Chapter 137’s The Great Way of the Buddha

I was suppose to mention that we left out a section (the second one) that described what the Great Way of the Buddha did in Chapter 137 but I forgot again..

OverTheRanbow: Sorry guys, I accidentally deleted the second paragraph of chapter 137. It should be updated now, and we hope you guys would read it again. It introduces what the great way of the Buddha does, so it’s quite important.

We also converted the places in Yun Che’s old continent into English.. Even though they only appeared in the Prologue and Chapter 1.. But it gives insight as to why Yun Che said that it was suitable for him to die there.
Lang Huan Mountain -> Divine Secret Mountain
Jue Yun Cliff -> Cloud’s End Cliff

Not sure if anyone noticed but we also changed all the Heavenly Profound Lists to Heavenly Profound Ranking because it sounded better.

Here’s some extra fun stuff because it was really funny when Scrya first started out and just translated the names. This is why nobody would ever translate the names of people..
3rd place: Fang Feilong – Directional Flying Dragon
2nd place: Feng Bufan – Wind Extraordinary
1st place: Fen Juechen – Burning Absolute Dirt
brother: Fen Juebi – Burning Absolute Wall
36th place: Fen Baiyi – Sealed White Clothes

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  1. miko says:

    Hahaha. He’s literally called Absolute Dirt? What kind of parents does he have?

    Does the author give trash names to trash characters?

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