Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 67

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Heavenly Jewel Pavilion. It has anything and everything a cultivator seeks.

Even if they didn’t at the time, as long as you paid, they would certainly help you as soon as possible!

This was the reason for Heavenly Jewel Pavilion’s fame.

“Master, what do you want to buy?” Little Black asked curiously.

Today, his master was simply bleeding money. With that fist sized sack of gold, she could’ve bought so much food and let them eat happily.

“Pill furnace!”

Her eyes gleamed brightly. Today, she came here to buy a pill furnace!

Before, she lacked funds and could only wait. But now that she has the money, she can finally buy her pill furnace!

Just by entering Havenly Jewel Pavilion, Baili Hongzhaung could understand how it was worthy of the people’s praise. Just the layout alone was enough to make a person’s eyes light up.

Even in the night, Heavenly Jewel Pavilion was as bright as day.

All the pills, precious herbs, and weapons were displayed with a price tag, sorted out by rank and level, letting its visitors find the items they needed as soon as possible.

The waiters and waitresses were all handsome men and beautiful women with gentle, polite smiles, naturally making one happy.

Noticing Baili Hongzhaung, a waitress immediately came over and smiled, “Miss, what might you’ve come to buy here today?”

“A pill furnace, do you have it?”

She took a look around and had only seen pills, herbs, weapons, etc, but never once seen a pill furnace.

Hearing Baili Hongzhaung wanted to buy a pill furnace, a touch of surprise appeared in the waitress’s eyes before they returned to their usual calmness.

Although Heavenly Jewel Pavilion did indeed sell pill furnaces, the people who bought them were very little.

After all, pill masters were just too rare. Even in the Imperial City, there were only a few.

Was this surprisingly young girl in front of her a pill master?

“Pill furnaces are on the second floor. Miss, please follow me.”

The waitress bowed and held out her hand, gesturing for Baili Hongzhuang to follow her to the second floor.

Baili Hongzhaung nodded slightly. As long as she could buy the pill furnace, she was happy.

But when Baili Hongzhaung arrived at the second floor, she saw a familiar, hateful figure.

Truly, enemies are on a narrow road!

Baili Yuyan was accompanying Du Hanyue to buy a pill furnace. Du Hanyue was an apprentice pill master.

Although her own concoction skills were insufficient, pill master Yun Qingfeng’s skills were very well known.

The hunting feast was right around the corner. She and Baili Haoxuan needed to show a good performance, so an appropriate pill was very important.

Only after flattering Du Hanyue did she get him to promise to beg his master Yun Qingfeng to refine the siblings some pills.

But this Du Hanyue was also ruthless, and even wanted them to buy him a pill furnace!

This was an item expensive like no other, but under their current circumstances, the two siblings could only clench their teeth and bleed money!

Seeing Baili Hongzhaung appear, Baili Yuyan’s face turned disdainful.

“You, you actually dare to enter Heavenly Jewel Pavilion?”

“You can enter, so why can’t I enter?”

Baili Hongzhuang’s words were sarcastic. Really, every time this girl sees her, she keeps on looking for trouble with her!

Only now did Baili Yuyan remember that Baili Hongzhaung wasn’t the same anymore. Just by opening Godly Doctor Square alone, her income was far higher than her own.

Although she could eat and drink well in the General’s Household and the monthly allowance of silver coins were many, the expenses were also large, so the real amount of money in her hands are actually rather little.

Too lazy to bother with Baili Yuyan’s nonsense, Baili Hongzhaung directly walked to the pill furnace shelves.

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