CBGC – Chapter 22

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Chapter 22: Ugly Monster

Su Tingyun looked towards Liu Feizhou, confused. Liu Feizhou lifted his brows. “Her Master brought her here to beg for medicine today. Master da ren has explained the condition of her body. The only chance to cure it is with a ninth rank pill. The question is, where do you guys plan to get a ninth rank medicinal pill?”

The ninth rank medicinal pill was known as a divine pill. In the entire world, Luminous Moon School was perhaps the only existence that possessed ninth rank medicinal pills.

As he had already said it, there was no way he would lie now to undo what he said. After all, Liu Feizhou was also a prideful person. Even if there was that trace of guilt in his heart, he still wouldn’t admit his mistake.

Li Xinmei’s body trembled. The tautly stretched bowstring inside her brain snapped and a low sob came from deep within her throat. This blow was truly too large. Now that it has been ruthlessly dug out, Li Xinmei was no longer capable of even feigning strength.

“See? She already knew, yet she still pretended not to and only reported good news. It’s best if you two just hug and have a good long cry. Her Master had staked some hard-earned capital on her, yet this was the result. After she returns, not only will the garment she’s wearing be retaken, she’ll probably be sent away as well.” The moment Liu Feizhou’s mouth opened, bad things would be spat out. However, everything that he said was true.

Li Xinmei was someone Spiritual Master Lingwu sent over, so Ning Xuzi definitely wouldn’t expel her. Although that was the case, he would still throw her to the side, unwilling to ever look at this bearer of ill luck ever again. The greater the hope, the greater the disappointment. These efforts were wasted and caused his fellow disciple brothers to see a joke.

“And you, if you can’t grow the medicinal grass, I’ll use you to test out medicine. You pair of grandma and granddaughter best have a good talk, so as to avoid never being able to see each other again in the future.”

Liu Feizhou punctured the happiness Li Xinmei purposefully feigned and also punctured the carefree tone Su Tingyun held towards her future. After he finished speaking, he rubbed his eyes and left with an annoyed face. Left in the room was only the two of them: Li Xinmei with her face deathly pale and Su Tingyun who was so shocked she still hadn’t come back to her senses.

After being silent for quite a while, Su Tingyun finally asked, “Was what Liu Feizhou said true?”

Li Xinmei bit her lips. Her eyes were red as a rabbit’s as she nodded. Then, she threw herself into Su Tingyun’s arms. “Grannie, grannie…”

Li Xinmei didn’t wail about how pitiful she was. She only hugged Su Tingyun, then started speaking, enunciating each word clearly. “Grannie, you must grow the medicinal grass properly. No matter what, don’t become distracted because of me. In any case, I’ve already formally become a disciple. Even if I idle my days away in Wuliang Mountain, it’d still be a better life than wandering outside.”

In comparison, it was indeed Su Tingyun’s situation that seemed more difficult.

If she didn’t grow good medicinal grass, she’ll die.

“En.” Su Tingyun rubbed Li Xinmei’s head. “I’ll live well, you have to as well. As long as one lives, there’s hope. There’s nothing in the world that is absolute. Perhaps, one day, your injury can be cured.”

What the xianxia world lacked the least were miracles.

The two spoke for another while, then Li Xinmei was led away by Ning Xuzi.

Outside the room, Spiritual Master Lingwu stood with his back against the light.

Su Lijiang stood at the entrance. He had taken in the entire scene earlier and saw Wei Yun cuddled into a clump with Li Xinmei. It didn’t feel real to him.

He had interacted with Wei Yun for half a year.

He knew how violent she was. That time, for the sake of living, she didn’t harbor the slightest bit of kindness. Although that was due to the forced circumstances, after seeing so much of that side of her, it truly felt a bit inconceivable to see her like this.

