Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

However, the expected loud thump never came, instead came a loud cry for help.

“Ah, big brother, help me!”

The voice trembled, full of panic and fear. It was the voice of the Second Prince, Xuanyuan Jing!

Everybody looked at the top of the restaurant. Their hearts all held a certain doubt as they stared.

At the moment, Xuanyuan Jing was hanging off of the broken railing, caught in between the second floor and the third floor. Too scared to move, he could only scream for help.


It was unknown who laughed first, but everybody couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

As the second prince hung from the railing, parts of his clothing had been torn, revealing his snow-white ass, arousing ridicule among the crowd.

“The Second Prince’s ass is so white, ah!”

Amongst the crowd, somebody spoke quietly, bringing around another bout of laughter.

“Haha, today we can see the ass of the royal family, it’s nothing different!”

Xuanyuan Jing was always arrogant and despotic. Things like him bullying citizens in the streets were very a common occurance, so when they got to see the rare scene of him getting humiliated, the citizens all felt a burst of happiness!

Hearing this, Xuanyuan Jing felt his ass turn cold as he hurriedly tried to cover his behind with his hands.

But when he tried to let go of the railing and cover himself, his whole body slid down little by little. So he no longer tried to cover himself, and could only scream at Xuanyuan Huan for help.

Xuanyuan Huan’s face was also very ugly. He originally wanted to insult Dibei Chen some more, but he’d never thought that his yonger brother would actually be so foolish and lose him some face! With no other option, Xuanyuan Huan impatiently helped Xuanyuan Jing back up.

Now, the crowd turned to look at Dibei Chen, and suddenly, their expression all turned weird.

This is because when Dibei Chen fell to the ground, who knows when, 2 round, fluffy balls got rolled under him!

The two fluff balls had easily stopped Dibei Chen’s fall, leaving him unharmed.

Because of this everybody here had suddenly gained a great understanding of the idiom, to try and steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice that was used to lure it.

“What the hell?” Xuanyuan Huan spat, his voice angry, “Whose balls are these?”

His voice had just sounded when a white figure stepped out of the crowd. Her clear beautiful face rippled with a faint, indifferent smile.

“My apologies, I had just bought 2 soft cushions, but I couldn’t catch the packaging balls as they rolled down. I hope that Sir doesn’t take offense.”

Under the blazing sun, her solitary white figure was dyed with a touch of gold. Her elegant face was like a teal lily, fresh and moving.

The woman was wearing a long white dress, highlighting her thin figure as her hair flowed freely like a waterfall. A few strands of hair curled by her cheeks, giving off a sense of indifference and laziness.

Slender, willow like eyebrows, gentle and moving. A pair of phoenix eyes as clear and brilliant as colored glass. Her lips were the color of cinnabar, complementing her smooth, white skin, making people sigh deeply reminded of a peerless talent and unmatched beauty!

Xuanyuan Huan stared at her slightly familiar face, puzzled. “How could this woman look like Baili Huangzhuang so much?”

“What’s your name?” Xuanyuan Huan asked.


The similar name only gave Xuanyuan Huan more doubts, but after looking closely, all the doubts in his heart were swept away.

Although this woman Huangzhuang and Baili Huangzhuang shared some resemblance, whether it was temperament or other things, they were all far too different to be comparable to Baili Huangzhuang.

A glint of greed appeared in Xuanyuan Huan’s eyes. The woman in front of him was simply even more beautiful than the acclaimed number one beauty in the Imperial City, Baili Yuyan!

If he can get her, then who knows how many people would envy him!

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