CBGC – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Old Injury

Li Xinmei didn’t care which hall Zhang Zhizi ended up going to in the end. She went with her master, Ning Xuzi, to Heaven Firmament Peak to pay a visit on Spiritual Master Lingwu. Meanwhile, she heard that the old madam she was concerned about was a grandee of Heaven Firmament Peak and was there as well. She wanted to see the old madam and convey her gratitude.

Her consciousness had been weak, but she still knew what lengths the old madam had gone for the sake of saving her back then.

“As long as we convince Spiritual Master Lingwu, asking Master Dan for medicine will become a lot easier.” Ning Xuzi was white and chubby. When he smiled, he was like a Maitreya.(a future Buddha that is predicted to come when most of the dharma has been forgotten) From the start he didn’t have a meticulous personality, so he wore a casual green shortsleeve robe which wasn’t fastened that hung loosely from his body. Due to that, his three layered belly was exposed and his stomach would even shake when he walked.

“Xiao Mei, your injury can definitely be cured. When the time comes, there’ll be no need to worry anymore about your future. Based on your aptitude and innate gifts, you can definitely be the successor to my Array Sect.” Ning Xuzi’s eyes were emitting light at this point. There was an array diagram on the outer hall wall of the Array Sect. It was something left by the Array Sect Master, E Changguang, three thousand years ago. Back then, E Changguang could create clouds with a swish of his hand and rain with a flip of his hand. His cultivation in array techniques had reached the very peak; he was able to utilize all the areas between heaven and earth to set up large arrays that defied the natural order. He was even capable of trapping a cultivator of the Crossing Tribulation Stage inside an array for an entire lifetime. He was the guiding pioneer of their Array Sect and led the way to understanding the heavenly order.

Other his exceptional ability to set up arrays, he was also known for having a pair of universe eyes that could see through array techniques. It is said that the method to cultivate universe eyes was right on the array diagram located on the wall of the Array Sect’s outer hall. Unfortunately, in all these past three thousand years, there had been no one within Array Sect that had been able to comprehend the diagram and receive its great powers of perception. It was truly a very regretful matter.

Originally, when Spiritual Master Lingwu kicked this little yatou* over, Ning Xuzi had only accepted to give Spiritual Master Lingwu face. If her aptitude was not bad, he had planned to toss her to one of his disciples to look after. If her aptitude wasn’t good, then she could just do whatever she wanted. In any case, the Array Sect Hall wouldn’t miss the few spirit stones that she would get as a monthly allowance. They’d just treat it as feeding an idler.

“yatou” = servant girl term usually used to call servant girls, usually derogatory even though it’s sometimes an endearment.

However, unexpectedly, he received an enormous pleasant surprise. This little lady felt a slight resonance with the array diagram in the outer hall and her originally pitch-black pupils were now covered with a faint layer of gold. It completely astonished the entire Array Hall. Ning Xuzi was happy to the point he grinned from ear to ear. It was a good thing he had conducted the apprenticeship ceremony with this little yatou right there and then in front of Spiritual Master Lingwu to give him face as such a ceremony could not be abolished. Otherwise, the other Elders would all try to snatch her from him. Even his own Master’s eyes had glowed. He probably itched to kidnap this precious grand-disciple and place her under his own tutelage.

It was just that Ning Xuzi discovered that there was a hidden ailment within Li Xinmei’s body. This ailment damaged the meridians throughout her body. Because her cultivation was low, it wasn’t very dangerous for her to contain spiritual energy for short periods of time. However, the damage to the meridians would limit her future growth. All of them attempted to treat it for a long time, but it was no use. Which was why they could only ask for help from Spiritual Master Lingwu once again.

The Alchemy Master, Dan Fengyan, who oversaw Heaven Jade Pavilion of Heaven Firmament Peak, would definitely be able to cure the hidden ailment in Xiao Mei’s body.

The two first paid a visit to Spiritual Master Lingwu and presented a large gift before explaining their purpose in coming. Afterwards, they headed to Heaven Jade Pavilion with Spiritual Master Lingwu.

