Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 434

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Chapter 434: Seeing what one shouldn’t see

“Zhui Feng, you will go with King Jing An to complete a task.  You must listen to King Jing An’s orders on the road and can’t act on your own, do you understand?”

Mo Chuan’s tone was very strict.

“Your subordinate will obey.”  Zhui Feng bowed down.

Chu Shao Bai suddenly gave a laugh to Zhui Feng.  That calm and clear laugh made Zhui Feng suddenly feel a chill run down his spine.

King Jing An…..He wouldn’t try to take revenge, right?

He hadn’t even offended King Jing An.

“Then you may leave.”  Mo Chuan waved his hand and the two of them left the royal study.

Chu Shao Bai thought about it and couldn’t feel assured.  He turned towards the Peaceful Life Palace.  He wanted to see her and personally tell her about this.

“King Jing An, we should leave the capital from the east side, why are you heading the other way?”  Zhui Feng felt this was strange.  He followed behind Chu Shao Bai, keeping close to him.

Chu Shao Bai suddenly felt annoyed by this shadow like man following him.

He angrily said, “The emperor gave the order that you had to follow this king’s orders.  If this king wants to go west, that is none of your business!  Shut up for this king, you’re not allowed to talk.”

Zhui Feng immediately stopped talking.

Chu Shao Bai saw that they were almost at the Peaceful Life Palace, so he turned around and said, “You wait here for me, I need to go find the Empress Dowager for something, I’ll be back soon.”

“At this time, the Empress Dowager should already be asleep.  Your highness…..”  Zhui Feng couldn’t help saying.

“Stay, you’re not allow to talk or move.  You’ll just wait for this king right here!”

In front of Zhui Feng, Chu Shao Bai used his king’s status, being filled with prestige.

Humph, this brat Zhui Feng, he never put this king in his eyes because of his status as the emperor’s secret guard.  Today the emperor has given the order for you to listen to everything I say.  If I tell you to spin, you’ll spin.  If I tell you to lie flat, then you lie flat!

Chu Shao Bai gave an evil laugh as he looked at the frozen Zhui Feng in front of him, before quickly running to the Peaceful Life Palace.   

The candle had not been extinguished, but Chen Ning was lying on a soft couch.  Her breathing was deep and she was deep asleep.

There was a tome of scriptures on the ground in front of her.

When Chu Shao Bai entered the temple, he saw this picture of a begonia sleeping.

Before he walked closer, he picked up the scripture on the ground and placed it on her pillow.  Then he covered her with an embroidered cloak.

He stood in front of the couch, reluctantly looking at her.  He was not willing to leave and he was not willing to wake her, but if he left just like this, then he wouldn’t feel willing.

“Yi, I got it!”

He suddenly curled his lips into a smile.

He lifted a pen and drew a bird on her left cheek.  On her right cheek, he wrote: Wait for me.

The bird’s name was cuckoo and its cry was, “Dang gui, dang gui!”

She believed that with her intelligence, as long as she saw the bird and the words she left, she would definitely understand his meaning.

When he came out of the Peaceful Life Palace, he found Zhui Feng standing in the same spot, keeping the position he had before, not moving an inch.

“Let’s go!”  He moved past Zhui Feng like a gust of wind.

Zhui Feng followed behind him while a strange smile appeared on his face.

So the reason why King Jing An insisted on coming to the Peaceful Life Palace was just to come see her!

He had hidden outside the temple’s window and had clearly seen everything.  The girl that was sleeping in the temple was a girl that he had recognized.  He had seen her before, she was King Ding Yuan’s princess!

Ze, ze, it seemed like he had seen something he shouldn’t seen and found a secret that he shouldn’t know!

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