Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 68

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There were 10 pill furnaces arranged in front of her. With a glance, she could easily tell that the silver colored pill furnace’s quality was the best.

The furnaces placed before her were something she normally wouldn’t even glance at. But since she was currently only refining low level immortality pills, it would just have to do.

As her strength grows, in the future she’ll definitely come back and buy a new pill furnace that catches her eye.

“Baili Yuyan, I want this pill furnace. Can you get it for me?” Du Hanyue asked, pointing at the silver pill furnace.

She fancied that pill furnace for a long time now, but it was always too expensive and the money in her hands was never enough.

But since Baili Yuyan conveniently wanted to request something, she naturally wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by.

Seeing Du Hanyue choose the most expensive pill furnace, Baili Yuyan heart secretly turned gloomy, full of hatred and jealousy!

She carefully looked at the price tag below it: 200,000 gold coins! The price was enough to scare her.

Father knew that she had to please Du Hanyue and specially gave her 100,000 gold coins. Together with her lifetime’s savings, she had no more than 130,000 gold coins!

She had thought that it was enough, but had never expected for Du Hanyue’s appetite to be so big, wanting 200,000 gold coins!

Baili Yuyan’s face turned difficult, “Lady Du, 200,000 gold coins……”

200,000 gold coins, she simply cannot bring out!

Seeing Baili Yuyan’s expression, Du Hanyue’s face turned irritated, “If you don’t want to, then forget it.”

“Lady Du, it’s not that I’m unwilling,” Baili Yuyan said hastily, “But 200,000 coins is just too much. I don’t have that many gold coins on me, could there be anything else you want?”

She had coaxed Du Hanyue to coming here with great difficulty. As long as she managed to please her, then her master Yun Qingfeng could refine she and her brother with some immortality pills.

Baili Yuyan had no other choice but to do this. Although Heavenly Jewel Palace did indeed sell immortality pills, they’ve long been snatched up, all in preparation for the royal hunting feast!

If it wasn’t for the Imperial City’s pill masters being so rare, and the skilled pill masters being even rarer, then she wouldn’t be doing everything here just to please Du Hanyue.

“I’m only interested in this one, I don’t want any others!” Du Hanyue voice was slightly cold, “You can’t even afford to buy me this, but still want to ask for my master’s help.”

Hearing this, Baili Yuyan turned anxious, “Lady Du, just wait a little. I’ll think of some way to buy the furnace, is that alright?”

Du Hanyue nodded, satisfied, “Then I’ll be waiting.”

Watching Baili Yuyan and Du Hanyue, a touch of ridicule appeared in Baili Hongzhaung’s eyes. She never expected to one day see Baili Yuyan act subserviently.

“Miss, how much might you want to spend for the pill furnace?” The waitress asked politely.

Although she didn’t know this girl’s identity, just by looking at her clothing and demeanor, she could tell that she wasn’t anyone ordinary and acted even more humble.

Baili Yuyan was just thinking about how to quickly get 70,000 gold coins when she heard what the waitress told Baili Hongzhaung, and she couldn’t help but laugh.

“Haha, did I hear you right? You wanted to buy a pill furnace?”

“What if I buy a pill furnace?”

“You’re not a pill master, what do you want to do with it, use it as a stove and roast dinner on it?”

Baili Yuyan laughed. Du Hanyue originally made her pretty unhappy, but seeing Baili Hongzhaung act so over confident, her mood grew fantastic.

But Baili Hongzhaung just glanced at her coldly, as if she was looking at an idiot.

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