Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 150

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Chapter 150


A sharp sound rang out in the air. Xuanyuan Huan carelessly fell down in front of the storm wolf, his sword flying from his hands.

Xuanyuan Huan’s face was full of panic. How could the storm wolf be so strong?

Now that his weapon was gone, how could he face the storm wolf?


Xuanyuan Huan released a blood-curling shriek. The storm wolf had bitten his arm!

A crisp ‘ka!’ sound echoed. Xuanyuan Huan’s bones were snapped!

Baili Hongzhuang’s face stayed indifferent. She and Xuanyuan Huan never had a good relationship, so of course she wouldn’t go out to save him.

But Xuanyuan Huan’s luck was clearly good. Baili Yuyan had suddenly appeared!

“Crown Prince!” Seeing Xuanyuan Huan’s arm bitten by the storm wolf, Baili Yuyan couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

When Xuanyuan Huan saw Baili Yuyan appear, his pale face lit up with happiness, “Baili Yuyan, quickly save me!”

Baili Yuyan repeatedly nodded her head, “Don’t worry, I will definitely come to save you!”

Although the situation was very dangerous, Baili Yuyan’s mood was actually very good. She never thought that today she would get a chance to save the Crown Prince!

If she saved him, Baili Yuyan was sure he would no longer be as disgusted with her!

Baili Yuyan quickly pulled out her sword before attacking the storm wolf without the slightest bit of hesitation!

When the storm wolf saw Baili Yuyan attack, it no longer bothered with Xuanyuan Huan, turning to throw itself at her.

Baili Yuyan’s heart was very tense. If even Xuanyuan Huan couldn’t beat the storm wolf, she was even less of an opponent for it!

Seeing the storm wolf’s attention turn to Baili Yuyan, Xuanyuan Huan sighed with relief. Although his arm was crippled, he still had his life.

“It looks like it’ll be an interesting show.” Baili Hongzhuang sat on the treetop, her face indifferent as she watched the storm wolf fight hand to hand with Baili Yuyan.

Little Black eyes flickered with excitement, “Now that the storm wolf is attacking Baili Yuyan, Master can save some effort.”

A woman like Baili Yuyan shouldn’t deserve to live in the world. If it wasn’t for Xuanyuan Huan interfering earlier, Master would’ve already killed Baili Yuyan.

If the storm wolf killed Baili Yuyan, they wouldn’t need to personally dirty their hands.

Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curled into a faint smile, her eyes bright as if she was enjoying a good play.

“Since Baili Yuyan likes to play beauty saving the hero so much, naturally we’ll let her show off.”

As Baili Hongzhuang was speaking, Baili Yuyan was forced to shrink back step by step. Although her strength was pretty good in the beginning, her qi was quickly used up as she faced the storm wolf. She had already lost control of her body.

Screams constantly rang out in the air. In just that brief span of time, Baili Yuyan’s body was already riddled with scars and wounds, drenched in blood.

Xuanyuan Huan immediately took out a pill and swallowed it. He never thought that the wolf would actually be so strong, and although he wanted to help Baili Yuyan, his wounds were too heavy. He was already incapable of fighting. \

“Crown Prince!”

Baili Yuyan couldn’t help but call out. There was no chance for her to deal with the storm wolf alone.

Suddenly, while Baili Yuyan was trying to escape from the storm wolf, she accidentally saw Baili Hongzhuang sitting up on a tree not so far away.

Her pitch black pupils were filled with anger. While they were being beaten black and blue by the storm wolf, Baili Hongzhuang was actually watching them calmly like a joke?

They weren’t that convenient!

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