Adorable consort 10: Story will speed up now

Still haven’t gotten any translating group or people interested in translating this story. The irony is I found more than three sites having pirated the translations 🙁 Will finish publishing all my translated stockpile in two weeks…Enjoy! Chapter brought to you by June and Ninja. Adorable Consort Chapter 10

Adorable consort chapter 5: Who can draw?

As many of you guys may have noticed…. the main page for Adorable Consort doesn’t have a book cover. Anyone good at drawing/photoshopping an cute 10 year old consort who is engaged to a handsome brooding 20 year old prince? Yes the age gap is scary but not so much … Continue reading

Adorable consort chapter 4: I’m conflicted

I like that this story is still flying under the radar so no demands by reader to sponsor chapters and increase output… At the same time I’m a little disappointed it hasn’t gotten popular so I could get other people interested in translating it as I have my plate full … Continue reading

Adorable consort chapter 3

Why am I even awake at midnight? Oh well releasing today’s chapter then… I still can’t believe some people rated this story as 1 in novelupdates… I barely published this story and people already started to judge it as bad. Story is being slowly build… Be patient and this story … Continue reading

Adorable consort chapter 2

Whoah…. Long chapter again and so not writing Ghostly Masked Prince Xiao: Pampering and Spoiling the Little Adorable Consort in subject again. Chapter brought to you by June and Ninja. Story will slowly pick up. Also don’t know how to feel that the first chapter I translated is already pirated … Continue reading