Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 139

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Beast crystals–> Demonic cores

But in the next moment, Tian Weiming could no longer smile, his eyes filled with fright.

He couldn’t even hear the two weapons meet. He could only see Baili Hongzhuang’s figure disappear, and then reappear behind Ye Yitong like a ghost.


A heavy body fell to the ground with a loud thump. Ye Yitong’s two big eyes stared at the ground.

The ridicule and happiness in her eyes were replaced by dense fear. Warm liquid gushed out of her throat, impossible to stop.


One move!

Only one move, and she no longer had the strength to fight back.

Ye Yitong’s heart was filled with unwillingness. She didn’t want to believe that she would die today at Baili Hongzhuang’s hand!

She only thought it’d be a one-sided slaughter, how come she ended up losing her life?

Nobody gave her an answer. Even Baili Hongzhuang didn’t spare her so much as a glance after she hit her. Ye Yilong was certain that she had already killed her.!

Looking at the unmoving Ye Yitong, Tian Weiming was completely stunned, “This……. What happened?”

The smile on Baili Hongzhuang’s lips grew more and more enchanting. Her red lips gently opened, her voice full of charm.

“You said you wanted to kill me?”

Hearing Baili Hongzhaung speak those words in such a soft voice, Tian Weiming could only feel his back turn cold, the fear enveloping him.

He and Ye Yitong were both at late-staged mysterious earth. Since Baili Hongzhuang was capable of killing Ye Yitong in one stroke, killing him was just as easy.

“Chen, Chen Wangfei, I had eyes but failed to recognize Mt.Tai. You must spare me this time!” Tian Weiming’s face was pale as he begged for mercy.

“Earlier, you threatened to kill me. Did you really think that I would let you off?” Baili Hongzhuang sneered,”If someone offends me, Baili Hongzhuang, they will not have a good end!”

Her voice was hard. Baili Hongzhuang’s sharp sword moved again. Before Tian Weiming could escape, he had already died.

The two were dealt with in a flash. Baili Hongzhuang calmly took the two’s heaven and earth pouches before continuing her journey.

If others didn’t offend her, she wouldn’t offend others.

She never liked taking the initiative to invite trouble upon herself, but if others looked for trouble with her, she wouldn’t be soft!

Little Black and Little White each took a heaven earth pouch and looked inside. There were many demonic cores.

“It looks like it wasn’t the first time they did something like that. Today’s harvest is far better than killing demonic beasts individually.

Baili Hongzhuang kept all the demonic cores together. With Ye Yitong’s temper, she’s afraid that the number of cultivators that died by her hands weren’t small.

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