Bringing A Farm To Mess Around In Another World – Chapter 245

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Chapter 245 – Liar With A Complicated Identity

Wales knew about this point as well. Beastmen had been deceived by humans for too many times. So many, it was no longer something they could count on their own. That was why they harbored intense caution towards humans, and also why very few human merchants could get friendship flags.

Beastmen would never give friendship flags to people they wouldn’t trust, since they believed that it would be the greatest desecration to the flags themselves. In fact, other than Zhao Hai, there were no other human merchants who had ever gotten a friendship flag from the beastmen for so many years. Not even ones from smaller tribes like the Goat Head Hammer Tribe.

It could be said that the friendship flag on Zhao Hai’s wagon left Wales with a great impression towards Zhao Hai. It was also because of the flag that Wales wanted to cooperate with him.

Wales exhaled and said, “I seriously hope that Zhao Hai is a good merchant. If he has a large amount of grains and is willing to sell them to us, then I will gladly give him our friendship flag.”

Yale knew what Wales meant. What the beastmen lacked was grains. If he could really solve Herculean Bull Tribe’s grain issues through Zhao Hai, then he would get closer to the chieftain position.

Yale also hoped that it would be so, but he was also on high alert regarding Zhao Hai. With a long time in a large tribe and fighting against Gasol in secret for a period of time, Yale’s heart was still very dark.

A moment of silence in the tent took hold before Yale spoke, “Let’s go out and take a look. I am more and more curious about Zhao Hai right now. If he’s really a liar, then he must have a complicated identity. A liar with a spatial equipment? Hehe. I think he isn’t be an ordinary person, is he?”

Wales also started to laugh. Indeed, if a liar had a spatial equipment, then he must had been an incredible liar.

After looking at the time, Wales laughed, “Let’s go out, teacher. I promised Zhao Hai to give him a good toast.”

Yale chuckled as both of them walked out of the tent. Bonfires were made outside the tent and argali had been put to roast.

The beastmen were like this. To them, serving you a roasted goat would be the greatest treatment. Although Wales was out for a trial, no matter where beastmen were, they would bring a herd of goats with them. Roaming while grazing the goats was the beastmen’s life.

Actually, the argali were also their food, which was why they would bring them anywhere. The tribe wasn’t going to be able to keep the goats. Even if they could defeat the Jackal Tribe’s assault, the goats would’ve been robbed away.

But they were lucky today. They came across Zhao Hai who exterminated the Jackal Tribe’s people with no escapees, so these goats had been kept. Wales would naturally not be stingy over a few of them.

Although the ones who followed Wales were warriors, they were among the highest elite. They often served as escorts for the ranked personnel of Herculean Bull Tribe. The things they knew wouldn’t be less than normal beastmen, and what they could do were better than others. It was because when you are next to the higher ups, you must learn how to serve them.

The goats had been roasted above the bonfires. What was special about the occasion was that some tables had been placed next to the bonfires, which wasn’t a common sight. Next to every table were milk wines, and on each of the tables were 2 plates and a wine cup. The notable thing was that no matter the plates, the wine cup, or the wine pots, all of them were made of silver.

All of this displayed the extraordinary nature of the owner’s status. A common small sized tribe would never have such things. Beastmen were nomadic. If they put these things in their wagons, they would’ve needed several more wagons, which would greatly inconvenience them when moving about.

But some great races, in order to display their identities, would ready such things. Wales was a powerful contender for the chieftain of Herculean Bull Tribe, so it was a given that his identity was extraordinary. Bringing these things was not something to be wondered.

After many years of development, many of the younger generation of the higher ups were still maintaining the tradition of taking the trial of roaming, but with the protection of escorts and some of the smaller tribes’ respect, the core of their trials had changed completely. Now it was not much different from travelling.

Once Wales saw that it was about to be ready, he looked at Yale and said, “Teacher, you wait here. I’ll go and invite Zhao Hai.”

Yale didn’t object to that. In their view, putting the question of whether or not Zhao Hai was a liar aside, Zhao Hai was a mage with supreme strength, which alone could let him gain respect accordingly. Wales inviting Zhao Hai on his own was enough to explain the respect he had towards Zhao Hai.

Wales walked towards Zhao Hai’s camp with 2 guards behind him. These 2 guards didn’t bring weapons, as to the beastmen, bringing weapons to meet one’s friend was a very impolite behaviour.

There was a distance between Zhao Hai’s camp and Wales’, but Wales didn’t ride his own mount. Instead, he walked to outside of Zhao Hai’s campsite.

Zhao Hai used his wagons to form a circle outside of his campsite because of the battle earlier. Inside the formation, undead creatures were standing there like statues.

