Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 346

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Chapter 346: Meeting seventh prince again

There was still another reason, Ye Yu Xi didn’t know how deep the royal family in the royal capital was.  With Ye Yu Xi’s current strength, if it was an eighth spiritual level cultivator, she could still fight them.  However, if it was a ninth spiritual level expert, Ye Yu Xi didn’t dare promise anything.

“Master, this treasure hates that aura from him.”  Huo Ling’s cute voice suddenly came from Ye Yu Xi’s mind.


“Whose aura do you hate?”  Ye Yu Xi slightly knit her brows as she replied to Huo Ling in her mind.

“That seventh prince, this treasure doesn’t like him.”  Huo Ling revealed a look of disgust, as if he met something that was very disgusting.

But Ye Yu Xi didn’t care about this as she quickly asked in her mind, “Are you saying the feeling he gives you?  Or do you just hate the seventh prince?”

“I hate the feeling from him.  His aura is like the Dragon Snake Gang person from before, they all make this treasure hate them.”  Huo Ling said in a very serious voice to Ye Yu Xi.

Huo Ling’s words made Ye Yu Xi serious.  To attract Huo Ling’s disgust, it was probably something poisonous or an evil sect’s thing.  Thinking about the stench with Qiu Yao Wu’s spiritual energy, Ye Yu Xi made a guess in her heart.  Could it be the seventh prince practiced an evil cultivation technique?


The seventh prince sat in the luxurious horse carriage, with several confidants sitting close to him.

“Your highness, that Ye Ye Xi didn’t die, so should we…..”  The person who told the seventh prince of Nangong Ying Xue’s identity, his eyes had a bit of worry.

The seventh prince had a low voice and a bloody glow was in his eyes, “No need to worry.  I’m cultivating a strange cultivation technique, so if that slut dares cause trouble for me, I’ll suck her clean with one palm!”

“Your highness, that Nangong Ying Xue is not easy to deal with and there is the rise of her power.  Although their mercenary group isn’t strong, the information they hold is surprising. There are many forces making deals with them and buying information from their hands.  Should we…..”

Another advisor in the carriage made a suggestion.  The Feather Wing group was related to the third prince and if they went to the other side at this time, it would be bad for when it came to fight for the throne.

“Humph, just a bunch of little girls, no need to care about them.  The Ice Mist Country cares about strength!” The seventh prince’s eyes had a fierce look.  When it came for fighting for the throne, it still relied on whose fist was harder in the end!


“Big sister Yu Xi.”  Nangong Ying Xue saw the seventh prince’s horse carriage leave and Ye Yu Xi was still “stunned” in place, so she called out to her.

Ye Yu Xi put away her thoughts and took a deep breath, “Ying Xue, is there a way for you to investigate the seventh prince’s recent situation?”

Nangong Ying Xue nodded, “There is a way, we have people in the palace.  But we might need several days before learning anything.”

“Go back and investigate now.  See if there are any rumours about the seventh prince’s cultivation suddenly leaping up.”

“Go back now?  Then this place….”  Nangong Ying Xue looked at the Alchemist Guild.  This was Ye Yu Xi’s first time here, if she wasn’t with her…..

“It’s fine, it’s just buying a cauldron, nothing will happen.”  Ye Yu Xi urged Nangong Ying Xue to head back and give the order.

After talking to Long Xiao Pang over the past few days, Ye Yu Xi knew that there were some cultivation techniques that could raise one’s cultivation in a short period of time.

Only this kind of cultivation method was very cruel, requiring one to drain other’s blood or spiritual energy to increase one’s cultivation.

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