Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 957

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Chapter 957: Won’t let you go

Mo Chuan silently turned and forcefully gritted his teeth.  That’s right, he couldn’t despair now, there was still over twenty hours.  Perhaps there will be a miracle during this period of time!

His Ning’er was this smart and kind, she had never harmed anyone.  She just did something that made her a great benefactor to the people of West Chu, god definitely wouldn’t steal her life away like this!  He wouldn’t this kind unfair to her!

“Ting Xuan, you’re right.  This one shouldn’t despair, this one believes that Ning’er is blessed by the heavens and she will definitely become better!”

Mo Chuan smoothed her silky hair and stroked her smooth as jade cheeks.  He spoke in a very soft voice like he was talking to himself.

“If the heavens are truly jealous of you and want to take you away, I will be with you.  I won’t let you leave by yourself. Without you, there is no meaning for me to stay in this world.  Ning’er, I want to hear you speak and see you smile. Even if you tease me and make fun of me, that is up to you.  We haven’t finished our nuptial chamber ceremony, so you can’t dodge it like this, I won’t let you go. Even if you run into the heavens, I will chase you down and get you to repay your debts……”

There was a faint smile on his lip.  He remembered their time together bit by bit and his heart filled with warmth.

In that moment, he didn’t feel sorrow or pain.  Regardless of whether they were on earth, heaven, or hell, he decided to be with her and never to leave her.

If she was in heaven, he would go to heaven.  If she was in hell, he would go to hell with her!

If she stopped breathing, he wouldn’t live in this world another second!

Although Ye Ting Xuan couldn’t hear Mo Chuan’s words, seeing the smile on his lips, there was a chill that filled his heart.

For the emperor to smile like this in this time, this meant the emperor hadn’t given up on dying.  If the empress really left, the emperor would surely follow her.

No, he definitely couldn’t let this happen!

He had to think of a way to stop the emperor’s crazy idea.

But how to stop it?

Ye Ting Xuan’s always clear mind suddenly filled with chaos, the more anxious he was, the more he couldn’t think of anything.

That’s right, Empress Dowager Zhou!

The emperor was filial.  Other than the empress, the person he listened to the most was the Empress Dowager.  If the Empress Dowager came, she could make the emperor give up this idea.

Ye Ting Xuan’s eyes lit up.  He immediately wanted to think of a way to contact Empress Dowager Zhou, but thinking about it, the Empress Dowager had been fooled the entire time and she didn’t know the emperor had married Chen Ning.  If she found out about this, before the empress even died, the Empress Dowager would insert the dagger in first and directly kill her……

No, he could never allow that.

Ye Ting Xuan’s heart was burning like oil being poured into the fire.  He hadn’t thought of a way when he suddenly heard a “dong” sound coming from the palace’s gates.

Mo Chuan had clearly heard it, but he completely ignored it.  He didn’t care about anything in this moment, he was indifferent to everything.

Ye Ting Xuan looked up and was instantly shocked.  He saw Chu Shao Bai hit the door before shaking his head, almost falling to the ground.

“Shao Bai, why are you here?  Why did you hit the door, did you not bring your eyes with you?”

Ye Ting Xuan quickly went over to support him, he couldn’t help teasing him.

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