Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 266

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Chapter 266 – Shocking News: Main Camp Lost

Zhao Hai knew too little about Beastmen Prairie. He hadn’t known that, actually, the size of Beastmen Prairie wasn’t smaller than human lands. This place could truly be called an endless plain of grass.

Wales sighed as he looked northeast, “Our tribe’s main camp has been there for nearly 1000 years. That place was called the Plum Mile, but now, people have already forgotten that name. They can only remember that it is where our main camp is set, called Bull King Camp.”

Wales felt very complicated right now. To be frank, the Herculean Bull Tribe had been more powerful than it was right now. Even the powerful tiger races wouldn’t dare to offend the herculean bulls before.

Now, however, the tribe was not as it had been. Even the fighting bulls were now daring to to challenge the herculean bulls’ might. Wales was very upset because of this.

With Gasol’s recent actions, the fighting bulls had become even worse. Wales didn’t know what to say to Gasol. If he had to call him a huge idiot, sometimes there was a bright side to him. But if he had to say that he was smart, then what about what he had just done? Gasol was truly not so smart.

Zhao Hai honestly liked this prairie a lot. The beastmen who lived on the prairie wouldn’t always have their way. They were busy throughout the whole year, and their lives were far from what other people had romanticized them to be. But to Zhao Hai, all of that wasn’t a problem. He had the space, so he could go there to rest at night. He could watch the blue sky and the white clouds during the day, as well as the endless stretches of green grass. It was an amazingly good feeling.

Just then, a hawk cry came from the sky. Zhao Hai and Wales looked skyward, and saw that it was from 1 of the 5 blood hawks Zhao Hai had gifted Wales.

Wales had now learned how to check the signs of the blood hawks, since they were too important to him. Wales even wished that he could hug them in his sleep.

Wales relaxed after looking at the blood hawks a few more times. He said to Zhao Hai, “50 people. It looks like Bogue and the others have returned. I don’t know what happened to the tribe.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “It should be fine. We’ll know after they get back.”

After he said that, sounds of galloping came from a distance. They were the 50 cavalrymen that Wales had sent to retrieve information from the bull-headed races’ territory.

Bogue was the leader of that cavalry unit of 50, and also a person of ingenuity among the bull-headed races. That was why Wales had felt confident about letting him lead the charge.

When Bogue and his company came near, Wales went idle for a bit. It wasn’t to say that Bogue and the others had injuries, since they didn’t actually appear to have been attacked. What made Wales feel strange was that the expressions on Bogue and the others’ faces were like their families had died.

Wales’ heart skipped a beat after seeing the expressions. He knew that something big had happened in the tribe. Otherwise, there would be no way Bogue and the others would have such expressions.

Soon, Bogue and his company arrived 10 metres in front of Wales. He then rolled down from his mount, yes, rolled, and cried on the ground, face down, unable to say a single word. Other cavalrymen also jumped down from their mounts and cried on their knees.

Wales jumped down from his mount and walked to Bogue’s side. He kicked Bogue to flip him around and scolded, “What are you crying for? Speak. What the hell happened?”

Bogue got up after a while, and then hugged Wales’ thigh and said, “My lord, the Herculean Bull Tribe is gone. The main camp was lost. Nothing! There’s nothing left!”

Wales felt his mind being filled with tremors. It was as if it had just been smashed by a wolftooth club. However, he immediately calmed his emotions and looked at Bogue, “What really happened? Tell us!”

Just then, Mendez and Yale had also walked over, and they looked at Bogue with unpleasant expressions. They too wanted to know what had happened. Why had something like this happen in just a short time?

Bogue then cried out the information which he and the others had heard of. It was just when Gasol had gone to hunt them down, that the Fighting Bull Tribe’s chieftain suddenly led an army to attack the Herculean Bull Tribe’s main camp. Paul, who was Wales’ 2nd brother, had been on guard at the time, but he had failed to protect the camp, and was thus killed in action; while Wales’ younger brothers, 8th and 9th, were killed in the chaos. In the end, the fighting bulls captured the herculean bulls’ main camp, while the remaining herculean bulls had fled towards the deeper parts of the prairie.

By the time Bogue had finished, Wales and the others were stunned. They hadn’t expected that things would take such a turn.

