Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 79

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Chapter 79: The turtle is missing

She was really drunk and was beginning to speak nonsense.  He could not understand anything she was saying.

He stared at her swinging red drunk face and his heart filled with pity.  He held her by her arms.

“If third brother cannot see how good you are or understand how to pamper you, then there will be someone in this world that will understand you, pamper you, and be truly good to you.”

He whispered each sentence, each word.  Then he slowly moved her scattered hair behind her ears, revealing her fragile and beautiful face.

Seeing the turtle and hedgehog he drew on her face, he suddenly felt the turtle was very eye catching.


Chen Ning had become drunk.

The consequences of becoming drunk was that once she woke up, she would have a splitting headache.

She held her head and gave a groan.  She opened her eyes and realized that she was lying in her bed with Xiao Ru looking at her with a worried face.

“Young miss, are you sick?  Why is your face so red?  Also your body is covered in the smell of alcohol, but did you even drink?  Last night when we were going to sleep, this servant didn’t remember you drinking any wine.”

When Xiao Ru saw Chen Ning wake up, she gave a sigh of relief.  She then continued asking a string of questions without giving Chen Ning a chance to reply.

Her head felt somewhat dizzy and she wasn’t sober yet.  Did the beautiful young man really come last night?  Had he really carried her through the sky and brought her up to the high roof of the imperial palace?

Also, she clearly had a high tolerance for alcohol, how could she become drunk with only a few mouthfuls?

“Wu, it must be because I drank the pear wine in the Tai He Floor.  Their wine’s degree must be very high.”  Chen Ning did not even bat an eye as she lied.

She did not know how to explain the matter of Chu Shao Bai to Xiao Ru.  She knew that Xiao Ru would be terrified if she knew about it.

“Oh it’s like this, you really scared this servant.  This servant had thought that young miss would not wake up again.”  Xiao Ru’s eyes were red, but she revealed a tearful smile when she heard what Chen Ning said.

“Crow’s mouth.  If you keep jinxing me, be careful that I’ll hit your butt.  Go and pump some water so I can wash my face.”  Chen Ning smiled as she scolded her.

She stood up and raised her head to look out the window, she couldn’t help being scared.

When she had woken up, she realized the sun was already in the east and the house was completely dyed red.

She had been drunk for for this long!

That damn Xiao Bai, it was all his fault.  Why would he give that wine to her!

Chen Ning angrily ground her teeth.

She suddenly remembered something and rubbed her face.  She walked in front of the bronze mirror and was again surprised.

That hedgehog was still on her left cheek, but the turtle on her right cheek was gone.  It was replaced by a large majestic lion.

She didn’t even need to think about it to know that it was done by Chu Shao Bai.

But why would he get rid of the turtle and replace it with a lion?

He wouldn’t being using this method to tell her that his big brother was a lion whose butt she could not touch, right?

[TL Note: Well, she’s pretty dense too…..]

Ah pei!

Chen Ning angrily picked up the towel and wiped off the two animals on her face, not leaving a single trace.

Xiao Ru had a kind of regretful expression.

She felt the young miss’ hobby of drawing on her own face in the middle of the night was strange, but the little animals she drew were really cute and she hadn’t seen enough of them yet.

“Young miss, if you like to draw, just draw on my face in the future, ok?  This servant really likes the paintings you draw.  Is that alright young miss?”

Xiao Ru’s words almost made Chen Ning spit out a mouthful of blood.

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as she looked at Xiao Ru, “What kind of eyes do you have, you actually like these ugly paintings?  You don’t think it’s embarrassing to have these drawings on your face as you go out?”

“This servant thinks it’s very good, it’s not embarrassing at all.  Young miss, if you really draw it for this servant, this servant will not wash her face for a whole day!”  Xiao Ru eagerly looked at Chen Ning.  She had a hopeful expression on her face.

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