Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 441

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Chapter 441: Grand banquet

Su Jin couldn’t help taking in a cold breath.  She knew that the three large family daughters that Empress Dowager Zhou invited were not only beautiful, but they were all known for talents throughout the capital.  They were all famous talents in the capital city.

Empress Dowager suddenly inviting them to the palace for a feast and inviting the princess, this was clear that she wanted to give the princess a demonstration!

“Empress Dowager, the princess has saved you before, so wouldn’t this be making it too hard on the Princess Consort?  Su Jin couldn’t help saying in a small voice.

“This widow wants her to retreat!  If she knows how to be embarrassed, then she will give up as soon as possible, giving up on the idea of becoming the emperor’s woman.  Our West Chu does not need an idiot as an empress!”  Empress Dowager Zhou was quite excited as she spoke, slapping her palm against the table.

“Go and send the decree!”

Su Jin did not dare say anything else and promised to go.  She just secretly felt sad for Chen Ning.

When Chen Ning received the news of being sent to the Warm West Palace, she understood that Empress Dowager Zhou must have seen through the matter of Mo Chuan copying the scriptures for her.  However, this was also what she wanted.

Empress Dowager Zhou cared about her son, but she also cared about Mo Chuan.  Doing this also made her happy.

The Warm West Palace was the room right beside the Empress Dowager’s room, with only a single door separating them.  Su Jin had already cleaned the room which was beautifully decorated, completely different from the simple temple.

“Princess Consort, this servant will help you get dressed.  There is still an hour before the banquet, which dress would you like to wear?  This purple one?  Or this light blue one?”

There were several newly made dresses placed on the couch that were all beautifully adorned.  They were all sent over by the Eldest Princess.

Chen Ning did not care about how she dressed, but she was grateful for the Eldest Princess’ good intentions.

She randomly pointed at one and said, “I’ll pick this one then.”

Su Jin hesitated and said, “Wouldn’t this dress be a little simple, not enough to stand out?  How about you wear this red water one instead, it will look good.  You will be able to compare to the other girls.”

“What other girls?”  Chen Ning turned around to look at her.

Su Jin realized she had just made a mistake.  She didn’t want to say anything, but thinking that the princess would see it soon, she mentioned the matter of Empress Dowager Zhou inviting the three large family daughters.  Then she added in, “These three girls are all famous talents of our capital city.  Master Xia’s daughter is skilled in poetry, second miss Wu is good at painting, and Liu Family’s young miss is good at playing the zither.  It’s said that birds are attracted by the sounds of her zither and sing along with her.”

Hearing just the details, Chen Ning could understand what Empress Dowager wished to accomplish with this banquet.

She couldn’t help revealing a faint smile as she secretly thought that Empress Dowager Zhou really thought this out.  She wanted to make her retreat?  But she refused to retreat!

“Many thanks to aunt Su Jin for telling me this, Ning’er is truly grateful.”  She revealed a smile to Su Jin.

Su Jin saw that she understood her meaning, so she nodded.  She could only do this much and doing more wouldn’t be of any help.

She carefully helped Chen Ning fix her hair into a chic and charming hair bun.  She then picked up a two beaded emerald hairpin to place in her hair, but Chen Ning shook her head showing she didn’t want to wear it.

That thing was very heavy and swayed around, she didn’t want it.

She took out a simple hairpin from the jewelry box that only had a single pearl hanging from it, giving it to Su Jin.

“Just this one is fine.”

“Princess Consort, this hairpin doesn’t match your status.  If those three young misses see this, they might secretly laugh at you.”  Su Jin said with a persuading tone.

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