Story of a Careless Demon Volume 7 Chapter 13 Part 2

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Volume 7, Chapter 13: In the North, Part 2, Part 2


“How cruel, Shisho~”

“… I thought I would die.”

“Hmm? It’s fine as long as you didn’t die.”

Nea seems to be called Shisho by Daichi and Futa. It must have happened from when she put them through training at the parade grounds.

She would run them around everywhere until they collapsed, I even had to revive them with holy magic twice a day.

Rather than be disappointed, it’s impressive how much they’ve gown that they’re not still knocked out, it means their spirits still haven’t been broken.

After all, those two were alive, so they couldn’t say anything about Nea’s methods.

Hmm… I wonder if they have more time each day for training?


“Well then, shall we all go shopping?”

“Eh? Shopping, us?”

“A break…”

I tried to keep myself from flinching at their mutters, as Futa gives me a hopeful look.

“It’s alright, I’m not a demon after all.”

I am a Demon, though.

“Why the change in heart?”

I give a quick explanation to Futa, who still looked confused.

“When you think of Dwarves, aren’t high quality weapons a classic?”


And so, we began to move towards the underground shopping mall.

The dungeon has many entrances, close to subway entries in feel.

Since people live below ground, I assumed there would be a light source, but it was much brighter than I thought.

It’s not as bright as daylight, but since the floor and ceiling are glowing steadily, as soon as my eyes got used to the dimness, it was easy to move around in.

It doesn’t seem to have been added earlier, so is it some sort of mechanic of the dungeon?


I may have just said so, but the Dwarves seem to be fine workmen and smiths after all. Although there was a weapons shop on the ground level, as far as impressions, it felt more like a “souvenir shop” and when I asked the clerk there, they told us that the proper weapons are sold in stores in the underground shopping area.

Therefore, I came up with the idea of getting weapons for those two, since their equipment was so awful.

It was provided from Sail Country, why complain, you ask? Well, what they’re equipped with is the level of an ordinary squire, not even to the level of a Hero’s companion.

Actually, come to think of it, they weren’t recognized as heroes, but it’s still better than a certain game by a few hundreds of times, since the king throws the Hero out there with only a wooden rod and ordinary clothes, but still, they only have iron swords.

I saw the production area of the castle, so I know they’re awful, although I’m not an expert.

They just poured iron into a sword mold and hit it until it was the right shape before sharpening it, steel making technology is out there, but it looked like an iron decoration sold by a house decoration store.

At least cough up a magic sword, even a used one. They’re stingy in such strange places for a large country.

Still though, I think if I left it to Noa, he would make them vicious [Demon Swords], which would be about as dangerous as handing new recruits a bazooka to start with.

So, as I came to the Dwarven lands, I decided to buy swords that looked good enough.


“Here we are.”

“So big…”

“… It looks like a department store.”

After listening to the natives, we came to the recommended weapon shop, only to see a big building built like a small fort.

There’s no mistaking it, however, since you can hear the *gachin* sounds of metal striking metal from beyond.

“Let’s go in, then”


“We… do we have enough money?”

“It’ll be fine. I’ll give you some.”

“Is that okay?”

“Yeah, no problem.”


I have far too much money.

Why, you ask? In this world there may be Sacred Magic, but nobody out there can treat the scalp quite like me.


“Huh… the selection is really good here.”

As we entered, we could see weapons lined up like home electronics at big box stores, with Dwarven female lolis running the reception and moving throughout the shop.

However, the items in front of us were not too bad, but also not very good. Apparently, it seems that the higher quality goods are sold from the back, so we decided to proceed further in.


“Hello customers, what kind of things are you looking for?”

Since I look like a noble, the clerk (Loli) speak to me first.

It was the same outside, but it seems like the Dwarves aren’t too frightened of my doll-like appearence. With Corona, I was wondering if it was just because she was the Guild Master, but apparently the Dwarven race has poor eyesight.

… If I lived in such a dark place, my eyes would definitely get worse.

“I’m looking for swords that a weak human boy and a super-weak human boy can use, can you help me find some?”



Daichi and the other were muttering something, but I paid no mind.

“Yes, let’s take care of that. First let me ask whether you are looking for a normal sword or magical sword-”


“[Why would you charge so much to a beauty like me!!]”


Suddenly, a big voice came from the back of the store.

“…What was that?”

“Sorry ma’am… it’s one of our regulars.”

At my question, the Clark girl (Loli) looked frustrated.

Since there are customers like that no matter where you are naturally, I wasn’t very concerned. Also, although the words were feminine, the voice was a deep bass.


“Ah, I apologize, would you mind coming with me to the back if you’ll follow me.”


The clerk hurriedly spoke to us before heading towards the noise and calling out, so we headed straight to the back of the store.




Author’s Notes:

Next time, an encounter with the Hero!


App’s Notes:

And it seems our lovely princess continues to save my shining comrades in arms, even in another world.

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