He didn’t understand why Master had him bring Wei Yun here. The Supreme Elder at the Crossing Tribulation Stage actually took the initiative to bring up Wei Yun. From the start, Wei Yun didn’t have the aptitude to cultivate. The only reason her body was able to have a slight bit of improvement was due to Su Lijiang’s family heirloom – the jade ring. Although her body was strong, she suffered too much in her early years. If not for that jade ring, she truly wouldn’t have lived until seventy.

“Unable to return the favor of one’s life-saving grace, the only way was to give oneself ah…” Back then, the words Master had said while laughing had placed a heavy burden on Su Lijiang’s back. That was why he had asked at the very start: what else do you want? He even hoped that she would want everything. That way, he would be able to get rid himself of the last bit of guilt he felt due to that grace.

In reality, Su Lijiang didn’t want to interact with her at all.

She saved him. She nursed him back to health and was willing to eat grassroots in order to let him have the meat. She even said she loved him. However, she took advantage of the time he couldn’t move to force herself on him. Dignity was as precious as life. He was a man. He couldn’t do something like biting the hand that fed him, but he also couldn’t pretend nothing had happened.

He only wished that those hard-to-take events of the past would die with the wind. They were people from different worlds beneath different skies. With the disappearance of time and the passing away of old acquaintances, the gratitude and grudges would become dust. However, Master insisted she was brought here.

However, Master didn’t give any instructions after he brought her here and just went into seclusion.

Su Lijiang stood there silently for a while. When he left, that flawless face was actually a bit glum. He had finally managed to forget that past. Yet, due to her reappearance, the dust on those past memories was brushed off and they emerged clear. If he continued to be conflicted over this, it may become the internal demon of his next breakthrough.

It was rare for there to be an expression other than indifference on his handsome face. When Chu Ling, who had rushed over to wait outside the valley upon hearing the news, saw the expression on Spiritual Master Lingwu’s face, she felt her heart clutch uncomfortably.

Chu Ling liked Su Lijiang. She had fallen in love with him at first sight. It wasn’t just her, Yue Rong also liked him. Even that Chu Yu, who usually did not speak and was clearly very cold, probably also liked him.

But they were all maids. They would never be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Spiritual Master in this lifetime.

Yet a lowly old woman like that had bowed to the heaven and earth(marriage ritual) with the Spiritual Master, became his true wife, and even birthed two of his sons. The Spiritual Master was the clear and bright moon of the sky, yet that ugly woman was the mud from beneath one’s shoes. She really wanted to see Spiritual Master’s expression then decide how to deal with that old woman based on that. However, now, she felt her heart clutch in throbbing pain. Each additional day the old woman lived was a desecration of the Spiritual Master.

After Su Tingyun indulged in her sorrow a while, she started getting to work.

Just as Li Xinmei said, her current situation was a lot more tragic. If she didn’t grow the medicinal plants, she’ll die.

She split Liu Feizhou’s little medicinal field into three parts, then planted those three medicinal seeds in their respective plots. Afterwards, she spent the next few days watering, fertilizing, weeding and chatting with those little seeds in the soil. The time passed quite fast.

A month later, the medicinal grasses in the medicinal fields were all verdant and lush.

On this day, Liu Feizhou came over to check the medicinal grass’ growth. When he discovered that Su Tingyun accomplished her task pretty well, he was rather happy. However, two uninvited guests suddenly arrived and caused the smile on his face to turn rigid. A dark chill started emitting from his body.

“Aiyah, why does little Junior Brother seem so displeased? Could it be you don’t welcome Senior Sister Ning and me?”

A man and a woman had arrived. The man looked around twenty from his exterior appearance. It was just that his appearance counted as quite unique in this cultivating world. Usually, due to the fact that the cultivating world was filled with spiritual energy, most ordinary cultivators were quite good-looking. Saying that it was a place of illustrious heroes would not be false. As for this young man ah, his eyes were very large, large to the point they bulged out of his eye sockets. There were even several quail egg sized flesh swellings on his face. His appearance seemed, in short, like a toad spirit.

Could it be that this world not only had cultivators but also had spiritual beasts that could cultivate to transform into human form?

