Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 413

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Chapter 413: Whose woman is she

Chu Shao Bai immediately held his breath and hid in the shadows, attentively listening.

He found a shadow outside the window that was like a bird falling on the window.  Following this, the windows slowly opened without making a sound.


This was a temple, normally no one came here.  Why would an expert come here to steal scriptures?

After thinking about it, he finally realized something.

This person was clearly coming here for her!

Who is it?  Could it be third brother?

A black clothed man jumped in through the window and landed without making a single sound.  If Chu Shao Bai had not personally witnessed it, he would not have noticed an extra person in the temple.

Such powerful qinggong!

His secretly praised in his mind.  Then he saw this black clothed figure look over the temple.  When he saw the sleeping Chen Ning, his body flashed and moved right towards her.

Yi?  It’s him!

Chu Shao Bai found that this person was her personal bodyguard, the brat Hei that he had fought twice already.

He suddenly was filled with anger.  Seeing this black clothed bodyguard, his butt and chest began to ache.

After all these years, he, Chu Shao Bai had never suffered losses in a fight.  Only this brat Hei, he dared to hit his face and even kick his ass!

Humph!  He already felt this brat Hei was displeasing to the eye in the past, but seeing him here now, he felt even more dissatisfied.

This was the palace, it was his territory!  Now he had to teach this brat Hei a fierce lesson!

Mo Chuan did not even stop before suddenly a strange feeling came from behind him.

Killing intent!

He did not turn back and stepped off, flying forward.  He was using the “Cold Pond Crane Shadow”, flying away to avoid the sneak attack coming from behind him.

When he landed, he was face to face with Chu Shao Bai.

“Shao Bai, why are you here?”

He frowned and asked without any hesitation.

He never imagined that the person hiding in the darkness attacking him was Chu Shao Bai.

But it was a good thing he had the mask on his face.

Chu Shao Bai couldn’t help being stunned and felt that this voice was very familiar.  He looked at this unfamiliar face and coldly said, “Can you even call me Shao Bai?  What did you come here for?  She is my third brother’s princess, you should stop coming to trouble her!  She does not need a bodyguard like you anymore!”

Because he was afraid of waking Chen Ning, his voice was very low, but Mo Chuan could clearly hear it.

The words “my third brother’s princess” was very piercing to his ears.

“She is my woman.  I am here to see my woman, does it matter to you?”  He tightened his voice, letting out an even colder voice than Chu Shao Bai’s.

“Your woman?”  Chu Shao Bai’s face turned white before turning completely red.  He raised his fist at him, “Brat Hei, you really don’t want face!  When did she become your woman!  If you keep speaking nonsense, then I will knock out your teeth!”

Mo Chuan raised his chin and his face filled with cold pride, “After losing to me, can you even beat me?  It isn’t certain who will knock out whose teeth!”

The flames of rage were in his heart burned brighter than that of Chu Shao Bai’s.

He looked at Chen Ning sleeping there, covered with a white robe which he knew belonged to Chu Shao Bai.  When he came in, Chu Shao Bai must have been here already.

Why would this fellow be here?  Could he have been here an entire night?  Would he have taken advantage of her while she slept?

He would, he definitely would!

Back then, he had personally witnessed Chu Shao Bai sneaking into her room at night and taking advantage of her while she was sleeping to kiss her.

Thinking of this, Mo Chuan unconsciously clenched his teeth.

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