Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Broke Again
Zhao Hai specifically allowed Ju Buda have dinner with them that night. He wanted to use this method to let Ju Buda become an example for the other slaves, in order to invigorate a new energy within them. It would let them come up with all sorts of ways to improve their current lives. Only then would the slaves be more creative.

Ju Buda was very nervous. Even though she was now a commoner, she knew that commoners too had no right to eat with nobles. However, Zhao Hai let her dine in the castle’s dining hall, which made her even more nervous.

But when Maylin served the dinner, Ju Buda was stunned. She had been a commoner before, so she had never seen what nobles ate. She just heard about how much nobles would eat per meal, what they ate first, and then what they ate after that. The first of a whole course was demanding already. The utensils they used were made of either gold or silver, so when Zhao Hai let her come dine with them, she thought she would be witnessing such a situation.

But she couldn’t believe that what she saw was Zhao Hai and the others’ dinner when Maylin served it. Normal bread, soup, vegetables and meat. Only Zhao Hai had a serving of meat, while the others didn’t have any. Such a dinner too was much better than what the slaves were having.

Zhao Hai noticed Ju’s expression as well. Ever since Ju entered the dining hall, she was standing there nervously. She didn’t dare to sit down, even though she was allowed to. Now that he saw Ju’s look, Zhao Hai smiled, “Come and sit down, Ju. I already gave you a surname. According to the rules, you are also a member of Buda family. No need to be so nervous. Sit.”

Zhao Hai shot Meg a look while he was speaking, and Meg knew what he meant immediately. She walked to Ju’s side and smiled, “Big sister Ju, please sit down. Young master is easy-going. We are also eating with him at the same table every day. The rules that other nobles have do not apply here before him, so there’s no need to worry.”

Ju knew about Meg’s identity as well. She knew that Meg and the others were Buda family’s servants. Even in other places, a person of such status would also have a high standing. At the very least, their status would be much higher than commoners like her.

But Ju knew after these days of early observation since arriving at Black Wastelands. Meg was a good person. Even though Meg always oversaw the slaves during their work, there wasn’t any beating or scolding. She just told everyone what to work on. With Meg being a girl, Ju’s nervousness was gradually calmed down.

It didn’t take long for Maylin to bring out the entire dinner. Maylin looked at Ju somewhat nervously and smiled at her kindly, “Missy, there’s no need to be nervous. You are a member of Buda family from now on, so relax. Young master is a good man. That reminds me, you said you were a commoner before, right? How did you become a slave?”

Perhaps it was Maylin’s benevolent appearance which made Ju let go of her last trace of nervousness. She finally explained how she became a slave, in a low tone.

Zhao Hai and the others didn’t make a sound as they just listened quietly. After Ju finished, Zhao Hai sighed, “The world hasn’t fallen into chaos even when there are such nobles? This is really a miracle. Alright, granny Maylin, let’s eat. Ju, you are now a servant of the family. You will receive a wage every month for having the identity of a citizen. Follow Meg tomorrow, and learn from her well.”

Zhao Hai was excited about Ju’s grass-weaving skills, but he also knew that Ju’s handicraft wasn’t a big help to them. Zhao Hai’s reason for granting Ju so many rewards this day was due more to her courage than her skills. Regardless of why she stood out, the fact that she had the courage to do so was worth Zhao Hai’s reward. With Ju’s example, he believed that other slaves would work even harder.

Ju kept on peeking at Zhao Hai and the others during dinner, but she discovered that they didn’t have any odd displays. They just ate naturally and didn’t show that they found the food hard to swallow as she expected.

After having dinner, Zhao Hai and the others arrived at the living room. He spoke to Ju after sitting down, “Ju, I will let Blockhead and Rockhead give you a bed and some sheets later. Take good care of your younger brother today. Follow Meg tomorrow morning, and do what she lets you. If there really is nothing to do, then make more grass mats for others outside the castle. The weather is still a little cold right now, so tell them to block the cold winds by putting the mats behind the windows.”

Ju replied immediately, “Yes, master.”

Zhao Hai smiled, “Ju, you’re already a servant of the family, not a slave. No need to call me master. Just do like Meg and others, and call me young master. Blockhead, Rockhead, bring bedsheets to Ju and An’s room. Ju, go back and take care of your younger brother.”

The 3 of them heeded with a sound before they turned and left. Zhao Hai sighed while Meg and Maylin were standing next to him, “Let’s hope Ju’s matter can stimulate the slaves. Our family has nothing left right now. If the slaves can make some stuff, maybe we can discover 2 talented people.”