This was Spiritual Master Lingwu’s first time entering the valley of Heaven Jade Pavilion. He had only recently come out of seclusion. As a Gold Core Stage cultivator, if it was not for the fact that he was the Supreme Elder’s disciple, the arrogant Dan Fengyang who was a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator would never have agreed to his request and come here to refine pills for him. The two sides of the valley were strangely steep. When you gaze at it from a high position outside the valley, it looked as if two sharp blades had been thrust into the air. The points were equal and only left a tiny crack which allowed people to see a trace of clouds beyond the peaks.

Then, once they entered the valley, the scene suddenly expanded to reveal a wide panorama.

There was an abundant amount of spiritual energy, vast expanses of medicinal fields and busy Spirit Herbalists. This scene caused Ning Xuzi to click his tongue in admiration. “Top notch Brown Sand Soil, and that’s Five Colored Soil over there, right? Spiritual Master has truly sweated blood in order to fulfill Master Dan’s demands.” If one wanted to keep a good Alchemy Master from leaving, one had to possess good medicinal ingredients. Even medicinal ingredients grown in different types of soil have discrepancies, so a lot of medicinal ingredients would be planted in customized soil. This was the only way to maintain an Alchemist Master’s pill formation success rate. This was also the reason why they usually disliked casually buying medicinal grass from the Chamber of Commerce.

“It was all arranged by Master.” Spiritual Master Lingwu gave a faint smile as he extended his spiritual consciousness. However, afterwards, he slightly knitted his brows.

Wei Yun should be growing medicinal grass here, why doesn’t he sense her?

He had ordered the people below to ensure that Wei Yun lived regardless of the cost and they definitely wouldn’t dare to mess around. So where did she go?

Wei Yun definitely wouldn’t die. He knew she was alive and was even living well. She had even been able to return that year under such dangerous circumstances, so she should be able to survive even now. Those savage assassins could not kill her, the difficult life could not wear her down and those endless years had not taken her life either. So this current cultivation world which eats people to the point where not even their bones were spared would still not be able to affect her.

How far would she be able to walk down this path of hers?

Su Lijiang had never loved Wei Yun before.

He didn’t in the past and it was even more unlikely in the future.

After they entered Heaven Jade Pavilion, Manger Song and the rest immediately came forward to greet them.

“Where did Wei Yun go?” Spiritual Master Lingwu asked immediately. He had used his spiritual consciousness to look around, but couldn’t find a single trace of Wei Yun in any of the medicinal fields. It was very strange.

“Replying Spiritual Master, Old Madam Wei was called over by a Master to act as an assistant.” Old Madam who was at the First Stage of Qi Condensation was acting as an assistant for an Alchemy Master. Just thinking about it felt inconceivable. However, everyone inside was talking about it, so even if he didn’t believe it, he had no choice but to.

Su Lijiang’s eyes turned cold and he reprimanded, “Why didn’t you report it?”

Formidable pressure pushed down on him and Manager Song’s forehead immediately became covered with sweat. He hurriedly explained, “I reported this matter to Lady Yuerong three days ago. I ask Spiritual Master to please inspect this matter thoroughly!”

Su Lijiang released the pressure he was exerting on Manager Song and didn’t say anything. Leading the group to the array, he knocked on a protruding area of the stone wall. After three knocks, a groove appeared on the stone wall and he placed the square-shaped, jade stone he was holding inside the groove. A loud rumbling sound issued forth as both sides of the wall moved apart to reveal an arched stone entrance.

If one enters from the side with the arrays, the place they would enter was the Alchemists’ back courtyard. However, entering through the stone door would lead them straight to the hall in the main entrance.

Before they came to pay this visit, Su Lijiang had already explained the situation to Dan Fengyan. So after they entered, they saw a middle-aged man waiting at the entrance. Although he had reached middle age, his brows were sharp and his eyes were bright and deep. He looked very scholarly and gave off a noble air. “You’ve come?”

Dan Fengyan strode up to them with large strides. His current friendliness was as different as sky and earth from his rumored usual temper. And the most important point was that the person he was looking at was not Spiritual Master Lingwu, but Ning Xuzi.

