Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: A stomach of evil fire

Chu Shao Yang had a belly full of grievances and originally wanted to vent them onto Chen Ning’s body.  But he never would have imagined that he would see this kind of scene when he opened the door.  He couldn’t help but be shocked.

Was she standing behind the door when he had blasted the wooden door open?  So she had coincidentally suffered the power of his palm?

Those two palms of his had only used 40% of his power, but normal people’s bodies had no way to withstand this.

Looking at the way Chen Ning was now, it seemed like she had suffered heavy internal injuries.

He suddenly felt like his stomach was blocked.  It was like using all his strength to send out a single palm, only to hit thin air.

The evil flames in his stomach couldn’t be released or suppressed, slowly making him suffocate.

Because he was the dignified King Ding Yuan, he could not vent his anger on a dying woman.

If this was known, what image would he, Chu Shao Yang have?

“Dying so easily, it really is like a cheap person like you!”

Chu Shao Yang gave a cold snort and without looking at Chen Ning lying on the ground, he turned and walked out.

“Your highness, please save our family’s young miss.  Please I beg you…..”

Xiao Ru was crying as she crawled over and kneeled at Chu Shao Yang’s feet.  She grabbed his pants and began begging.

Chu Yang Shao condescendingly looked down on Xiao Ru, his eyes were cold and filled with disgust.

“Alright, since she was this king’s princess, this king will show a little compassion.  I will send someone over to collect the body and give her a proper coffin.”  He coldly and cruelly said as he kicked Xiao Ru aside, “Scram!”

He threw back his sleeves and mercilessly walked out.

The people holding sticks and whips just looked at each other.  They had been ordered here to teach the princess a lesson, but the princess was lying on the ground dying and spitting out blood.  They couldn’t use their weapons to beat up a person that was about to die, right?

The steward waved his hand and indicated for everyone to leave.

There was only the blood spitting Chen Ning and the crying Xiao Ru left in the wooden shed.

“His highness, he is actually this vicious and cold hearted…..”  Xiao Ru coldly stared at Chu Shao Yang’s leaving image.  She bit her lips and turned back around as she continued to cry over Chen Ning’s body.

“Young miss, you have to be alright.  This servant will go beg his highness again so that he sends a doctor over.”

She gritted her teeth, wiped her tears, and prepared to stand up.

“Xiao Ru, don’t go.”

A hand suddenly pulled her wrist.

Xiao Ru was surprised and turned around.  She saw that Chen Ning had opened her eyes.  Her eyes were black and clear as they sparkled, it wasn’t like a person who was struggling to breathe.  She couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Young miss, you, you……you’re alright?”

“Of course I’m alright.”

Chen Ning giggled and stared at Xiao Ru’s blinking face, “Have they all left?”

Xiao Ru couldn’t react as she stared in a daze and muttered, “Gone, they’re all gone.”

“Then that’s good.”

Chen Ning suddenly stood up from the ground and patted off the mud and grass on her.

She lowered her head to look at the deep palm prints Chu Shao Yang left on the door, she couldn’t help saying.

“Such strong martial arts!”

This was simply the legendary martial arts master!

She never would have thought that Chu Shao Yang would not only be good at martial arts, but his inner strength would be this refined.

She had originally wanted to use the martial arts she had learned in the modern era to try and fight them.  She wanted to secretly attack them and first capture the king.

But now it seemed like, her weak fists and legs, couldn’t even match up to a single one of Chu Shao Yang’s shoe.

Fortunately she had thought of this other idea.  She had thought of faking her death and it seemed like it had actually fooled Chu Shao Yang.

Chen Ning couldn’t revealing a proud smile.

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