Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 259

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Chapter 259 – Move Forward, And Move Forward Again

Yale and Mendez were smiling. They felt that Wales’ blood-sworn brother was too valuable. Not only did he have so many grains, he had a lot of fighting power as well.

Wales let go of Zhao Hai and said, “You are now my blood-sworn brother. No one will be able to say anything no matter how you help me, hahahaha. Just relax and help your big brother take back the chieftain’s seat.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “I really hope that we’re not going to fight. If we fight so hard now, the ones to die will still be people of the Herculean Bull Tribe. If there are too many casualties, other races might have a chance to take over.”

The smile on Wales’ face disappeared. He nodded, “It’s because of such considerations that I had never clashed against Gasol. I didn’t expect that he would go this far. He’s too ruthless.”

Zhao Hai nodded as he felt bummed out. Gasol had gone off the deep end this time as he killed his own father. Even though Zhao Hai had heard about such things many times before, he had not expected that such a thing would happen so close to him. If he had to put his feelings into words, they would be, ‘What a ballbuster’.

Mendez patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder, “Alright, don’t think too much. If Gasol really colluded with those human merchants to harm father, then he has no right to be the chieftain.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Then let’s go prepare ourselves. I think my blood hawks are about to come back.” Right after that, 2 cries came from the sky. Zhao Hai and the others raised their heads to see that 5 blood hawks were flying back slowly. 4 of them were holding a couple of flying magic beasts, which were obviously not dead. They were struggling, but they could not get out of the blood hawks’ claws.
Wales didn’t expect that Zhao Hai’s phantasmal beasts would capture the flame birds so quickly, while Zhao Hai himself wasn’t surprised. It was 5 against 2. If the flame birds couldn’t be captured, he would surely make a stew out of the blood hawks afterwards.

Zhao Hai made a gesture, and the 5 blood hawks came down from the sky. When they did, Wales, Yale and Mendez discovered something strange.

These 5 blood hawks were 2 metres tall, each of them imposing and overwhelming. Phantasmal? More like ‘even more magical than magic beasts’.

The 2 large birds under the blood hawks’ feet weren’t as large, but they weren’t small either, more than 1 metre tall, with a wingspan of 5 meters. Their tail feathers were very long, especially the middle 3. Each was about 3 metres long, and a fiery red color. Very beautiful.

These 2 birds weren’t red, but pale blue in color. There were small feathers on their heads like crowns. Their bodies weren’t as stout as the blood hawks’, but they were linear and smooth. They would give off the feeling of an arrow that had been loosed should they fly into the sky.

The 2 flame birds were injured. A good deal of their feathers had been clawed out, and their wings had bloodstains. It was evident that the blood hawks didn’t held back. Zhao Hai ordered them to bring the flame bids back alive, but he didn’t say not to injure them.

Zhao Hai looked at the 2 birds curiously. He knew from the blood hawks that these 2 were very fast and had extremely powerful fighting ability. They weren’t fire type magic beasts, but wind-fire double type magic beasts, fast and strong. Zhao Hai would not have been able to bring them in if he hadn’t sent 5 blood hawks.

Zhao Hai asked Wales, “Big brother, are these the birds?”

Wales knew what Zhao Hai meant, but he was still captivated by the 5 awesome blood hawks. How did they resemble phantasmal beasts? If phantasmal beasts were all this powerful, then magic beasts should’ve already retired from the stage.

Wales lowered his head and glanced at the flame birds. They were indeed the 2 birds that had been raised by Gasol. Gasol showered these flame birds with tender loving care. He would feed them by himself every day while forbidding others from doing so. If anyone were to touch them, he would be enraged immediately. However, he would sometimes let the 2 birds show off in front of others, which made others gnash their teeth in anger.

Now, these 2 birds were on the ground like diseased little birds. Wales felt like he wanted to burst into laughter. These birds, which were said to be Gasol’s most prominent assistants in accomplishing merits, had now been crippled by Zhao Hai without hassle. He was happier than anyone else.

Wales nodded, “Indeed. These are the 2. Well done, fella. You actually got them back alive. I have to ask, you’re not seriously going to roast one, are you?”

