Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: You were thinking of me

Her face was very calm, just like she was saying something very normal.

But Chu Shao Bai knew that she was serious about every word she said.

He clapped as he smiled and said, “Good!  Good!  Then I will just wait and see.  I’ll wait for that day when my third brother is under your hand.”

Seeing his face full of schadenfreude, Chen Ning was surprised.

“I want to go against your third brother, but you’re not worried about him at all, rather you seem to be anticipating his bad luck.  Is he even your blood related brother?”

“He has wronged you so many times, of course I’ll stand on your side.  Do you think I’m one of those fools who can’t differentiate between right and wrong and only help people close to me?”  Chu Shao Bai stuck out his chest.

Chen Ning couldn’t help smiling as she casually said, “Where did you go these past few days?  Why did you not show up once?”

She wanted to know if this fellow had figured it all out.  She had laid out the fish net traps for several days and he hadn’t been caught in it once.

She also never thought that as soon as she moved to the wooden hut, he would actually appear all of a sudden.

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes lit up and he suddenly jumped forward.  He landed right in front of Chen Ning and his strong chest almost hit her nose.

“Were you thinking of me?”  He giggled.

“What nonsense.”  Chen Ning smiled and said.

Of course she wouldn’t admit it, but she couldn’t deny that in the few days he didn’t appear, she had been thinking about him.

She was not used to being so close to him, so her upper body began to move back, but he grabbed onto her waist, not letting her get away.  

He really was tall, especially being face to face with him.  She had to look up just to see his face.

He looked down at her and suddenly his head came down.  His delicate and flawless face was right beside her face.

Chen Ning’s heart froze and she completely stopped breathing.

At this distance, she couldn’t even see his face.  She could only see his enlarged eyes and the light shining in them, glittering like countless stars.

“You were thinking of me.”  He proudly asserted.

Although she refused to admit it, her expression did not escape his eyes.

The moonlight shined down like a veil enveloping her body.  Her face looking up was completely clean, without any makeup on.  The long black hair fell down like a waterfall, making her tender and delicate face seem even more white.  It seemed like squeezing her face could make water appear.

He almost did not dare to look in her eyes.  Her eyes that looked like spring water and the autumn moon was especially moving.  As long as he looked at her eyes, he wouldn’t be able to suppress the wild beating of his heart.

Just the way they were now made his heart beat so fast that it almost jumped out of his chest.

His hands held onto her soft and slender waist, as if he could break off a piece by gripping too hard.  He did not dare to use any strength out of fear that she would begin struggling.

Chen Ning saw his white jade face suddenly begin to blush and his eyes turning away, not daring to look at her.

This brat is actually being shy!

She couldn’t help letting out a soft laugh.

Seeing how he was acting like a playboy and trying to have his way with her, she never thought he would become shy at the last moment.  He really was a simple and pure young man.

“Xiao Bai, did you forget my status?  Are you not going to let me go?”  She had a faint smile on her face as she looked at him.

In this era, a man and a woman who were not in love were continuously embracing one another.  Was he not afraid that she would ruin his reputation?

Chu Shao Bai’s face turned red and he was not willing to let go, but after thinking about it for a bit, he transferred his hand from her waist to her wrist.

“I’m not letting go!”

“I am your third brother’s princess and your third sister in law.”  Chen Ning casually reminded him.

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