Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 96

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Baili Hongzhuang was too lazy to dispute Dibei Chen’s nonsense. Right now, that guy couldn’t even distinguish between what was true and what was false. She clinked her glass to his, “Happy cooperation!”

Dibei Chen’s smile brightened and he raised his cup, draining the wine in one shot. “With a beauty accompanying me, this wine becomes much more rich.”

“Baili Zhentao already left?” Baili Hongzhuang asked calmly, her voice unhurried.

“You left him no face in front of everybody, how could he continue to stay here?” Dibei Chen asked back, “He made an excuse saying he didn’t feel well and left. Tsk tsk, now I’m afraid he completely hates me.”

Saying this, Dibei Chen looked at Baili Hongzhuang innocently, his eyes clear and bright.

“Wifey, you must comfort my wounded heart.”

Baili Hongzhuang chuckled quietly, “You were the one who provoked him first.”

Even she didn’t expect for Dibei Chen to go so far to skip the wedding bow, not giving Baili Zhentao the slightest bit of face before using words to force him into an awkward situation.

“Wifey, you can’t say things like that. I did it for you.”

Listening, Baili Hongzhuang shrugged. But inside, her heart was touched.

Dibei Chen did this accounting for her emotions. No matter what, doing so in front of the Emperor, it was a very heavy risk for him.

He knew this, but he still chose to do such a thing. That was enough to explain everything.

After a long time, Baili Hongzhuang quietly spoke, “Thank you.”

She was very clear that even if the Emperor was personally attending, there was no way she could bring herself to bow to Baili Zhentao. With that, the situation would’ve become even more difficult to end.

His deep, ocean like pupils flashed with a ray of light as a dubious smile suddenly bloomed on Dibei Chen’s face.

“Wifey, now you’re my princess. Why speak so formally?”

“This long awaited spring night is bitterly short, and talking will only waste time. Won’t it be better to do something more meaningful?”

By the time he finished, Dibei Chen’s tone was extremely ambiguous.

Baili Hongzhuang’s face reddened. On a wedding night, she naturally understood what husband and wife were suppose to do.

“Yes, the night is deep, it’s time to sleep.” Baili Hongzhuang nodded slightly.

Dibei Chen’s eyes flashed. He was looking forward to Baili Hongzhuang, but instead, she just went and prepared to sleep on the bed.

“Wifey’s words are right, the night is good, truly good for sleeping.”

Deliberately saying the word ‘good’ twice, Dibei Chen’s mouth was blooming with flowers.

But the next moment, Baili Hongzhuang threw two blankets at Dibei Chen, the smile on her mouth elegant and charming.

“Since you’re having a hard time, sleep on the ground and have a good rest.”

Finishing her words, she directly turned and laid on the bed, using her actions to prove her point.

Watching Baili Hongzhuang, a helpless smile appeared on Dibei Chen’s face as he looked at the two blankets in his hands. But even so, a spoiling, loving light appeared in his eyes.

Seeing how Dibei Chen didn’t do anything but lie on the ground and sleep, Baili Hongzhuang couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Even with having lived 2 lifetimes, she still had no experience.

Lying on the soft bed, it took a long time for Baili Hongzhuang to fall asleep.

Maybe it was because she’d had never slept on such a soft bed in Elegant Daylily Pavilion, it took her a while to adjust.

Or maybe, it was because there was never a man breathing in the room as she slept.

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