Maylin nodded at that. She too knew about Buda family’s current difficulties. Even though they bought a lot of supplies before coming to Black Wastelands, the supplies were mostly food and clothing. If not that, then some tools. They didn’t buy things that would cost them too much space. Otherwise, each of the slaves would have a bed.

They didn’t have to stress about food right now, but they had to worry themselves about Rotten Corpse Swamp. The pressure was greater than before.

Maylin was actually confident in Meg’s capabilities, as well as her own. She believed that they could deal with common magic beasts even if they came. One shouldn’t forget that she was a level 8 mage, while Meg was a level 6 mage. Blockhead and Rockhead were level 6 fighters. None of the 4 of them were shabby.

The reason why Maylin didn’t tell Zhao Hai not to worry, was because she was clueless in her heart as well. What sort of a place was Rotten Corpse Swamp? It was one of the 5 Forbidden Areas of the continent. Even a level 9 mage wouldn’t come back intact after going in, not to mention a level 8 mage like her.

Even though they didn’t need to enter the swamp, if the attacking horde was too powerful, she couldn’t guarantee that she could repel them. That was why she didn’t assure Zhao Hai.

Just then, Zhao Hai suddenly stood up and turned to Maylin, “Granny Maylin, I’m going into the space. The magic radishes have matured, so I have to go and collect them. Are you coming?”

Maylin shook her head, “I’m not, young master. I still have to clean up in the kitchen. Let Meg go with you.”

Zhao Hai nodded and then turned to Meg, “Meg, the place you’re going to with me is currently our family’s greatest secret. Other than you, me, granny Maylin, Blockhead and Rockhead, no one else knows about it, even grandpa Greene. That’s why you must not mention this to anyone else.”

Meg didn’t know what to do when Zhao Hai was talking so seriously. She turned to Maylin, who nodded, “Meg, listen to young master.”

Meg nodded immediately, “Yes, young master. Relax. I will definitely not speak of this to anyone else.”

Zhao Hai nodded, and with a thought, the 2 of them were inside the space. Meg’s reaction inside the space was mostly the same as Maylin’s. Now, the radishes had matured while the corn sprouts were growing.

Zhao Hai explained the use of the space to Meg before collecting the radishes. Just like before, the radishes and their leaves were collected separately.

Meg looked at this amazing space and understood why her grandmother and Zhao Hai said that this was Buda family’s greatest secret. It wasn’t just a secret, but also the hope of Buda family’s re-establishment. It was no wonder the 2 of them put great importance on this place.

After collecting the radishes, Zhao hai bought another sack of radish seeds. He had stored nearly 6000 kilos of corn and 3 seasons of radishes right now, but the gold coins in his possession had gone down to 50. Although he still had other sacks of seeds, it wasn’t the time to plant those things yet, so the seeds could only remain within the storage.

After doing all of this, Zhao Hai turned to Meg and said, “This is the amazing space which I got, Meg. Everything in here listens to me, and it is also the hope of Buda family’s resurrection. You must not speak of this to anyone.”

Meg responded seriously, “Don’t worry, young master. I know the stakes. I will not tell.”

Zhao Hai nodded to Meg and said, “Let’s head out. There’s no need to pay attention to anything here for time being, and it’s getting late outside. You should rest early as well.”

With a thought, the 2 of them appeared in the living room again. Blockhead and Rockhead had returned just then, but they weren’t surprised at how Zhao Hai and Meg appeared so suddenly. The twins had been to the space before, so they knew what was going on.

Zhao Hai nodded when all of them were around, “Alright, everyone go and rest. We have to get busy with stuff tomorrow. Meg, bring Ju with you to let her learn some things tomorrow.” Meg heeded with a sound, which prompted Zhao Hai to return to his room slowly.

Zhao Hai had to think carefully about what to do next. He was down to only 50 gold coins again. He wanted to see whether he should turn the radishes into gold coins or the corn. If neither would work, then he could only plant the other 10 acres (where radishes were planted) with corn as well.

Zhao Hai thought about the space as he lay on his bed. Now that he only had 50 gold coins, if he definitely had to sell something in exchange for money, he would be more inclined to sell the radishes. Before Greene came back, there wasn’t a lot of use for them, and with the radish leaves being kept separately, he wouldn’t need to worry about having nothing to feed the blue-eyed rabbits, even when the radishes were sold.

There was a lot of corn, whose use was greater than radishes. They could not only be used as food, but animal feed as well. He seriously didn’t intend to sell the corn yields.

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