Story of a Careless Demon Volume 3 Chapter 12

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Volume 3, Chapter 12: I turned 9 years old, Part 3



Although I was disturbed from my good mood, since my mood had been so good, I greeted the owner of the voice with a smile anyways.

“Ah, it’s Archbishop Callisto, how may I help you?”

How did he, who was previously the Archbishop of the church in the neighbouring country Shiguresu, become the archbishop here… well, I wasn’t surprised. He said he’d be coming to Taterudo, so I wasn’t surprised when I heard that Archbishop was calling for me.

“That thing before, about your changing the offering… well…”

As I steadily smiled at him, he stopped talking.

“Don’t worry about it.”


How weak. I’m worried that this Archbishop won’t be able to make a living like this.

And, Callisto…… although he was trembling with fear, when he met my eyes, he blushed a bit. I felt disgusted for a moment.

Ever since I started growing, my [Intimidation] hasn’t been very stable…


“So, that Holy magic that you used just now, how much magical power does it use?”

“Magical power…?”

How much? Maybe if the magic power expenditure is huge, there was supposed to be an equal tithe?

“Hmm, well… It’s about three times the cost of a 【Feast of Blessings】.”


Callisto’s eyes went wide and he stared at me. Well, it’s alright. It’s the kind of magic that only the pope should be able to use.


“That… that much magical power……”

As Callisto squeezed out the words, he lowered his head as if deciding something.

“There is a ceremony asking for Yurushia-sama.”

“What is that, I wonder…?”

“We would like for you to use your great magical power in the service of God. We will do my very best to repay you. We will try our best to accommodate you, so please.”


It’s too suspicious……

“It is to be done in the old castle owned by Duke Kapell in the suburbs, and as for the guards, I have left the  [Hero]in charge of security, so it’s safe.”

“……I see.”

Although it’s a failure of a presentation, I’m interested.

Besides, if they could arbitrarily conduct such a dubious ceremony in a place where I couldn’t see, then I’d be worried anyways.

I’ve understood from our investigations that the Daemons might be involved.

But I don’t know if Callisto and the [Hero] have any relation to the Daemons……


“Very well. I will help you.”

“Ooohhh, thank you so much Yurushia-sama. I will guide you.”


If possible, I’d like to crush it on the spot.

Besides, since my sister-samas are in the hero’s party, let’s check on how much they’ve matured in this long absence.




“Lucy…… do you really believe that Archbishop Callisto’s words?”

“I have never heard of Callisto. If he was capable enough to have become an archbishop, it’s nearly impossible for me not to have heard of him.”

Even though I didn’t want to talk about it at all, after hearing that I had been given a request by Callisto, Rick and Noel said those sorts of things.

“As a citizen of the Holy Kingdom, should you really be doubting an archbishop of the state religion?”

Although I know what’s behind him, I glossed over it because I would be troubled if they opposed me now.


“Princess Yuru-sama, I am also against it.”



While walking from the cathedral to the carriage, I stopped when Vio spoke up.

Because we can’t bring all the members of the guardian knights into the town, today the guards are about half-strength.

Still, of the knights that Rick brought, three of them came from the [Holy Knights] that were the primary force of the Holy Kingdom, and I also only took the elite of my guardian knights like Bree-chan and Sara-chan.

Although we brought various people from the mercenary company like Noel and Bear-san, Vio still seems to be uneasy about our war potential……

“Rick, Noel, could you all go to the carriage first?”

“I want to know what’s going on first before I move,”

“Understood. Let’s go then, Your Highness.”

“Oi, Noel.”

Noel who heard something in my voice dragged the reluctant Rick away.

…… they’re unexpectedly chummy.

There was still Bree-chan and gang, but my attendants read the mood and soon everyone else had left.


“Vio… now that you mention it, you used to hate the church, right?”

“……Your memory’s unexpectedly good. It was when you were two, I think.”

“It was Vio’s family…”

At my words, Vio was surprised, but smiled gently at me.

“What happened… may I ask?”

“Will you reconsider if I tell you my story…?”

Vio was a little anxious… so I looked her straight in the eyes and answered honestly.

“U~n, if I don’t know I can’t understand.”

