Story of a Careless Demon Volume 5 Chapter 0

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Volume 5, Chapter 0: The Prelude for Part 2


As space-time violently rippled, the shattered human soul was sent through the torrent of the dimensions.

It was a storm of emptiness raging in a void that had nothing.

“I” dreamt in that violent whirlpool.


Beautiful, gentle parents… Living as a noble… Smiling towards servants…

Golden hair… Black hair… little friends.

A big castle… a splendid king… a little boy with a defiant face…

A boy with earnest eyes that held a sword……


The sweet smell of overflowing blood…

A dark sky… A dark world…

Thousands of grotesque monsters, all kneeling before me…

Four boys and a girl…

An enormous cat… dark like ink…

Reflected in its eyes……

A golden cat.


I quietly dreamed it all.

A wall that was made to stop “Me”, that had enormous power,

And a great force called out for “Me”.


Someone was calling.

An unknown voice…? No, I know this voice. A boy…? A girl…?

I faintly heard the quiet whine of a “Beast”.

Were you… calling out to me?



“……Ah, you’re awake.”

When I opened my eyes, the white light shone against my eyes. I heard someone’s voice in the background that was still blurry to me.

A young woman…? But for some reason it’s a nostalgic feeling.

My body wouldn’t move. I felt like I was asleep.

“Ah, hold on, don’t get up yet.”

I kept pushing against the lady that was holding my body down, but she pulled me into an embrace and touched her forehead to mine. It’s a little… cold and pleasant.

“Mm… the fever’s gone down. You’ve had a terrible fever and been asleep since yesterday morning. The women were making a terrible commotion. Hey, aren’t you hungry?”


A small voice came out. But it felt a little different. Was it because of fever? It seemed like it’d been a long time since I’d gotten sick…

“Is that so…? Then, shall I peel some fruit for you? You won’t get better if you don’t eat something, you know.”

In my field of vision that gradually widened, I saw a girl smiling at me.

A spirited girl with black hair and eyes… that looked like a junior high school student.

Someone I don’t know…? But, it felt like I knew her.


A nostalgic smile. A bright room that I feel like I’ve seen somewhere.

A flower-patterned wallpaper. Crayon graffiti. A colorful picture book. A stuffed teddy bear.

A large cushion that had faded colors. A small white chair and desk.

At that scene… tears fell unbidden from my eyes even as I was unaware because of that nostalgic feeling.


“What’s wrong?”

The girl’s voice was surprised, and hugged me gently, stroking my head quietly.

A big hand…… No, I’m just small.


“I saw a scary dream… It’s okay…… Yuzu……”


Author’s Notes:

Today I’m going to post about 5 chapters. They’re scheduled for every hour.

The prologue is short, but the next will be about 3000-4000 words.

From the sixth chapter, I’ll post about once every 2 days, but if I have leeway, I’ll post ahead of schedule.


App’s Notes:

To author: Slow your roll, mate. 😛


And so, a new adventure begins! Coincidentally, it begins at the very beginning, but also at the end.


Don’t worry, it’s not an Oz situation, folks.


Piroton’s Notes:

And we begin Season 2! I had to take a break for studies and to rebuild that sweet sweet chapter stockpile since I’m a student and life is suffering


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    Thank you very much

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  3. Reader says:

    I feel very confused but in a good way. Thanks so much. Hope the studies went well Piro.

  4. Dark1knight says:

    She did return… to replenish herself, looks like we will see a cute little demon destroying tanks and helicopters this time.

  5. 4 pencils says:

    Huh…so did she met her past self or something? Then again demons can’t bend time…so herself in an alternate plane?

    Thanks for the chapter ;3

  6. PhantomStarlight says:

    … I’m lost. I’ll have to wait until next chapter I tbink to make any sense of this hall of mirrors.

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    What the… Oke im confused now?
    Did she still become Yuru and met with her past?

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    lol came back here a few hours later expecting to see 5 more chapters done….damn authors note got me confused lol

  10. thanghe says:

    The girl is about junior high, so about 12
    The sick kid seems even smaller than her
    So maybe they are sibling

  11. Diggydawg says:

    Iiiinteresting… So she originally went into a coma, her soul disconnected from her body and went to the demon plane and eventually she came back home… I wonder if she will remember her little planar jaunt while in Japan… who am i kidding, she probably will 😀

    and… WELCOME BACK!!!

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    Welcome back! Thanks for the new chapter!

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    Thanks for the chapter, and welcome back

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    Welcome back!!!

  15. accountmadeforants says:

    Things just got very, very interesting. Any bets on what the great power creating the “wall” she described is? (I guess Earth’s god(s) would be a relatively straightforward answer, but who knows?)

    I really like how this calls back to her “dreams” when the story started, as well. It makes either side unreliable as a real beginning. (Though I suppose the Earth side still wins, since she started with nothing as a Demon, whereas the human side has already matured somewhat and a history.)

  16. midnight2630 says:

    Oh, i thought translator-san was the one to post 5 chapters =P

  17. Siddabro says:

    Thanks for the chapter ^_^
    The void in my heart is now fulled !! 🙂 anyway, i didin’t really get this chapter… So time to re-read!

  18. Siddabro says:

    Thanks for the chapter ^_^
    The void in my heart is now fulled !! 🙂 anyway, i didin’t really get this chapter… So time to re-read!
    And I wonder what the mc will do after returning… I wonder.

  19. Binge Reader says:

    *Spoiler alert*
    She just reincarnate (sort of) into another world (most likely take over a body child) and build a whole new harem.
    That all i can spoil (sr for bad eng)

  20. PerpetualRed says:

    Wait. She’s back to a baby again? I hope she regains her memories and personality. But sighhh her powers are probably back to step 0….

  21. It's Just Light Reading says:

    I can’t remember if Yuzu Yuuko is a name we have heard before

  22. DOHere says:

    oh, is she at least still a girl?

  23. purpleeee says:

    I read the raw using google translate some time ago and I’m glad I’ll be able to read this in English and actually understand this. Thanks for book 2

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    what the heck is this!!.. am i missing something?

  25. shillbear says:

    im so glad i i started this novel agen cause now everithing make a lot more sens hven reading it

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