Lazy Dungeon Master — Chapter 121

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Long time no see (11 days!?), but I’m trying to keep LDM up to at least once per week. In other news, got a donation for it a few days ago (queue went from 0 -> 2). Question: Should I start mentioning donator names in those chapter releases? Seeing more and more translators doing that nowadays, but I’ve been asked by quite a few people to not show their name so… not sure.
ALSO not entirely sure if I have the time to release queued chapters for a few more weeks… this semester has been killer in the time required department. Well, I’ll 100% for sure do them as soon as I’m able to!

dies from homework

Next thing I release should be for The Guild’s Cheat Receptionist some time tomorrow.


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Not to Compete and Create Dolls- NCD V2 chapter17

Kourii: Here you are another chapter as a thank you and a sorry.

Here: Chapter 17*yawn* I guess one more  chapter then see you guys in two weeks again. I’m letting you know that I’m speeding up a bit now so do expect at least two chapters a month from now on. Horray!

Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 14 Release

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Since Piroton’s been away for a long time, we were unable to consolidate to the final version of this chapter, so it isn’t absolutely perfect, translation-wise, but I’m fully confident that it reads well in English, so we’re releasing the un-consolidated 4th draft for now, and will edit it to the final version Monday. Those of you interested can even see the difference having a partner makes.

New Chapter: HERE

Not to Compete and Create Dolls- NCD V2 chapter16

Kourii:  Hello, long time no see guys. First of all, I have to apologize for the late chapter. You know I had this big exam last month so I kinda have no time at all to Translate. Secondly, thanks for the few of you who have sent me the characters table including Med, Rasanne, and berryherlinda. Well, I am using your mail names since you didn’t tell me your nicknames so do forgive this Ice(Kourii).

PS: I’ll have another chapter up as a thank you for the tables in a few hours.

Here: Chapter 16

Invincible Saint – Chapter 133 – 135

Back to the Labyrinth of Tribulations! Sometimes this author’s way of phrasing the sentences really gets on my nerves cause it makes it so hard to translate >.<!

If you have not read Invincible Saint before, follow the link below to the project page 🙂

Project Page for Invincible Saint
TseirpTranslations group page

View Chapter 133 & Chapter 134 & Chapter 135 here 😀 Enjoy!


Legend 68

Here’s Chapter 68

Here I was planning my day and I thought, 2 hours is enough to finish translating this chapter. But nooooo, 2 hours wasn’t enough, it just kept going and going and going and well enough ranting from me XD

Just a few things I would like to talk about briefly.
Firstly is about why Rei isn’t spreading the Magic Beast Art as he is the inheritor of it.
Well there’s two simple reasons.
1. No one has enough magic power
2. He needs that magic circle that’s inside the house in the forest to use the Magic Beast Art
So technically speaking, he doesn’t know anyone else that could use it and even if they could he can’t teach it to them.

Second thing I want to talk about is that although Rei is calling Elena with honourifics, Elena isn’t calling Rei with honourifics.
Just thought that that was something interesting to mention.