Boundary Labyrinth – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50 – Irmhild’s Release

“So, because of that, I will sell that for half the price.”

“Thank you very much. However, is that okay?”

Heather asked me with a surprised expression.

“The Guild also has various ways to use Guardian class Monsters, right?”

“…That’s right. That is very kind of you.”

The giant body of the Sword Boar was laid across the floor of the Guild’s lobby.
However, only half of it was there. It had been cleanly split into two pieces, so it wasn’t really necessary to discuss what price I should sell it for.
This wasn’t just limited to the Sword Boar. Even if it was just a piece of one, Guardians could be sold for a fairly high price, since no part of their body was useless.

In regards to stripping the Sword Boar of its materials, the first thing that could be removed was its fur. Even though it was from a dead body, the durability of its fur was excellent. The fur was light and firm, while possessing the defensive power of an average suit of armor. There was no need to comment on its usefulness.
As for the ways of using this fur, one had to consider how to handle it.
Regarding the other parts of its body, its meat was edible, and it was possible to produce fairly large items by extracting its Magic Stone, so its body was very valuable.
Even its fangs could probably be cut into spear tips.

“Amazing. It’s my first time seeing the dead body of a Guardian.”

“What’s up…with that fur?”

There was a large group of people surrounding the half-body of the Sword Boar in the Guild’s lobby.
While the Guild employees were assessing the body, spectating Adventurers stood nearby, chattering with excitement.

“Who defeated that thing?”

After someone asked that question, they huddled together and whispered in low voices.

“Look, it’s that…”

“Aah, the Demon Killer?”

“It’s obvious that he would be there.”
(TN: There as in the boss area)

“After defeating a Demon, that child defeated a Guardian? It wasn’t killed by one of his companions?”

Hmm. It wasn’t me who defeated it, but Grace.

“Aren’t those companions similar to him? It looks like they were brought along to subjugate the Guardian.”

“Ah, those girls, huh?”

“They’re with the Demon Killer, so it’s appropriate for them, right?”

Those guys looked at Grace’s group and were shocked. Well…I understood how they felt. As the matter of Grace’s strength spread, I thought that it would be easy for her to avoid trouble and that she would want to be welcomed by everyone. However, I felt uncomfortable having them spread rumors like that.

According to Heather, the Adventurers who were transferred earlier were receiving treatment inside the Guild’s medical room. The employees had to finish calculating the value of the loot before I could go home, and my Circulation Refinement and Ashley’s Healing Magic could be useful to them, so I decided to pay them a visit.


As I walked towards the medical room, I could hear clear singing, and the sound of a harp.
As I listened to it, the song became mysterious, calming my heart and making my fatigue vanish.
As expected, it was coming from the medical room. Perhaps it was one of the people who were with Irmhild when we met her before. The door opened after I knocked, and the Monster girls stopped their performance to look towards me. It seemed that Dominique the Harpy and the Eustia the Siren were singing, while Irmhild was playing the harp.

The Adventurers were lying on top of beds. I felt that they looked a lot better than when we saw them in the Labyrinth.
Ashley was wrapping up any healing that required Magic.
The three people who were gathered and singing the lullabies had to be part of Irmhild’s group. I thought that their band, which consisted of a Lamia, Harpy, and a Siren, was a wonderful lineup.

Those three belonged to races that had the specialty of being able to infuse Mana into their songs and performances. In this case, the effect of their song was to make others feel calmer, relieve pain, and strengthen regeneration.
The Guild might have prepared the harp in order to ask for their help. If that was the case, my guess was probably correct. At the very least, there weren’t any Adventurers who would complain about the members of a healing group at the Guild.


Sheila ran up to Irmhild and took her hand. Irmhild stared at her with wide eyes, looking surprised.

“Sheila and Theodore-san’s group too. I heard that you guys fought with a Guardian. Did you guys get injured?”

“No, it’s not like that. We were the ones who brought them here, and we thought that we should come take a look at their conditions.”

“Aah, so it’s like that.”

Irmhild sighed with relief before beaming with joy.

“You let us listen to something quite nice.”

“Ara, thank you. I’m different from the other two, as this isn’t within my field of expertise, so it’s a bit embarrassing for me. For us Lamias, this ability is like an extra benefit.”

Was that so? Rather than wanting to criticize her, I thought that her performance could bring in plenty of money. For example, if I were to talk about the quality of her performance, I thought that she was quite skilled, and technique wasn’t always proportional to a song’s effect. Amateurs still wouldn’t know the fine details of Cursed Songs.

“Earlier, we were talking about whether or not we should work at the Guild.”

“Yeah. We don’t have any place to go back to, and we won’t be treated roughly here.”

Eustia nodded at Dominique’s words.
Lynette’s goal was to sell these girls, and I didn’t mean that they were expecting these girls to sing and perform…not to mention, Cursed Songs had high utility. Due to the fact that the mind affects the body, they were known to be unique, troublesome Skills with a wide range of possible effects when confronting enemies.
Even if non-magical Healing was simple and one excelled at it, if Healing Magic was used at the same time, one could expect a synergistic effect. As for Players, there were Minstrels…but in BFO, it was a minor job.

Hmm. If these girls were stationed at the Guild as a Healing Unit, they would be able to establish their position in society and lower the death rate of Adventurers. It was seemingly one good thing after another. As for Irmhild, I felt that she supported the two one-sidedly and was simply nodding in agreement.

“Theodore-san, we’ve finished our assessment.”

Heather finally came over and told me.

“Understood. I’ll go over there.”

“Before that, Heather, could you come here…for a bit?”

Sheila called for Heather.

“What is it?”

“Is Irmhild still not allowed to return home?”

“About that, it’s better for them to stay here for a while, you know. The authorities are on edge right now, and they’ll be safer here at the Guild.”

“Hmm…I understand that, but…”

“Sheila, I’m fine here. Having everyone say that they’re getting better is making me happy.”


Sheila’s ears drooped. She seemed to have gotten depressed.
Even if we were only talking about the Knights, Irmhild’s position was still delicate. From the way Heather spoke, I could guess that the authorities were more nervous than necessary, thanks to the aftermath of the Demon incident.

In regards to the Guild’s position, their actions were closer to protecting Irmhild, rather than hiding her identity.
I was considering going to the sea and playing with everyone if she were released…but it seemed that there were still many things I had to overcome.

“What about everyone else?”

“They’re children who belong to an orphanage…in the Western District.”

…I see. There certainly was such a…facility.

“Umm, if there is anyone who can guarantee your identity, I think it would be fine for you to leave? If you’re fine with letting me help you, let’s cooperate.”

Ashley said, after intently watching the situation develop to this point.
She was speaking from the viewpoint of a Lord and a Noble, huh? For her, this probably wasn’t something she could overlook.

“I’ll also help out.”

“…Is that fine?”

I nodded. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Grace smile happily in understanding.
Grace’s future and Ashley’s path. Even if I tried to compare them from my point of view, they shouldn’t be contradicting. I had also recognized Sheila as a party member, so I should be willing to cooperate with these girls.
After listening to me, Sheila looked at Heather with expectant eyes.
Heather gave a helpless smile and answered:

“Lady Ashley and Theodore-san, is it? If it’s you two, then I think it would be fine.”

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