Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Seeing the two fluffballs stare at her so intently, Baili Huangzhuang frowned prettily.

“You two boys both look like exotic flowers. If you guys come with me, everybody would stare at you, ah. If by chance, someone got interested in you two and wanted to steal you away, then I’d be almost completely powerless to stop them.” Baili Huangzhuang rubbed her chin thoughtfully.

“If it’s that, then we have a way!” The black fluffball jumped at the chance to speak.

Just as he said that, Baili Huangzhuang was amazed to see the two black and white fluffballs shrink into the sizes of 2 beads. They jumped onto her head, impossible to find.

Baili Huangzhuang’s mouth turned into the shape of an “O”. She never knew that the two boys had such a skill.

In a way, it really makes things so much more convenient!

“Then you two can come with me outside as long as you don’t cause chaos. Also, only speak with spiritual messages, definitely not aloud.” Baili Huangzhuang said urgently.

If by any chance, somebody heard the two on her head speaking, then she’d be considered a monster, ah!


The black fluffball and the white fluffball nodded their heads immediately. They’d do anything to go outside and play!

Hearing the two boys settle down, Baili Huangzhuang smiled pleasantly. With those two around, it seems like it’ll be lively today.

The Imperial City. The horde of citizens were nearly 10 Li long as they flocked the streets, both sides filled with stalls. They sold all kinds of stuff, voices reverberating throughout the street.

Walking in the busy streets, Baili Huangzhuang couldn’t help but almost imagine her life before she became the General Household’s young miss.

It’s just that, the two constantly cheering boys on her head clearly reminded her that she was no longer the Baili Huangzhuang of 1000 years ago.

“Say, how about I give you two a name?”

Baili Huangzhuang’s eyes twinkled with light. The two boys are always together, so it’d get really confusing without a name later on.

The two fluffballs glanced at each other before looking eagerly at Baili Huangzhuang. It was true that they didn’t have names yet.

“Black fluffball will be called Little White!” Her smile was filled with satisfaction, “White fluffball’s name is Little Black!

The original eager look in the two’s eyes instantly diffused into contempt, “So stupid!”

“I am white, so why do you want to call be Little Black, ah!?” The white little guy protested.

Baili Huangzhuang raised her brow, “In order to be fair!”

“You see, black fluff ball probably wanted to be white, and deep down, your heart also probably wanted to be black! So I made such a name, it was perfect!”

A breathtakingly beautiful smile bloomed on Baili Huangzhuang face. She’s such a fair and just master, ah!

“No!” The black fluffball joined in the protest, “I don’t wanna be called Little White!”

“Protesting is invalid!”

A smile still sat on Baili Huangzhuang’s lips as she easily ignored the two boys complaints. She really admired her own ingenuity, the names she chose were really too great, ah!

Baili Huangzhuang walked without a care in the world when a burst of noise came from in front of her, attracting her attention.

“Quickly, look! Prince Chen is being bullied!”

“Ah, this Prince Chen really has bad luck. He had such handsome looks but was born with both legs crippled. Now he can even be so easily bullied by the Crown Prince.”

“Prince Chen has never been loved by the Emperor, that is a well-known fact. Who let his fate be so bad, to be the Emperor’s illegitimate child?”

The tones that all carried a slight sense of regret rang out 3 times, easily travelling into Baili Huangzhuang’s ears.

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  1. June-June says:

    Week, I know I’ve been asking this a lot about the MC but, did she get cured somewhere along the past few chapters and could finally see? I am very confused and will appreciate an answer. Thank you for the trouble and also…

    Thanks for the chapter.

    • Kittykiki says:

      Sorry, I never got the chance to reply to you. I never read forward with the raws myself (otherwise it kills my motivation to translate) but since the raws said that she pretended to be blind back in chapter 2 or 3, I’d assume that she’s alraedy cured herself, being a genius doctor and all from her earlier life

    • LizTheRobot says:

      It’s mentioned she was cured when she reincarnated into the previously blind body. She doesn’t even know why she’s suddenly able to see considering the original body owner’s memories.

    • nadywing says:

      Aparently during the transmigration she ws cured as well as having her dantian restored so she can now cultivate…it is just…that they didn`t explained us if she didn`t encounter anyone on her way out of her family state…

    • wirlwind494 says:

      Everything was fixed already when she woke up in the body – she just pretended to be blind.

  2. potato999 says:

    Yay! Found her “bewitching prince!” Oh and I think that as soon as the mc transmigrated her sight was healed. Remember how she was suppose to be a trash with a broken dantian but after she transmigrated her dantian was restored? I think her sight was also restored. Although, this is just my personal opinion.
    Thanks for the chapter.

    • ZI says:

      Most likely- the ring healed her body, eyesight, dantian unluded. So yeah that sounds about right!

    • ZI says:

      :} That sounds about right, the ring seems to have healed her so, eyesight and dantian should come with the package!

    • Lyla says:

      what does this ´broken dantian´ actually mean? i would think that she couldn´t have children. but then she wouldn´t have been the crown prince´s fiancee, right?!

      • Kiki says:

        dantian is kinda like a mythical organ 2 points below the navel where qi resides. I think i have a better description somewhere in the future chapters.

  3. Anastrisha says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    I guess we’ll be having a great show the next chapter ^^

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    Thank you for the chapter!! Time to meet the ML ^.^

  5. LynAudene says:

    I face palm with her naming sense.😂

    • WirlWind says:

      It’s a very Australian-like naming system, honestly.

      I had a friend in high-school who was super skinny so we called them ‘Fatty’. Another one we called ‘muscles’ because he was super weak, so on so forth. There was also a kid with orange hair we called ‘blue’…

      It’s actually really lazy, but whatever… Us Aussies are pretty damned lazy like that XD

  6. Barbara Edwards says:

    What is a dantian? Please explain how she was healing for a month and no one checked on her!!?

    • Kiki says:

      dantian is kinda like a mythical organ 2 points below the navel where qi resides. I think i have a better description somewhere in the future chapters. And cause nobody cares about “trash” :p

  7. chronos5884 says:

    Thanks for the chapter~

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  8. Yellow says:

    baili you’re making it confusing for the readers, that’s not ingenuity

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    Now is the time! right? right? By the way did she travelled one thounsand years to the past or to the future?

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