Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: Only an idiot would use brawn

But Chen Ning had only memorized prescriptions and couldn’t diagnose illnesses like a doctor.

The three maids were shocked.

“Princess consort, you’re also skilled in medicine?”

Chen Ning shook her head, “I’m not.”

Xia He couldn’t help saying, “We have doctors in the palace, so how about this servant go and find a doctor for you?”

“I’m only suffering from a little cold, not anything serious, so I don’t need to see a doctor.  The palace is filled with Chu Shao Yang’s people, so who knows if they would to poison me.”  Chen Ning gently said.

Xiao He’s face turned red as she murmured, “Princess consort, this servant…..”

“What happened is in the past, this princess knows that you were tricked by someone else, so there is no need to mention it anymore.  As you wholeheartedly work to serve me, this princess will treat you and Chun Tao like sisters.”

Chun Tao and Xia He’s heart were filled with gratitude.

They were both looked down on in the king’s palace, but they never thought that after working for the princess, they would be able to feel this proud and happy.  The entire king’s palace’s maids were all envious of their good luck.

Xiao Ru held the jewelry box as she prepared to leave, but Chen Ning suddenly stopped her.

“Wait a minute.”

A light bulb lit up in her head and she thought of an idea.  Then she said, “After you buy the medicine, also buy some fireworks on your way home.  The more the better, do you remember this?”

“Young miss, you like to set off some fireworks?  Alright, this servant will be sure to buy the biggest and most beautiful ones back!”  Xiao Ru happily replied.

Chen Ning revealed a faint smile and said nothing else.

When Xiao Ru came back, she brought a bunch of fireworks and firecrackers with her.

The smile on her face bloomed like a flower.  When she saw Chen Ning smiling, she said, “Young miss, we really are rich now.  This servant has pawned off the second miss’ jewelry in the largest pawn shop and I received three thousand silver coins!”

She happily took out a thick stack of silver bills and handed them over to Chen Ning.  Then she said, “This servant has also bought the medicine and fireworks, it costed a total of twenty seven silver coins.  Young miss, we are truly rich now!”

Chen Ning smiled and poked her forehead, “You are a really stingy girl!”

After she had her medicine, she felt a lot better.  Her body no longer went from cold to warm anymore, but thinking of Chu Shao Yang, her heart filled with anger once again.

She had suffered such a large loss at Chu Shao Yang’s hands.  If she did not fight back, then she wouldn’t be Chen Ning.

But she knew how strong Chu Shao Yang was and she knew her own skill level.

If she fought him head on, even a hundred Chen Ning’s fighting together could not take care of a single Chu Shao Yang.

But, smart people only needed to use their brain.  Only idiots chose to use brawn.

Chen Ning’s eyes narrowed as they fell onto the large pile of fireworks.  Then she began to let out a gently laugh.

After three days, her cold was completely cured.  She got up out of bed feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

After Chen Ning finished her breakfast, she was prepared to begin with her plan.

Xiao Ru suddenly came in with a confused look on her face.  There was a bamboo basket in her hands that was covered in a blue cloth.

“Young miss, don’t you think this is strange?  When this servant woke up this morning, I found this basket in front of our door.  What do you think is inside this basket?”

Chen Ning looked at the basket and said with a smile on her face, “It’s an egg.”

“Yi, young miss, how did you guess it?”  Xiao Ru’s eyes opened wide in surprise.

“I guess from this.”  Chen Ning smiled as she picked out a feather from the cracks of the bamboo basket.

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