Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 813

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Chapter 813: Never leaving until meeting again

Chen Ning clutched the iron goshawk.  She knew that he was serious, he really would change his mind.

She closed her mouth and left without a word.  When she opened the tent flap and walked out, Na Mu Cuo never turned his head around.

When she walked out of the tent, he whispered, “Ah Ning, I’ll make a bet with you.  You will definitely come back to find me!”

His voice was very soft, so soft that Chen Ning thought it was an illusion in her ear.

She was in a very good mood, not caring at all if it was something he said or if something was wrong with her ear.

She jumped onto a horse by the road and sent the horse flying down the road.

The East Qin envoys all recognized her and saw her leave, but no one stopped her.  This was because without his highness’ orders, no one dared make a rash move.

The sky was very dark, it was very close to midnight.  The sky did not have many stars, creating a dim light that made it so she couldn’t see the road clearly.

But Chen Ning was flying with the horse.  Everything she saw was beautiful, radiant, and colourful.

That joy filled her chest until it was stuffed.  She couldn’t wait to return to the capital, she wanted to see Mo Chuan!

She couldn’t wait another moment!

After waiting and suffering for so long, she finally obtained what she wanted.

She was free!

She finally rid herself of the Ding Yuan Princess identity and like losing a shackle, she was much more relaxed.  She and Na Mu Cuo had made an agreement, so he let her go…..

Chen Ning took a deep breath, even the air fresh coolness of freedom.  Her lips had always been curved and her smile even spread to her eyebrows.

There was only her riding on the road.  The horse’s iron hooves hit the road making a crisp sound, breaking the calm silence of the night.

When the sky began to light up, she finally arrived at the ten mile rest stop.  When she saw the small rest stop bathing in the sunlight, she was so excited that her tears almost started to flow.

She was back, she was finally back!

But very soon, the smile on her face froze.

The horse also slowed down.

The rest stop was empty, there wasn’t a single person!

Chen Ning rubbed her eyes before looking again.  There was not a single person in all four directions.

What was going on?

Mo Chuan wasn’t here?

She clearly made an appointment with him to not leave without meeting again, so where was he?  Why wasn’t her here?

Chen Ning’s heart sunk.  She knew that if Mo Chuan wasn’t here, then something must have happened, otherwise even if the sky fell down, he would be waiting for her here!

She jumped off her horse and walked towards the rest stop step by step.  When she entered the little rest stop, she looked all around.

There was no one here!

A cold wind blew around her and she couldn’t help shivering.  The joy she had felt had already disappeared and there was a deep worry in her heart now.

“Mo Chuan!”  She shouted out.

Although she knew that no one would respond, she still called out.  There was a voice telling her in her heart that he would definitely appear, definitely!


She heard a familiar and deep voice coming from behind.

An illusion, it must be an illusion.

It couldn’t possible be Mo Chaun.

She had clearly seen that there was no one in the rest stop, so how could Mo Chuan appear behind her?

But her tears poured out of her eyes.


The familiar voice sounded again.

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