At first Wales assumed that those undead creatures were ordinary wagon drivers, but when he walked to the front of them, he realized he was mistaken. Those weren’t people at all. No matter how excellent a fighter would be, there would be no way one could stand for such a long time without blinking. There was no breathing, even.

Wales wouldn’t feel uneasy when facing human fighters, but when facing the undead, Wales still felt insecure. After all, he had never seen humanoid undead for more than a few times.

Just when Wales was deciding whether to shout out to Zhao Hai or speak to the animated corpses, Zhao Hai had already walked out of his tent with Laura and others.

Zhao Hai already knew from the undead creatures that Wales had arrived, so of course he wouldn’t be too keeping of his appearance. The other party was a prince, after all. Keeping up the appearance too much would make it look like was trying too hard.

Once Zhao Hai was out, he laughed to Wales and said, “Brother Wales, have you been waiting for me with the goats roasted? Hahaha, I’m starving!”

Wales obviously liked how Zhao Hai was speaking like a beastman. He also laughed and said, “Brother Zhao Hai, the goats have been roasted and the milk wine has been poured, waiting for us to drink.”

Zhao Hai laughed his way with Wales as they walked into the latter’s camp. Once Zhao Hai saw the placements, he was stunned. He didn’t expect that Wales would be so prepared when going outside. If it weren’t for the numerous large wagons around, he would’ve thought that Wales had spatial equipment as well.

Yale was sitting at a table while waiting for Zhao Hai and others. Next to the bonfires were many small tables, and each table could only accommodate 1 person. Notably, the tables weren’t large and small rugs were put next to the tables. A person had to sit on a rug directly.

Once Yale saw that Zhao Hai and others had come, Yale stood up to greet them. Zhao Hai and others immediately bowed down to Yale. After all, the prophets’ status on Beastmen Prairie was too special. They couldn’t afford to have the slightest inadvertence.

There was a saying on Beastmen Prairie which went, ‘Offending a prophet means offending all of the beastmen’. Of course, it was only good for the humans. For beastmen, it wasn’t too effective. Yet even a chieftain of great tribe wouldn’t easily offend a prophet.

After the formalities, all of them sat down, and someone else brought Zhao Hai and others some roasted mutton. According to the beastmen’s usual acts, they must first eat a mouthful of mutton before drinking wine. This showed their importance towards food.

After eating a mouthful of roasted mutton, Wales raised his silver cup and extended it towards Zhao Hai. The two of them weren’t far apart, but with the distance between the tables, the two of them were about 2 metres apart.

Wales spoke with his cup raised, “Brother Zhao Hai, thank you for assisting me. Please have this toast representing my gratitude.”

Zhao Hai smiled and raised his cup as well, “You’re too kind, brother Wales. We are friends. There doesn’t need to be too much of a gratitude when friends help each other.”

Wales nodded to Zhao Hai in appreciated and shook the wine up saying, “Please!” Zhao Hai also did the same, and both of them drank the wine from their cups in a single shot.

After a cup of wine, Wales started talking with Zhao Hai about casual topics. The two of them talked as they were eating the mutton and drinking milk wine. But Zhao Hai felt that he wasn’t eating very happily today compared to at Spiel’s. It wasn’t because of the good, but the atmosphere. They could eat and drink happily Spiel’s because there wasn’t any scheming, but in here, Zhao Hai felt that Wales and Yale were observing him. This made him feel very uncomfortable.

By the time the 3rd cup of wine was drunk, Wales asked Zhao Hai, “Brother Zhao Hai, do you really have a lot of grains to sell?”

Zhao Hai nodded, “Yes. Plenty. I want to exchange for some special magic beasts, even argali. Of course, some goat hair products are fine as well.”

Wales replied to Zhao Hai, “Brother Zhao Hai, it’s not that I don’t trust you, it’s just that to us beastmen, grains are too important. I really want to know how many grains you have, and then decide on how to cooperate with you. Also, I want to know about the quality of your grains.”

Zhao Hai laughed, “It’s nothing. I can tell you that right now, I have 100 million kilos of bamboo rice, and there will be even more in the future. As for the quality? Let’s see. You can let your escorts go and get some grains from my grain wagon. Any bag of them will do. You can take some extra and then bring them here. You can take a closer look after that.”

When Zhao Hai mentioned that he had 100 million kilos of grains, Wales breathed in a mouthful of cold air. This was the largest amount he had ever heard of. If he could really get the grains, then Herculean Bull Tribe wouldn’t need to worry about food problems for a very long time.

What sort of concept was 100 million kilos of grains? It was the amount enough for use by a large tribe of 10 million people for 3 days. Of course, this was because of the fact that beastmen could eat more than humans. If it were on humans, this figure would multiply for many times.

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