Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife Chapter 125

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“Whoever can win first place in today’s hunting competition will get a beast pet!

The next moment, Xuanyuan Yutian words were like dropping a stone into a calm pond, creating many waves.

Everybody couldn’t help but stare, eyes wide as they looked at Xuanyuan Yutian excietedly.

A beast pet, that was something everyone longed for, ah!

In the Shengxuan Continent, there were some demonic beasts that were caught and trained from a young age. If you could contract with such a creature, they would become your most faithful partner in your lifetime.

A human’s heart was unpredictable. A beast pet was truly the most trustworthy.

Beast pets had different levels of strength, but they were all very rare and precious. They were something common people simply couldn’t have. Even the sons and daughters of government officials couldn’t afford them.

So when Xuanyuan Yutian announced beast pets as the reward, everybody grew excited.

Baili Hongzhuang’s eyes also changed slightly. There was always a reward for the top three in the royal hunting competition, but it was the first time the prize was so extravagant.

She was also very interested in this beast pet. She had to get first place!

Sensing the crowd’s fervent, fiery eyes, Xuanyuan Yutian smile widened. This was the effect he had wanted.

This year’s royal hunting feast was somewhat different from the usual. He needed to spark the younger generation’s potential!

Know that there are other people watching the royal hunting competition as well.

“In addition to the first place’s beast spirit, second place will get a bone cleasning pill , and third place recieves a lotus cloud fungoid.”
With every word Xuanyuan Yutian spoke, their eyes grew more and more fervid.

“The rewards this time are really rich ah!”

“The royal family’s capital is truly deep! This is the first time I saw such lavish awards.”

“They’re really lucky to participate in this year’s royal hunting contest!”

Everyone couldn’t help but have a burst of envy. Who knew who could get into the top three, this time, the rewards were just too enticing!

Baili Yuyan’s face was filled with hard to hide excitement.Getting first place was simply a golden opportunity bestowed by heaven for her.

In the past, she was always competing with Li Yuyue, but now she’s injured and unable to take part in the royal hunting contest. Although the other cultivators strength weren’t bad, there was still quite a gap between her and them.

Although Baili Hongzhuang seemed to be able to compete now, she was definitely not her opponent.

This way, Xuanyuan Huan would win first place, and she would at least have second place on her hands!

Although she really wanted the beast pet, if Xuanyuan Huan became first, she could accept it.

“Xuanyuan Huan arrived at the hunting ground, his eyes going straight to Baili Hongzhuang. In the time he didn’t see her, Baili Hongzhuang seemed to have grown even more beautiful and enchanting.

Could it be that she truly loves Dibei Chen?

Because she loved Dibei Chen, after marrying, she became all the more beautiful and alluring.

Thinking of this, an uncontrollable and frantic jealousy filled Xuanyuan Huan. This was the woman he fancied. That that Dibei Chen trash dared to snatch her away!

“Master, that Xuanyuan Huan keeps on staring at you.” Little Black couldn’t help but say.

That sort of undisguised gaze was difficult to ignore, but she already had no interest in Xuanyuan Huan whatsoever.

Baili Hongzhuang chucked a bit “Just let him.”

Little Black grinned, “Master’s charm is truly unlimited.”

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  13. purpleeee says:

    BH is gonna win and hopefully get a new master

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