Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Buried three feet deep

“Why can’t we?  Young miss, this servant is really hungry.”  Xiao Ru looked up with her small face as she pulled on Chen Ning’s sleeve.

“Because there are certain people we can provoke.  That lots of money, he is certainly someone important.  Offending him will bring us a lot of trouble.”  Chen Ning said without any hesitation.

Although she had only met that black clothed man once, her instincts told her that man was someone she shouldn’t get close to.

A lot of trouble?!

That blue clothed youth once again bit his lips and sneaked a look at the black clothed man.  He didn’t when his master’s chopsticks had stopped moving, but his master had a pondering look.

Was his master just like him?  Was he also eavesdropping on the girl downstairs?

This was truly strange.

Why was his master interested in the girl’s conversation?

The blue clothed youth once again stuck out his ear because he was very curious.  That girl had only met his master once, why did she think that he would be a lot of trouble?

Also he wanted to know how this girl discovered that corpse wasn’t actually dead.

It had to be known, there weren’t many people that could fool his master.

“Young miss, is that lots of money really troublesome?  He looks just like a rich young master to this slave.”  Xiao Ru asked.

“He has a lot of money, but is also very dangerous.  Anyway, he is a dangerous person who we cannot get close to.”

Chen Ning answered while pulling Xiao Ru away from the restaurant.

She saw a stand selling meat buns by an alley and decided to buy some buns for Xiao Ru to eat.

“Young miss, how is that lots of money dangerous?”  Xiao Ru continued to ask.

“This, can only be sensed, not described.”

“Young miss, please stop confusing this servant.  Please just tell this servant ok?”

“Hee, hee, alright.  Wait until we finish eating our buns, then I’ll tell you.”  Chen Ning smiled as she pinched Xiao Ru’s round face.

The two of them gradually disappeared.

No matter how good the black clothed man and the blue clothed youth’s hearing was, they still couldn’t hear what the two of them were saying anymore.

The blue clothed youth felt his heart itch, he really wanted to chase after them and listen to what they were saying.  He looked at the black clothed man and then immediately dispelled that idea.

“Xiao Si.”  The black clothed man suddenly opened his mouth.

“Servant is here.”  The blue clothed youth Xiao Si immediately and respectfully replied.

“Go invite the two girls that were just downstairs here.”  The man said in a cold voice.

“Yes, master.”  Xiao Si opened his mouth and promised.  Right as he was prepared to leave, he suddenly stopped and turned around.

He almost suspected that there was something wrong with his ears.  Had he just heard wrong?

“Master, what did you just say?”  He cautiously asked.

“Go and invite them over.”  The black clothed man slow said word for word, “You can just say, lots of money is treating to a meal.  Treating them to eat……lotus root cooked beef, seasoned pork ribs, and also chestnut chicken!”


King Ding Yuan’s palace.

“Where are they?  Haven’t you found them yet!”  Chu Shao Yang’s face was soaked with sweat.  He was sitting in the main lobby and a servant was kneeling in front of him.

The servants were trembling.

“Reporting to your highness, these servants have searched all over the king’s palace, but we couldn’t find……any traces of the princess.”

The steward was trembling as he kneeled on the ground.  Not being able to find the princess made him very worried.  He had almost personally brought out a ladder to check the roof.

“Bastard, idiot!  All of you are a waste!”  Chu Shao Yang couldn’t help but start swearing.  He raised a foot and kicked the steward away.

“All of you scram and go find her!  Even if she is buried three feet deep, you still have to find that slut for me!”  He ruthlessly said.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

The steward didn’t even dare rub the sweat off his forehead as he foolishly ran away.

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