Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 155

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Chapter 155: Beauty

With a snow white neck, half open clothes, jade like skin, and exquisite curves, she should have been very beautiful.

If this was the usual Chu Shao Yang, he would have definitely tenderly pulled her into the comfort of his arms.  

But after thinking about how she had fallen into the manure pit for so many hours, he felt a faint stench assault his nose.  Even one of her stray hairs falling on the back of his hand filled him with disgust.

He forced himself to resist the urge to push her away and bluntly said a few comforting words to her.

His face had turned a little ugly, but Chen Bi Yun did not acknowledge it.  She pulled Lan Xiang into kneeling in front of him and told him the embellished lie they had come up with before asking him to make a decision while revealing an aggrieved look.

Lan Xiang’s swollen face was just like a pig and her body released a strange odor.

Before she could even come close, Chu Shao Yang had already covered his nose in disgust.

The word he hated hearing the most right now was “princess”, but Chen Bi Yun continued to say the word “princess” which filled him with anger.

He flicked his sleeve and scolded with a cold expression on his face, “The Flowing Cloud Pavilion has already been giving to that woman by this king, you clearly knew how evil her heart is, so why do you not stay away from her and send yourself to her door?  The reason why Lan Xiang has become this way is her own fault.  If you obediently stayed in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, you never would have suffered this humiliation!  Also, there’s you!  You’re clearly pregnant, but you don’t choose to stay inside and take care of yourself.  You stubbornly chose to go to the desolate wooden hut and tried to dig up sweet potatoes for this king’s health.  Are all the cooks of this dignified palace all dead and now we need the concubine consort to do all the cooking?”

Chen Bi Yun had never been reprimanded this seriously by Chu Shao Yang before.  Her face suddenly felt hot from the shame she felt.  It went from red and white to white and green.

She still did not give up as she said in an aggrieved manner, “Your highness, Lan Xiang has already been beaten like this, are we supposed to just forget about it?  Even if it isn’t related to elder sister, it is still because those maid servant she has are bad.  Everyone says that you have to find the owner before you beat the dog, so those maids beating up Lan Xiang like this is equivalent to slapping Yun’er’s face.  Yun’er will be looked down upon in the future like this.”

After she finished speaking, tear trickled down her face making her look delicate and pitiful.

Chu Shao Yang shouted, “You are this king’s concubine, as long as you behave, who will dare to look down on you!  You do not care at all and that is why you keep turning into a joke for others to laugh at.  It is better if you just stay in the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion.  Without this king’s permission, you are not allowed to take a single step out!”

After he finished speaking, he angrily slammed the door behind him as he walked out.

He just left Chen Bi Yun and Lan Xiang standing there completely stunned.

Chu Shao Yang was completely upset, so after leaving the Intoxicated Flower Pavilion, he began to walk around randomly.  Unconsciously, he arrived on the familiar path to the Little Mirror Lake.

Suddenly, he heard a voice as clear as a silver bell ring out from below the willows on the side of the lake.  

“Chu Shao Yang!”

The voice clearly shouted out these three words.

Chu Shao Yang was surprised and suddenly stopped moving as he looked for the source of the sound.

His heart was filled with rage.  He never would have thought that there would be such a courageous maid that would dare to shout his name out like this.

There were two young girls standing shore of the lake.  With their backs facing him, he couldn’t clearly see their faces, but their beauty was very eye catching.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes were attracted to the girl wearing the light green robe.  This girl’s back was very slender and very familiar.

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