When I said such, Vio smiled a little bitterly and let out a light chuckle.

“Princess Yuru-sama. I think I’ve talked to Ria-sama about this in the past, do you remember?”

“Yeah, I remember.”


Vio was Mother’s junior in school, and when when her family was in decline and she fell behind on her studies, Mother helped her.


“Just like Yuru-sama, I was able to use Holy Magic at a young age. Besides my capacity for water and wind magic, because my magical power was high, I caught the attention of the church and they attempted to woo me many a time.”

“Is that so…”

I can understand that a little.

“At the time, I was being constantly solicited by a priest but after I refused him because I was helping out my family’s business, nasty rumors began to circulate…… I was too young at the time, so I can’t tell you any concrete details of what happened but Ria-sama, who was close to Archbishop Molt, helped get that priest excommunicated. After that, the malicious rumors died off.”

“What happened to that priest…?”

“Apparently, there was an effort to protect church members, so I heard that he had been handed over to the neighbouring country, Shiguresu, without being deprived of his priesthood.”

That makes it nearly impossible for me to believe in the church……

“His name… do you know it?”

Although my voice sounded slightly disgusted, Vio hesitated a little bit before she lost to my gaze and said the name.

“Although my memory might be a bit faulty, but I’m sure……… it was Cristor” (TL: Callistoru in engrish)


It seems that my mouth has spontaneously curled into a smile.

It’s probably… not the kind of smile a decent [Human Being] would make. Vio’s face somewhat scrunched a little.

“Well then, shall we go?”

“Princess Yuru-sama!?”

“Did you think I would back down after hearing such a tale…?”


Although I won’t say it’s malicious, I prioritized my own thoughts like a selfish egoistic bad child, and personally, it’d be Demon-like to ignore it and give up.

Vio gave up and sighed visibly, waiting for my orders.

“Vio. I will investigate this nest of parasites leeching our Holy Kingdom. Let’s go.”

“…… Yes.”


Vio has known me ever since I was born. She is my family.

Let’s get rid of this stone in her heart.

When this is over…… well, we’ll gradually find her a husband.




A few hours passed as I was bumped about on the carriage. Following the lead of Callisto’s carriage, we arrived at the ancient castle owned by Duke Kapell.

On the carriage, I got sandwiched between Rick and Noel again, both my hands were held but the expressions on the two’s faces were super serious to the point that I was starting to seriously get worried, enough that I was letting off a bit of [Intimidation] without meaning to.

……Are they worried that I’m in danger?


Surrounding the old castle were beautiful forests and lakes, but the castle itself was full of weeds and poorly maintained, in a state of ruin.

“Now, Yurushia-sama, come this way!”

“… Got it”

Callisto who was awfully lively, led us on with a few priests in tow.

Rick walked next to me, while Noel walked several steps behind me, directing the mercenaries into formation.


It seems like everyone’s being very serious……




As I was being guided into the banquet hall of the old castle, someone called out my name.

Can I even call it a banquet hall at this point? Where previously one would hold ballroom parties, there are now various types of magic formations positioned about the room.

Slipping through the not-insignificant amount of priests and officials, a young man ran up to us with short steps and called out to us.

“Aah, my beautiful Princess, it’s been a long time.”

“……That’s true, Alfio-sama.”

He came out, the Hero {lol} Alfio-kun.

“Oooohhh, you’ve become even more beautiful in the past year. Please give this Al the honor of kissing your hand…”

Are you dangerously ill? With a face that was incomparably redder than last time and his rough breathing, Alfio tried to take my hand, but Rick and Noel interrupted him immediately.

“I am Roderick of Taterudo. Dear sir, did you forget your manners?”


As expected of the name of the grandson of Taterudo’s King, Alfio immediately withdrew with a slightly crooked face, and bowed to Rick.

“…I’m sorry. But I am neither a noble, nor a citizen of this country…”


Wow… that attitude is disgusting. He’s probably really confident in his strength. However, as one would expect of this kind of disrespect, one of the Holy Knights put a hand onto his sword, Rick stopped him with a raised hand, though.


“And your name is?”

“…I am called the Hero of Shiguresu, Alfio.”

“I see. I haven’t heard anything of you from my aunt, who is part of the Shiguresu royalty, but, nevermind that. You may return to your duties.”

