Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 437

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Chapter 437: Evil and stingy

Mo Chuan felt like his acupuncture point had been pressed and he couldn’t move.

He felt two soft arms around his waist and her warm body across his back.  He could almost feel her heartbeat.  “Dong, dong, dong”, beating faster time and time again, just like his heart.

He was silent and said nothing.  He wanted to push her away, but couldn’t bare to do so.  Would he not be angry anymore with just this?  He couldn’t do that either.

Thinking of all he did for her, how could he be satisfied with just a thank you!

Chen Ning looked up and found that Mo Chuan still had not turned around.  He was not saying anything and was not moving, so she couldn’t help revealing an evil smile in her eyes.

His qinggong was so high, if he really wanted to leave, how could she catch him?  If he wanted to dodge, how could she catch him?

He was waiting for her to admit defeat!

Humph, he really is an evil and stingy fellow.

“Alright, you can go.”  She let go and moved back a step.

Mo Chuan was stunned.  The warm feeling from his back disappeared and his brows couldn’t help filling a trace of annoyance.

She let go just like this?

He had not enjoyed the beautiful feeling of being hugged by her enough and it had suddenly disappeared!

He turned around to see her sparkling eyes, blinking as she stared at him.  That pure and innocent look made him surprised.

“So cold.”  She was standing barefooted on the blue tiled floors.  The cold air current blew up and she suddenly gave a shiver.

He looked down and saw her snow white lotus like feet.  His face turned dark and his heart filled with anger once again.

This girl actually chased after him barefooted, was she not afraid of getting a cold!

He wasn’t really leaving and was just pretending.  How could she be so anxious that she didn’t even put on shoes?

Thought it was unknown why, but while his mind was filled with worry, there was a trace of sweetness that was mixed in.

His long arm reached out and grabbed her legs, lifting her up and walking over towards the couch.

There were only cushions in the temple, but this couch was just sent over by people sent by Su Jin.  Of course this was also with Empress Dowager Zhou’s silent agreement.

He put her on the couch and reached out a large palm to grab her feet.  A cold and smooth feeling entered his hand, a kind of cold feeling that entered right into his heart.

He did not make a sound, only silently using his own hand to warm up her feet.  He was looking down, not looking at her at all.

Under the light, his face was perfect and delicate.  Those long lashes were thick and dense, hiding all the emotions that were inside his dark eyes.

Chen Ning’s feet slowly warmed up, but her heart was also feeling warm.  She laid back on the couch and looked at him without blinking, admiring his pleasing face.

In the room, not a person talked.  There was only the occasional spark that came from the candle.

“This one is doing it for your good.”  Mo Chuan suddenly spoke with a low and deep voice.

Chen Ning was stunned, but she quickly recovered.  Was he talking to himself, or was he explaining why he sent Chu Shao Bai away?

Her blinked her eyes once, but did not say anything.

“This one has sent him on a job that isn’t dangerous, so he will not be hurt.  In a few days, he will be back without a hair missing.  This one has also sent Zhui Feng along to protect him, you should be assured with this, right?”  Mo Chuan then said.

Chen Ning couldn’t help raising her brows and looking at him.

What did he mean by this?

“This one will be busy over the next few days and may not have time to come see you.  If you’re lacking anything, then you can tell Su Jin about it, she will help you take care of them.  As for the scriptures you have to copy, this one will sent someone to bring them over for you…..”

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