On the other hand, the female cultivator next to the toad spirit stole Su Tingyun’s breath away.

From the start, her face was already captivating to the point that people could not turn their eyes away. However, in addition to that, she had a slender, white, glowing neck, a graceful figure, and a waist slim to the point it seemed incapable of enduring a grasp. Beneath her red dress, her faintly discernible pair of long legs were practically a remarkable sight of the human world. Su Tingyun felt that if she was going to transmigrate, she should be transmigrating into this sort of woman’s body. What kind of bad luck did she run into to actually become a doughty and sturdy black-faced female Zhong KiuT/N* ah!?


Looks like this.


“Senior Brother Gu, Senior Sister Ning.” Liu Feizhou unwillingly greeted with a cold expression. “There’s only half a month left until the competition. What are you two coming here for instead of properly preparing for the competition? It couldn’t be that you’re here to try and find out some secrets?”

This was said with a very impolite tone. Liu Feizhou’s mouth was not only vicious towards outsiders, it was also merciless towards his own fellow disciples.

“The way you’re speaking… Even Master said that us disciple brothers should interact and walk around more. How come the way you speak is always so unpleasant?” Gu Hao, whose appearance was like a toad, unhappily lifted his brow. If that movement was done by a beautiful man, it would warm the heart and delight the eye. However, when he lifted his brow, it caused a layer of goosebumps to pop up over Su Tingyun’s entire body. She didn’t dare to look in that direction anymore and lowered her head to look at the tender green medicinal grass in order to cleanse her eyes.

“Ning Yan, say, isn’t that so?” Gu Hao threw the question to the extremely beautiful female cultivator called Ning Yan. Ning Yan gently said, “Junior Brother Liu is overthinking this. We recently heard that Junior Brother brought an old woman here from outside and we were just a bit curious.”

Su Tingyun was originally just looking at the medicinal grass quietly at a corner of the medicinal field, but unexpectedly, the topic turned to her.

“It’s that old person, right?” As Ning Yan’s voice drifted over, Su Tingyun was astonished to discover that she was no longer able to move. It was the mental pressure of those high ranked cultivators. Every once in a while they would just pressure you a little as if they couldn’t show their high status if they didn’t put this ability to use.

In the next instant, a cool breeze swept over and Su Tingyun’s body also relaxed along with it. She turned around and saw that toad spirit had opened his mouth to say, “Why did Junior Brother Liu bring such an ugly woman over? Could it be that this is your particular taste?”

“This…” Gu Hao didn’t even close his large open mouth before he started laughing loudly. “Little Junior Brother, this taste of yours is seriously heavy.”

Su Tingyun: “…”

This toad spirit’s mouth is seriously stinky. However, when immortals fight, ordinary people suffer a calamity. She didn’t dare to butt in now. She had already gotten a deep taste of the bitter suffering from when she blathered before. Now, she has to live as a low-key person.

Not to mention, based on the level of Liu Feizhou’s sharp tongue, there was no way he would lose to anyone verbally.

Liu Feizhou slanted a glance at Ning Yan and the corners of his mouth slightly hooked. He said nonchalantly, “When it comes to heavy taste, I can’t compare to Senior Sister Ning at all.”

Su Tingyun: “Slick!”

Inside her heart, she hit a thousand likes for sharp-tongued Master Liu~\\(≧▽≦)/~

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Yours Truly

[Chiyomira’s Corner]
T/N – Taken from Wiki, Zhong Kui is a figure of Chinese mythology who is traditionally regarded as a vanquisher of ghosts and evil beings and is often painted on household gates as a guardian spirit. Apparently, he took the imperial exams and got top honours, but his title was stripped by the emperor because of his disfigured appearance. In anger, Zhong Koi committed suicide by hurling himself against the palace gate until his head broke. Since he committed suicide, he was damned to hell. However, the Hell King saw potential in Zhong Kui and gave him the title of king of ghosts, commanding him to forever hunt, capture, maintain and order ghosts.

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