Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: Going crazy with jealousy

“Achoo!  Achoo!  Achoo!”

Chu Shao Yang strangely gave a few sneezes waking up Chen Bi Yun lying by his side.

“Your highness, do you have a cold?  You’re this big and you’re still kicking the sheets.”

Chen Bi Yun revealed a gentle smile and pulled the covers over him.

Chu Shao Yang had a heavy look in his eyes as he looked at the ceiling.  Reaching out to embrace Chen Bi Yun in his arms, he stroked her hair as he absentmindedly said, “Has this king awakened you?  You should go back to sleep.”

“Your highness, if there is something bothering you, you can talk you Yun’er about it.  Yun’er wishes to help you solve your problems.”  Chen Bi Yun sympathetically snuggled into his arms.

“Hei, hei.”  Chu Shao Yang gave a deep laugh, with a trace of anger hidden inside.

Chen Bi Yun immediately understood, “Did my sister make your highness unhappy again?  Your highness, if my elder sister has done anything wrong, Yun’er is willing to apologize for my elder sister.”  She said as she tried to get up.

Chu Shao Yang’s arm holding her became tighter as he unhappily said, “This has nothing to do with you.  That cheap woman is the one who’s wrong, so why should you suffer for her!”

“Your highness, elder sister, she……”

Chen Bi Yun continued to speak.  Chu Shao Yang’s cold eyes looked over, his eyes were completely chilling.

“This king is saying that you’re not allowed to mention her again!”  His voice was threatening and filled with anger.

“Yes, your highness.”  Chen Bi Yun lowered her head and revealed a proud smile.

“Go to sleep.”  Chu Shao Yang closed his eyes, but he still continued to toss and turn.  His heart felt blocked like it was being pressed down by heavy stones.

“Your highness…..”  Chen Bi Yun did not go to sleep either.  When she remembered the news Lan Xiang brought her today, she felt her chest being pressed down by her rage.  Once she thought of how Chu Shao Yang would be teaching Chen Ning how to ride a horse, she went crazy with jealousy.

She hated Chen Ning and she hated the eldest princess even more.

She did not understand why the eldest princess would like Chen Ning so much and be so nice to her.  She even ordered his highness to teach Chen Ning how to ride a horse as well as organizing a hunt that she was not invited to.

She had seen Chen Ning’s real appearance.  If she hadn’t been that stupid and continued to paint her face red and green, then she wouldn’t have been able to grab his highness’ eyes that easily.

If his highness saw Chen Ning’s face……then would he still be this loving to her?

She felt even more uneasy the more she thought about it as she began to cry in a low voice.

“Yun’er, why are you crying all of a sudden?”  When Chu Shao Yang heard her muffled cries, he immediately pulled her over.  Seeing the pair flower covered in rain, it was very delicate and charming.

He stretched out his finger and gently wiped her tears, but the more he wiped, the more flowed out.

“Your highness, will you ever not like Yun’er?  Will you ever not want Yun’er?”  Chen Bi Yun continued to cry as she buried her head into Chu Shao Yang’s arms.

Chu Shao Yang revealed a frown, “Why would you say this for no reason?  When has this king ever said he doesn’t like you?”

“But the eldest princess does not like Yun’er.  The eldest princess wants you to teach eldest sister how to ride a horse, but she does not want you to teach Yun’er.  She also ordered that your highness is not allowed to take Yun’er with you on the spring hunt.  It is clear that she does not like Yun’er.  Yun’er does not know how she offended the eldest princess to make her hate Yun’er this much.”  Chen Bi Yun’s acting was very good as she spoke with a voice filled with a trace of resentment.

Chu Shao Yang was also confused by this, but he had to comfort Chen Bi Yun.

“Silly girl, you’re pregnant right now, so how could you ride a horse?  Royal aunt was just worried about your body and that’s why she urged this king to have you stay at home and recuperate.  How could you misunderstand royal aunt’s good intentions and fail to see the bigger picture?”

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