Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 128

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Chapter 128

At this very moment, Xuanyuan Yutian’s heart simply wasn’t into it. He only wanted to understand why Dibei Chen suddenly changed.

Before he found out why, he would not make a decision.

Looking at Xuanyuan Yutian’s attitude, Li Chengqian didn’t dare to be wordy. He held a faint feeling in his heart, Li Yuyue’s dream of becoming the Crown Prince’s Wangfei was finished!

Baili Yuyan’s eyes twinkled with excitement. Whatever the final result was, it would either be Baili Hongzhuang’s or Li Yuyue’s downfall. Both were what she had wanted. This time, she really made a good move!

Like this, the Prime Minister’s mansion and Chen Palace had become complete enemies. She truly didn’t break a sweat defeating her rivals!

Suddenly, Baili Yuyan sensed Baili Hongzhuang smiling as she stared at her. Baili Hongzhuang’s two pitch black eyes seemed to be able to pierce through a person’s heart, like all her thoughts were exposed with nowhere to hide!

She knew!

From Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes, Baili Yuyan was sure Baili Hongzhuang knew everything she had done!

How was it possible?

Baili Yuyan couldn’t help but be scared, but then quickly calmed down. Even if Baili Hongzhuang knew, what proof did she have?
Note: raws used Baili Hongzhuang but I’m assuming its a typo

A moment later, Baili Hongzhuang’s lips curled into a smile. She slowly raised her right hand. While no one was watching, she looked at her and gave her a throat cut gesture.

Baili Yuyan’s mind couldn’t help but shake, a trace of chilliness making its way into her heart. When she looked at her again, Baili Hongzhuang was no longer staring at her……

“The royal hunting competition’s rules are as followed.”

“Luoxia Mountain only has one storm wolf. Whoever is capable of beheading the storm wolf and bringing back it’s demonic crystal will be first place!”

“In addition to this, second and third place will be awarded according to the number of demonic beasts you kill!”

Hearing the name, storm wolf, the competing younger generation’s faces all changed.

A storm wolf’s strength was equivalent to the cultivation of late stage, mysterious earth. But its body was very nimble and was very fast. Its speed was like a ferocious storm, hence the name.

But even though on paper it only said the storm wolf was at the late stage, mysterious earth, in fact, it was very difficult for cultivators of late stage, mysterious heaven to kill it!

This time, although the hunting competition’s rewards were unprecedentedly rich, the trials were also very big.

“The royal hunting competition officially begins!”

With a wave of Xuanyuan Yutian’s hand, the curtain to the hunting competition opened. The minds of everybody competing were cold. Today, it was their stage to reveal their strengths!

All the youths conferred with their family elders. They needed to choose a good colt to ride into the hunting field!

“Father, I will work hard!” Baili Yuyan’s face was serious.

For her, this was her last chance. If she couldn’t give a good performance today, she needn’t think about going out into the sun again!

Baili Zhentao slowly nodded his head. Originally he had wanted for Baili Haoxuan and Baili Yuyan to perform well in the hunting competition together, but now he could only rely on Baili Yuyan.

These days, more and more troubles emerged for the General’s household. If Baili Yuyan could get into the top three, some of the negativity surrounding the General’s household will loosen.

“Perform well!”

Baili Zhentao clapped Baili Yuyan’s shoulder, his face holding a comforting smile.

Although Baili Hongzhuang prevented Baili Haoxuan from competing, Baili Yuyan’s rival also wasn’t able to compete. This time, the prime minister’s household was doomed to fail.

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