Zhao Hai and Mendez laughed out loud at that. Zhao Hai replied, “How could I bear it? Maybe later. When I raise some more, we will roast 10 of them. Eat 5, toss 5. Hahahaha.”

Everyone laughed before Zhao Hai ‘took in’ the flame birds. He then said, “Big brother, I’m giving you these 5 blood hawks. From now on, they will be your aerial recon.”

Wales was taken aback. He admired the blood hawks greatly, but he didn’t want them. In his view, these capable blood hawks would be of greater help to Zhao Hai. Wales refused, “Please don’t, brother. Keep them yourself. They’re more useful to you.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “Don’t worry, big brother. I can raise some more, and my phantasmal beasts are different from the others. My phantasmal beasts can be like magic beasts and hunt on their own. You can also feed them some mutton or beef, just like feeding magic beasts. No need to worry about them a lot.”

Wales did a double take, “My brother, are these magic beasts or what? How can they be fed this way? No wonder they’ve grown so strong.” Zhao Hai laughed at that statement. Sometimes, beastmen were weird. When they saw a person, they would first see if a person looked strong. The stronger they were in appearance, the more the beastmen thought them to be capable. The same was applied to magic beasts.

Zhao Hai spoke to the 5 blood hawks, “Go and meet your master. That is my big brother. Listen to him.” The blood hawks nodded and then walked behind Wales step by step. Wales was shocked by such a display.

Wales looked at the blood hawks behind him, and murmured, “Are all phantasmal beasts this smart?” Mendez and Yale were speechless as well. If they had to be honest, they had never seen anyone using phantasmal beasts.

Zhao Hai giggled, “Don’t sweat the small stuff, big brother. Go and make preparations. Those people are coming. What are you going to do? Fight against them head-on?”

Wales regained his composure from Zhao Hai’s words. He said, “You’re right, brother. I intend to go head-to-head with them. Beastmen are different from humans, brother. They despise cowards. If I don’t face Gasol today, I will lose the right to contend with him in the future.”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Very well then. If he wants to fight, then we give him a fight. I will now call out all of my undead creatures to bolster your troops. It would be best not to start a major battle, however. Otherwise, the losses to the Herculean Bull Tribe will be too great.”

Wales knew what Zhao Hai meant. Zhao Hai intended to use this method to deter Gasol to stop the latter’s rash movements. Otherwise, they would not show mercy.

Wales didn’t want to fight either. If they fought, it would be the strength of the Herculean Bull Tribe which would suffer. It was the outcome Wales disliked the most.

Wales nodded, “You are right, my brother. Unleash your undead army, and let my brother witness it.”

Zhao Hai laughed as he waved his hand. A giant horde of undead creatures appeared from the space. However, Zhao Hai didn’t let all of his undead out. He just released the jackals, Zhao Zui’s group, Garan and the mercenaries, plus Carlo and his subordinates, Orloga and the others. And then there were the beasts captured from the Black Wastelands. This had already exceeded 4000 in number. Zhao Hai didn’t mobilize the ones from the Church Of Light who attacked them.

But such a deployment was already frightening enough. The middle was a horde of undead beasts, the left and right flanks were composed of undead jackal light cavalry, and the reserve was human undead.

In order to avoid causing misunderstandings, Zhao Hai let them appear as skeletons instead of zombies. The sight of a horde of skeletons suddenly appearing from the ground was still very terrifying.

Wales was happier than he expected when he witnessed this skeleton army. With his blood-sworn brother having such strength, he firmly believed that he had nothing to fear should he clash against Gasol.

Wales patted Zhao Hai’s shoulder and said nothing. Zhao Hai understood that Wales had kept this gratitude in his heart. Wales could not express his gratitude for such a help with words.

Wales had nothing to say as Zhao Hai had prepared himself. He called out all of his escorts, and 400 herculean bull warriors stood in front of Wales, watching him fixedly. Wales was their prince, and they were awaiting his orders.

They could guess who their enemies were this time, but they had no regrets. For the beastmen, having regrets meant betrayal. They would only obey their orders, take up their weapons, follow their leaders, move forward, and move forward again!

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