Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 748

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Chapter 748: Eating bitter herbs

“But suddenly, this subordinate heard a cry of exclamation come from the Princess Consort’s room which was the Princess Consort’s voice.  This subordinate was shocked and jumped in front of the window to loudly ask what’s wrong, but the Princess Consort did not answer. This subordinate was worried that something had happened to the Princess Consort, so this subordinate entered through the door and saw the Princess Consort all tied up on the bed, with no one around.  This subordinate was shocked and angered, quickly wanting to help the Princess Consort untie herself, but I suddenly felt a pain on the back of my head. Someone had hit this subordinate from the side and this subordinate fainted from being caught off guard. When this subordinate woke up, this subordinate found…..found…..”

He began stuttering as his face filled with shame.

“What did you find!”  Mo Chuan’s face was livid as he spoke with a voice filled with anger.

“This subordinate found that the tied up girl on the bed was not the Princess Consort, but rather the maid who sent the meal in, but she was wearing the Princess Consort’s clothes and her face was facing the bed.  This subordinate did not recognize her and mistook her for the Princess Consort. So, the person who ambushed this subordinate is most likely…..most likely the Princess Consort.”

Zhui Feng had a face filled with shame as he touched the back of his head that was still aching.

“This subordinate found some debris on the ground which seemed to be a vase.  I think the Princess Consort used the vase to knock out this subordinate. This subordinate does not know how I have offended the Princess Consort and why the Princess Consort would do this to this subordinate.  This subordinate wanted to find the Princess Consort to ask her, but the Princess Consort was gone. This subordinate asked the guards at the gate and they said they didn’t see the Princess Consort, but there was a servant girl who had left to buy a needle and thread not that long ago.  This subordinate thinks that maid was certainly the Princess Consort, but this subordinate does not know why she would do this. This subordinate could not find her, so this subordinate quickly came to report to the emperor and to ask the emperor to punish this subordinate!”

He kneeled and asked for his punishment, but his heart was still puzzled.

Mo Chuan’s sharp mind already understood.  He couldn’t help being angry and worried. If Chen Ning was in front of him at this moment, he would teach this daring girl a lesson without hesitation.

“Very good, Zhui Feng, you’re very good.  As the best secret guard by this one’s side, you can’t even keep watch over a girl who doesn’t even know martial arts!  Your skills are truly growing!”

Mo Chuan glared at Zhui Feng and his voice was not kind.

He couldn’t find Chen Ning to punish her, so he could only take it out on Zhui Feng.

Zhui Feng did not dare act strong as he was filled with incomparable shame.  He felt that he had been too shameful and did not even dare raise his head.

“This subordinate knows my mistakes, I ask the emperor for a heavy punishment!”

“Punishment?  You lost the person this one wants you to watch, so how do you think this one should punish you?”  Mo Chuan’s brows jumped up as he spoke in a voice without any emotions.

Zhui Feng’s heart was trembling.  He knew that the emperor’s voice was calm, but that meant his anger had already reached its peak.  He knew that he should be punished, so no matter what punishment the emperor had, he was willing to accept it.

“No matter what the punishment is, this subordinate is willing to accept it.”  He kneeled on the ground and replied.

“Very good.  You will find her for this one and if you don’t find her, never appear in front of this one ever again.”  Mo Chuan finished speaking and with a wave of his sleeve, he left without even turning back.

Zhui Feng couldn’t help being stunned.

He watched the emperor leaving in a daze and his mouth felt bitter like he had eaten a bitter herb.  He would rather have the emperor whip him two hundred times than to receive this punishment.

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