Ning Xuzi was a little overwhelmed by this favor from a superior and was just about to bow in greeting when Dan Fengyan continued, “You have the seventh rank Transcending Jade Pool, don’t you? Hurry and let me take a look!”

For a moment, Ning Xuzi couldn’t quite manage to tug out a smile. He did prepare the seventh rank medicinal ingredient, but shouldn’t you take a look at the injured person first? Is it really appropriate to take the examination fee first? However, even though he wasn’t happy with this arrangement, Ning Xuzi didn’t dare to say anything. He smiled and took out the box containing the precious medicinal plant before respectfully passing it to Dan Fengyang.

“Haha, it really is Transcending Jade Pool. Its spiritual energy is abundant and it’s even of upper grade quality. I’ll accept this gift.” After saying so, Dan Fengyang flipped his hand and the jade box disappeared from his hand. It was clear to see that he had put it away inside his storage artifact.

“This is the yatou that needs medical treatment, right?” After putting the item away, Dan Fengyang swept a glance at Li Xinmei and his lips curled. He spoke straightforwardly, “Bring her back. I can’t cure this girl.”

The smile on Ning Xuzi’s face froze. “Master Dan is joking. How could there be a hidden ailment that Master Dan can’t cure?”

Dan Fengyan gave a cold laugh. “Her aptitude is not bad and she was born with Arcane Yin Physique.” He paused and asked Li Xinmei, “When you were little, you were sick every day, right? Your body was cold like ice?”

“Arcane Yin Physique” Female bodies are supposed to only have yin energy, but when they have abnormally high innate gifts, there would be a bit of sun energy naturally in their bodies. This yang energy usually doesn’t do much, but it comes in very useful with doing mutual cultivation with a cultivator with a specific type of physique. The end part’s vague cause, #1, dif stories are dif and #2, I don’t want to search up those terms and make up names for them when they don’t seem likely to appear in this story…

Li Xinmei froze for a moment, then dumbly nodded.

“You received this injury when you were four, right?”

Without waiting for Li Xinmei’s reply, he continued, “The Arcane Yin Physique isn’t simple. Even if one’s cultivation was not high, the arcane ice energy would still be able to transcend rank and kill people above one’s cultivation level. However, it’s very hard for people with this kind of physique to live on because the chill is trapped within. The first to freeze to death would be the person themselves.”

“The first three years are the crucial years. If they survive, then they’ve made it out of death’s door. During the fourth year, the arcane energy would move through all the meridians to open them. If they make it past this crux as well, they would face no limits in their future. As long as they didn’t die young, they would at least reach the level of Nascent Soul Stage.” Then, Dan Fengyang’s words took a turn. “But it’s a shame that her dantian and meridians were injured by someone when she was four. The arcane energy got stuck and didn’t manage to completely open her meridians. Instead, it ended up freezing her meridians so much it became a wound that she wouldn’t be able to recover from. Now, it has already been seven years. There’s no one that would be able to cure it.”

“I can’t cure it. And in the whole of this cultivating world, I’m afraid that there’s no one that can.” Even if there was a way, that price wasn’t something they could afford.

“But if you can find a ninth rank Meridian Moistening Pill, there would be a trace of hope.” After Dan Fengyang said that, he shook his head again. “But due to the injury, most of the arcane energy inside her body had leaked out. This means that even if she was cured, she might not have the Arcane Yin Physique anymore. It’s truly such a pity.”

Dan Fengyang’s plain remarks seemed to have destroyed Li Xinmei’s cultivating path.

Her brain hummed loudly as her body fell into a freezer. Just earlier, she had still been planning to find Old Madam and tell her that she had a lot of potential. That in the future, she’ll definitely cultivate properly to repay her great grace. Once she got stronger, she’ll buy a lot of high quality medicinal pills for the Old Madam to eat as snack beans so that the longer she lived, the younger she would become.

Earlier, she was still dreaming of the future, unfettered. But in the blink of an eye, she no longer had a future.

Li Xinmei stood stunned. Two clear trails of tears fell from her eyes.

Credits: Translated by Chiyomira, Proofread by Sigil

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