Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 144

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Chapter 144: Two conditions

“He, he, so it’s like this.”

Chen Ning gave a cold laugh and a pair of cold and shocking eyes stared at Housekeeper Xu.  She just saw Housekeeper Xu’s red face, not daring to look up at all.

“Alright, since it’s like this, this princess will not make it hard for you.  It’s not hard to make this princess change residences at all, this princess just has two conditions.  Go and tell his highness and if you can accomplish them, this princess will move immediately.”

Housekeeper Xu was overjoyed as he let out a sigh.  He quickly asked, “Please tell me princess consort, what conditions do you have?”

“This princess’ conditions are very simple, it is not difficult at all.  This princess has heard that the best residence in the king’s palace is the Peach Blossom Cove…..”  Chen Ning spoke in a slow voice.

Housekeeper Xu’s heart skipped a beat as he quickly replied, “Reporting to the princess, the Peach Blossom Cove is the forbidden area of his highness.  His highness allows no one in the king’s palace to enter that place.”

Chen Ning gave a cold laugh, “No need to be afraid, this princess does not want to go want to live anywhere Chu Shao Yang has lived before.  I’ve heard that the Flowing Cloud Pavilion is very beautiful and spacious, so this princess wants to live in the Flowing Cloud Pavilion.  That is this princess’ first condition.”

Housekeeper Xu was thinking that this princess was quite fierce, all of a sudden asking for the best location in the palace.  But the situation was dire, so he could only bear with it and agree.

“Yes, yes, his highness will definitely agree with the princess’ condition.  You are the princess consort, so of course you will have the best residence.  Also princess, what is your second condition?”  He asked with held breath.

“This princess’ second condition is even more simple compared to the first condition.  Right now it is his highness asking this princess to move and not this princess choosing to move, so like this, his highness should show the proper courtesy.  That is this princess’ second condition.”

Chen Ning spoke in a calm voice, stressing every word.

Housekeeper Xu knit his brows together.  He thought for a bit and suddenly realized what she meant.

“The princess’ meaning is, you want his highness to personally come and ask you to move?”  He sucked in a cold breath and asked.

“Housekeeper Xu truly is an intelligent person.”  Chen Ning smiled and nodded, giving him a silent confirmation.

Housekeeper Xu just felt his headache get worse.

He could tell from Chen Ning’s expression that she was not joking at all.  If he did not fulfill these two conditions, she really would not leave this place.

Out of desperation, he could only agree for now.

“This servant does not dare make a decision for his highness on that second matter.  Please wait a bit princess consort, this servant will report back to his highness right now.”

“Go then.  This princess is not very patient, so you should go as quickly as possible.  Otherwise, this princess might just change her mind.”

Chen Ning smiled as she looked at him.

Her bright smile could move people, but in Housekeeper Xu’s eyes, he couldn’t help shuddering.

When Housekeeper Xu arrived at the practice field, Chu Shao Yang and Eldest Princess An Le were currently evenly matched in their fight, completely focused on their fight.

In order to stall for time and to let the eldest princess enjoy the fight more, Chu Shao Yang had to reveal several mistakes and he had taken quite a few punches and kicks in his chest and butt.

Especially that kick on his butt.  The eldest princess did not show any mercy and used her full strength.  There was a black foot mark left on his pants and it was incredibly painful, but he could not call out in pain and could only endure it.

“Royal aunt, your nephew has not offended you, so why did you use so much force when you kicked your nephew’s butt?”

Chu Shao Yang said with a dark face.

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