Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 228

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Chapter 228: Ye Man’s suggestion

Ye Yu Xi’s finger was pointed at the Heaven Mountain Range on the map.

“There aren’t any forces in Ningyuan City that can be a threat to us currently.  The next step is to walk out and let the entire Ice Mist Country know the name Blood Enchantress.  Fatty, you will bring Shi Qing to the Heaven Mountain Range to train with the Purple Thunder Monkeys.  Ye Wen and Ye Man, you two will go to the cities around Ningyuan City to release the news of us accepting missions.”

Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s words, their eyes filled with excitement.

Ningyuan City to Blood Enchantress was already no longer a challenge!

“Young miss, I have a suggestion…..”  Ye Man said in a low voice.

“Un?  What is it?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at Ye Man.

“I feel like we should recruit some more people and let them be the outer members of Blood Enchantress.  Some of the less important tasks can be taken by the other members and we can take care of the more difficult tasks.”

Ye Yu Xi did not immediately reply as she considered Ye Man’s suggestion.  However, for now, it was too consuming to train a group of people. Ye Yu Xi had many more important things to take care of, so she wouldn’t focus on this matter.

“Big sister Man, this is thirty thousand gold coins, you and Ye Wen are in charge of this matter.  Blood Enchantress will expand outwards slowly, so we’ll talk about this after I come back from the mountains.  As for recruiting members, Ye Wen will be in charge of training them while big sister Man will take care of Blood Enchantress’ daily matters.”  Saying this, Ye Yu Xi took out a gold card with three hundred thousand gold coins on it which she gave to Ye Man.

After assigning tasks, Ye Yu Xi gave the key to the new house Mo Tian Chou gave them to Ye Man, having her use it as a training ground.

After taking care of these matters, Ye Yu Xi stayed in Ningyuan City for another five days.

She was taking care of the one thousand lambs she promised Long Xiao Pang while also buying more herbs at Long Xiao Pang’s request.

It was different compared to before.  Long Xiao Pang seriously told Ye Yu Xi to buy all the herbs in Ningyuan City.  No matter how expensive they were, she was to buy them all.

The fatty brought people to two different cities before buying enough lambs.  He also hired all the chefs in the West City to cook all the lambs in a single day.

The most direct consequence was that Ye Yu Xi couldn’t enter the chaotic space at all…..It wasn’t that she didn’t want to enter, but rather it was completely filled with roast lambs and herbs……There was no place to Ye Yu Xi to stand at all.

The only time she went in, Ye Yu Xi saw Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang competing.  They were competing in seeing who ate more and whoever lost wasn’t a person…..

Ye Yu Xi saw Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang’s serious behaviour and she could only say in her heart, one of you is a bird and one is a human ginseng!  Is winning or losing that important for you two…..

It was like winning meant you were a person…..

Ye Wen and Ye Man followed the plan to find people suitable to train into Blood Enchantress outer members.

Ye Yu Xi’s group of four returned to the Heaven Mountain Range again.

Leaving this time, Ye Yu Xi’s group was much more prepared compare to before, especially the fatty.  With their experience last time, he also bought salt, pepper, cumin, and other spices while buying herbs, buying over a hundred pounds of each.

They quickly traveled on their horses and arrived outside the Heaven Mountain Range.

They arrived at the Heaven Mountain Range inn and stored their horses.

When they arrived in the store, it was completely different from the cold atmosphere from before.  The inn was very lively today with the smell of wine all over. The hall was filled with voices and the occasional punching sound.

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