Mendez suddenly asked, “That can’t be! What about the high elders in the tribe? With them, how could the main camp be assaulted by the fighting bulls?”

Bogue answered, “I heard that 1 high elder was killed, and the other was heavily injured. In the course of the fighting bulls’ attack, there seemed to be a human mage among them. It was a level 9 human mage who injured the remaining high elder.”

Wales and the others were shocked, as they hadn’t anticipated human intervention in this matter. It was far beyond their expectations.

Humans usually wouldn’t interfere in conflicts between beastmen, because once they did that, it would be like treating the beastmen as their enemies. The battle races wouldn’t let go of anyone, let alone a level 9 expert. Any level 9 human who attempted to make a mess out of the beastmen’s territories would be hunted down by level 9 beastmen for sure.

Wales frowned and asked, “Bogue, is this information truly valid? Was there really a human in the mix? What did they do?”

Bogue shook his head. This information was something he had heard, and right now, rumors were flying around. They couldn’t know if all of this was true or false.

Wales curled his brows and asked Yale, “Whether or not humans have taken part in this, what we can be sure of is that something has happened to the main camp. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such rumors going about. What should we do, teacher?”

Wales had calmed down right now. He had been very shocked when he had heard this information, but he had already known that the fighting bulls had been plotting against them from the start. He just hadn’t expected that the fighting bulls would make their move so soon.

Yale had calmed down as well. Although many things had happened to the Herculean Bull Tribe, none had been as shocking as this.

When a ruling race couldn’t keep its own main camp, then it wouldn’t have the right to be called the ruling race anymore. It could be said that the fighting bulls were now the ruling race, which, of course, still needed the approval of the other races on the prairie.

The conflicts between beastmen were realistic, and as such, they only respected the strong and the victorious. But, if this matter had humans meddling in the process, it wouldn’t fare well for the fighting bulls either.

Yale thought about it and said, “What we need to do right now is to set up camp here. We’ll leave the bull-headed races’ territory tomorrow and make our way deeper into the prairie. We’ll send someone to make contact with West Wonder King and find out what’s going on.”

Wales frowned, “It’s not likely going to work, is it? If things are really as the rumors suggest, then the presence of herculean bulls in the bull-headed races’ territory will surely attract a lot of attention. I’m afraid we won’t be able to make contact with West Wonder King.”

Yale nodded at that. Beastmen wouldn’t need to look at battle flags in order to tell different races apart. It could be said that right now, the herculean bulls were at the top of the rumor mill. If the herculean bulls made any movements on the bull-headed races’ territory, they wouldn’t be able to do anything because of all the attention.

Just then, Zhao Hai said, “I think you can leave the information-gathering to me. I have a human merchant identity, and I’ll be able to move around freely on the prairie. It’s not likely that the fighting bulls have any news about me. What do you think, big brother?”

Wales did a double take and then nodded. Indeed, only human merchants could move around freely and undiscovered on the prairie.

Although Zhao Hai and Wales were now blood-sworn brothers, and Gasol knew that someone had used undead to help Wales, the fighting bulls had no way of knowing about any of that. Because the fighting bulls had ransacked the herculean bulls’ main camp when Gasol was fighting the undead, Gasol would naturally not go back to the main camp, while the 1500 warriors loaned to him had all been turned into undead creatures, which couldn’t possibly report back to their former brethren. So right now, the fighting bulls shouldn’t know about the relationship between Zhao Hai and Wales.

Yale nodded, “That’s a good idea. Little Hai can get information while making contact with West Wonder King. He must be in trouble these days. It’s good that you had gifted the cane to little Hai. If little Hai presents the cane to West Wonder King to prove his identity, then West Wonder King will be able to trust him.”

Wales nodded, “This is also an opportunity. The Herculean bulls have been chased out of the main camp due to Gasol’s actions, but I think that a majority of their strength can still be preserved. What we need to do right now is find the escapees and regroup them. Now is the time they need a leader, and Gasol obviously cannot be their leader even if he finds them. Perhaps they might even kill him. This is our chance.”

Yale and Mendez both nodded at that. All of this had been caused by Gasol, so how could the herculean bulls not hate him? If Gasol appeared in front of them, he would surely be torn to shreds by the angry mob. If the ever-popular Wales could stand up in the tribe, he would surely be able to become the chieftain.

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