“tsch. ……… well then, excuse me.”

As Alfio went back on the road he came with a black face, the rest of the hero party rejoined him with worried faces.

Among them were my elder sister-samas, and Athena was glaring daggers at me with a horrible look, but when I waved at her with a full-faced smile, she averted her gaze with a start.

What a fantastic reaction, elder sister-sama.


Regardless of what other people called him, unless he was a [Hero] that had been approved by the state, he was the same as an arrogant self-proclaimed ‘hero’ of a foreign country. I’m in the same situation, though.

As Alfio disappeared, Rick turned around and exchanged a look with Noel for an instant, then the two of them instantly went back to sandwiching me.

What was that…… that exchange just then?

Although the atmosphere had been strained just a while ago, they seem to have come to an understanding. I don’t understand the relationships of boys.

“Yurushia. I say, you shouldn’t let such a suspicious character get close to you so easily.”

“… Yeah, sorry. But isn’t it unusual to hear you say these kinds of things, Rick? You’re totally a “Prince-sama”, after all.”

“……Was that what you thought of me?”

While making an astounded face, Rick flushed a little and tapped my head softly.

Although it didn’t hurt, when I puffed up my cheeks and rubbed my head with a little indignation, Noel lightly stroked my head, only to retract his hand in panic when I turned to look at him, his cheeks flushing red.


Rick and Noel were really cute……

I’m getting worried that Bree-chan will be possessed by the [Degenerate God] again, though.



Proceeding into the banquet hall, Duke Kapell was talking to some researcher-like people.

As expected, he couldn’t ignore the amount of people coming in, and while he averted his gaze from mine when our eyes met, he couldn’t ignore Rick, and came over from the other side.

“Oh my oh my, it’s Roderick-sama. I apologise for not receiving you.”

“It doesn’t matter. Incidentally, what is this facility?”

As Rick probed him with a slightly interrogative tone, Duke Kapell grinned from ear to ear.

“Well, this is a temple for summoning the [Retainers] of Goddess Kostoru.”

“A temple……? You mean to say that you intend to summon a god?”

“That is the end goal. First, if we can summon the kin of a god to let the world know that God truly exists in this world, then Taterudo will become a true Holy Kingdom, a magnificent country with a true God.



That is, if God actually exists……… By the way, it feels like I’m being ignored, is it just me?


“Duke Kapell…?”

When I spoke, Duke Kapell’s shoulders gave a start.

…… Why is he so skittish?

“Yu-Princess Yurushia, I heard from Callisto that you could help us with your wonderful magical power…”

“You did not hear incorrectly. Incidentally, I am learning summoning magic at the magic academy, so I’d like it very much if I could see that summoning formation by all means.”

“Well… that, it’s not ready yet, so… to begin with, how about a meal first? I will have it prepared by then.”



I know that it takes time to draw up the summoning formation, so to prepare it in the time it would take for a meal, I wonder what the teachers at the academy would say?

But since Duke Kapell looks like he’s having a [Conniption Fit] right now, I guess I’ll accept it.


“Well then, I will be imposing on your kindness.”

“Really. Then…… the dining hall here isn’t very big, so how about we have just the young people alone, along with Princess Yurushia’s attendants? I will be entertaining everyone else in a separate room.

The young people…? It’s just Rick, Noel and I. Well, that and my 4 attendants. To not have Bear-san, who’s a Viscount, with us, Duke Kapell sure is bold.

Although Rick and Noel both had their suspicions about it, since we had no reason to refuse, I accepted it with a sullen face.

Sorry…… the two of you.


What is Duke Kapell plotting, that he’s in such a good mood despite his sweating?

Was he getting impatient, or was everything going according to plan………

I wonder what he’ll show me from here on in?


Author’s Notes: It’s getting serious, little by little.


App’s Notes:

It’s about to get Crunchy up in here! THREE…

Also, let us pay our respect to the Degenerate God, all hail the power of perverse thoughts!

Piroton’s Notes: Oho. Oho. We’re getting clooooser. Also, Happy Lunar New Year!! I’ve been busy doing many celebratory things, so this chapter might be a little alcohol influenced, tehepero~

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