Muimui-tan Volume 2, Chapter 3 Release

Whoops, had this scheduled an hour late by accident, so I’m pushing it back to now, catching up with work things after being sick for so long’s been making me quite absent-minded recently, but I should be in a good head-space again by next release!

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Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 3 Release

Thank you all for your concern about my health. It’s nothing life-threatening, but it has managed to fill my hands/feet/throat/face with blisters, which is why the translation will be released slowly for the next two weeks, as I said Friday, while I recover my buffer once it doesn’t hurt to type with more than three fingers.


For those of you in need of the demon part of our fluffy demon, there will be a taste, soon enough.


The next installment can be found: Here

Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 1 Release

Phew, as it turns out, getting CPA certified is difficult, so thanks to that (and Starbound >_>), I almost fell behind on my buffer this week, but I’m still maintaining my 2 week head start as usual. (Thanks mostly to a chapter so delicious that I binge translated it into the early morning)

In addition, a new translation proofreader has joined the team starting this chapter, so everyone welcome Piroton!


Next chapter will be Friday at the same time

Current chapter: Here


Also, a shout-out to Conor McGroarty for his efforts in mapping a family tree in the comments of V1C11, these next few chapters should help you fill out that tree further

Careless Demon Volume 2, Chapter 0 Release


Good news: This should be the last single chapter release week, from next week on, two chapters a week!

After carefully seeing what ya’ll want, I’ve decided that Monday and Friday will be good release dates. Mondays to cheer up folks for their work week and Fridays to help them celebrate the weekend!

The next chapter will be released: Monday.


This chapter, however, is quite a trip, and I hope you all enjoy.

The new chapter can be found: Here

Careless Demon Volume 1, Chapter 11 Release

Before the chapter link, allow me to help clarify a point of confusion that some of the readers have expressed, from the point of view of a long-time fantasy consumer and writer.


First of all, to those of you who are worried that the fluffy fluffy goodness is gone forever and this story will turn into an action packed gore-fest: do not worry. The fluffy continues. The previous chapters had a different tone for two reasons. First, to provide an action packed climax, because that’s what fantasy books do. Second, to remind the readers of a very important fact:

This is a slice of life novel, whose main perspective is that of a Monster.

Unlike many Japanese fantasy stories, where every intelligent being is indistinguishable from a human, mind-wise [See: monster harems], the author has taken a more orthodox stance of fantasy. Yuru is a Demon who has latched on to memories of what could have possibly been a past human life. That’s her foundation. She seems to want to fit in with humans, whether for having relations, or purely for self-preservation is unknown, as both have been mentioned. However, as a monster, as much as she wants to act like a human, she isn’t one, and can’t ever fully be one.

These previous two chapters involved our cute little Yuru coming to terms with that, as well as facing something even us human’s deal with from time to time: losing control.


Whether or how she continues her human life, however, can be read: Here

Careless Demon Volume 1, Chapter 10 Release

At long last, the drought has ended. Let’s get ready for quite a ride in this chapter…


Click to your heart’s content for Chapter 10.


Also, Good news to the folks out there who like bite sizes. Turns out the author agreed with me that the chapters were a bit long, and halved their size starting through volume 2. As such, once Volume 2 starts up, I’ll be releasing two a week, though I’m not sure which day the second should come. Let me know in the comments below.


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