Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 694

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Chapter 694: Deceiving each other

Mo Chuan did not know about this beforehand.  When he heard Na Mu Cuo’s words, he felt this was very suitable since it would be two beautiful things.

First, if she really was sick, she would be cured after she ingested this snow ginseng.  Moreover, this snow ginseng had the ability to strengthen one’s body which would be good for her.

Second, Na Mu Cuo mentioned competing again which was equivalent to the second match.  If she were to win again, this would be West Chu’s second victory.

So he said, “Shao Yang, this snow ginseng is hard to obtain, so just accept it.  It is best if you can let your princess recover sooner.”

Chu Shao Yang almost broke his teeth from gritting them.  He looked up and glared at Mo Chuan.

From his thoughts, this matter must have been the emperor’s plan.  Him and Na Mu Cuo were working together on this matter, thinking of this idea to force him into a corner.

He definitely could not agree!

But in front of everyone, he had no choice.

He considered it a bit before reaching out to take the gift box.  With a serious expression, he said, “Many thanks for the prince’s heavy gift.  I believe that after my princess uses it, she will quickly recover. When her body is better, naturally she can compete with the prince again.”

His words were very clever since it was ambiguous.  He did not agree and he did not disagree.

Although Na Mu Cuo was very clever, he was also straightforward and did not hear the curves in Chu Shao Yang’s words.  Seeing him accept the gift, he knew he agreed. He could not help feeling happy as he became high spirited. He stood up and placed his right hand across his left chest before bowing to Mo Chuan.

“Emperor, this prince will be leaving first.  This prince will be waiting for the news in the guest pavilion.  I hope the princess can be healed as soon as possible and can compete with this prince again.”

Mo Chuan could hear the meaning behind Chu Shao Yang’s words.  He kept his criticism to himself since it was not convenient for him to warn Na Mu Cuo.

His long brows slightly knit as he gave a slight nod towards Na Mu Cuo.

Na Mu Cuo turned to leave and did not look back.  He did not even take an extra glance at Chu Shao Yang.

In his eyes, there was only Mo Chuan would could be his enemy.  He did not even place Chu Shao Yang in his eyes.

Chu Shao Yang’s heart was filled with anger, but his face revealed no such expressions.  Rather he curled his lips and revealed a faint smile.

“Emperor, this minister wishes to leave first.  This minister is thinking of my princess’ condition and want to return to the palace quickly to give this snow ginseng to her, I ask for the emperor’s permission.”

Although Mo Chuan did not know if he was sincere or not, he could only nod in agreement.

“King Ding Yuan, this one hopes to receive good news of the princess’ recovery soon.  Our West Chu’s hopes lies on her alone.”

His eyes cast a deep gaze over Chu Shao Yang, hoping that he would understand the meaning behind his words.  He hoped that he would focus on national matters instead of personal matters.

Chu Shao Yang seemed like he didn’t understand the meaning at all as he lowered his head.

“This minister will leave now.”

After he said this, he slowly walked out of the hall.  Then with a flutter of his purple robes, he disappeared into the night.

Mo Chuan kept staring at him as he left, until he couldn’t see even the hem of his clothes.  His right hand was holding onto the armrest and with a “ka” sound, it broke into two pieces.

Chen Ning was in a light sleep when she felt light hitting her eyes.  She opened them and saw a tall figure in front of the bed. He was holding a candle as he slightly bent over, looking down at her.

Seeing her awaken, Chu Shao Yang placed the candle in his hand to the side.  He then smiled at her with a smile that was very gentle, but the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.

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