Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 9 Part 1

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Volume 3, Chapter 9: I Became an Adventurer, Part 1, Part 1


Dear father and mother in the Holy Kingdom of Tariterudo, how are you all doing?

It’s been a while since I left on my latest journey.

This country that I am in, Sail, has a climate very similar to that of the Holy Kingdom, and I am still living as I was, unchanged.

Although I wasn’t allowed to leave the upper reaches of the castle for a while, I finally got permission to head out into the castle town.

Yours truly, Yurushia.


“Well, princess, it certainly matches you well.”

As I stood in front of the mirror, the older salesgirl who was in her mid-twenties said so happily.

Recently, I’d been given several maids from Sail.

It seems that this is normally standard for anyone with the [Hero class] who are received warmly from the start, whereas in my case, they were just a little awkward and afraid, and since Noa and the rest of the followers were with me from the beginning, they postponed it.

Well, I think the attachment of maids was also for the sake of watching me, the four kids from Earth were also similarly given maids, so even if I rely on them, I don’t trust them not to report me. Still, the maids’ attitudes were surprisingly good.

This world has long been relying on the summoning of [Heroes from another world] for well over a thousand years, so we were an object of adoration.


However, over the past few months I’ve been hunting down documents in the library, I found something that’s a little bit strange.

The Japanese folks who were summoned to this world a thousand years ago were all described like Japanese who lived in the Heian period.

In other words, the flow of time of Earth compared to Atra, or even [Tess], didn’t change at all.

But Yuuki-kun was reincarnated 12 years in the past when he was killed, and Kyoji’s age was the same, de-aged more than 10 years ~ maybe 12 years.


It was probably because of the fact that space and time was being distorted by that technique called the [Twelve Period Hourglass] that was applied to me.

As such, I decided to go down into the castle town to see how much the influence of the otherworlders had affected things.

…… I’m sorry.

After saying all that, it’s all actually just for killing time.

Besides, I’d taken great pains to follow to the template of going to another world, so I want to go sightseeing.

That’s why, all this time, I’ve been applying for permission to go into the city, and at last, I got it.

If we were alone, I was thinking of secretly going out of the castle and then sneaking back, but I’d like to bring those children from Japan if I can.

It seems that I finally got permission to go because I became famous after sending my followers here and there, so it’s getting harder to just put me aside.


However, I was told that I could only go along with two other people.

There are four of my attendants.

Apparently, they think it’s necessary to have some of those four to tie me down to this country, but all of them could leave as they were.

There’s no confidence in me at all…… (How Oblivious)


Well, if there was a place that was better than this country, it would be great to migrate to.

But since I’ve basically been asked to say, I’ve just been eroding away at this country from the inside.

Well, it’s not that much different from what Kyoji’s doing.

He’s not officially a hero, but by showing off the power befitting a hero, he won position and trust.

I feel that Kyoji seems to be working through the underworld of this country, though, and I wonder if I could use vampires like I did in the Holy Kingdom……


Ah, my storytelling wandered away again.

Well, in short, I was able to go out into the castle town now, but I had the horribly embarrassing nickname of the [Golden Saint], it was like the spotlights turning on during an idol’s surprise concert, so I decided to go out incognito.

Ermm…… For the time being, because of the other otherworlders’ settings, if we talked like we knew about Earth, I worry about how they’d react.


“Is there any issue?”

“Yes, but Princess-sama’s waistline is high, so anything you wear suits you.”

That’s not what I said, I was trying to ask if it wasn’t strange for me to go out into the castle town, but since the maids seem to be enjoying putting me in clothes, she doesn’t seem to be listening.

And even though the princess of this country was Bianca, is it still alright to call me princess? As I asked that, the older sister maid replied me.

“Her Highness is Her Highness, and Princess Yurushia is Princess.”

…… and I got an incomprehensible reply.

Is that it? Do you just hold some sort of different meaning for the word “Princess”?

This time around, I was going down into the town with Nea and Tina, along with the two girls, Mizuki and Touka.

The animal gang seemed to be doing various thing on the side of the forces of darkness and wasn’t following me around at the moment.

They just went to collect food originally, but really, what are you all doing……?



Author’s Notes: A heartwarming chapter


App’s Notes:

“Ah, my storytelling wandered away again.”

What a pertinent line…


Also, as will be the case for a while, slow chapter releases. For those of you who enjoy full chapters at a time, things will be a bit slower without having a partner. As always, let me know if any of you aspiring translators want Piro’s share of the work and profit, lol.

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