you pass the test, you can become a first grade alchemist. The alchemist test happens once each month and the next test will be seven days from now.  Just bring this sheet to the guild when the time comes.”

Ye Yu Xi took a piece of paper from the girl and looked it over before leaving.

The girl watched Ye Yu Xi leave.  Thinking of Ye Yu Xi’s cold expression and tone, her expression instantly changed as she muttered, “Humph, thinking that she is a genius!  Want to take the test when you’re not even seventeen? In your dreams! I really don’t know which family’s young miss is disturbing this old lady’s rest.”

While muttering, the girl leaned against the chair and closed her eyes again.

Ye Yu Xi had just left when a guard quickly came into the registration office.  When he came in, he asked the registration girl, “What was that girl here to do?”

The girl saw that it was young master Ye Zhi Qiu’s personal confidant and didn’t dare be negligent.  She clearly told him Ye Yu Xi’s information and her reason for coming here. After she finished, she fearfully looked at the guard and thought: Could it be that girl is related to young master Ye?


After Ye Yu Xi left the registration office, she walked around the hall before coming to the sales office.

There were much more people here at the sales office.

Because of all the people, the sales office was placed in the center of the hall.  There was a special area on the east side of the hall and there was someone in charge of it.

A large bulletin board had the price of various grades of items.  There were pills, herbs, and some medicines. The things on there were very expensive, with the cheapest thing being worth ten gold coins.

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