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Demon Noble Girl ~Story of a Careless Demon~

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  1. ok i was wondering if there will be some one will edit what i translate if so i do not mind doing the demon girl but i do not know how good my translate will be. btw i got no site but i can send the work over to a editor

    • App says:


      I read through your work and it’s indistinguishable from google translate. If my partner and I both drop the series at some point in the far future, feel free to pick it up, but until then, what I can see looking though your post (which will remain unapproved so that I can read, but others don’t see it) is that there was not the slightest bit of effort put in to understand Japanese, English, or both.

      It’s literally incomprehensible.

      However, I must commend you for your work, however, as I know it takes a lot of effort regardless of quality. That, at least, is recognized. We are not, however, in need of your services at the current level.

      Have an excellent day,

      • np thanks and it not google translate but it was a translation software babylon so i will say sorry if it upset you but i am not far in reading and writing Japanese i am trying my best to learn Japanese so i can better translate on my own with out the need of it so one more time thank you for your time and wish you good luck

  2. Sorrow says:

    Thank you for translating =) and thanks for the fluffyness

  3. Gabalter says:

    Is there any way to donate? I have looked through the site but can’t find one to donate to you? I even looked through the original authors site and couldn’t find a spot there either lol. Do you even accept donations?

  4. faboulousfabi says:

    I love you!

    Actually I want a new chapter so would you do me the favor?😆

  5. Whisper says:

    i love yuru !

    ah and you too for translating it xD

  6. Iqpha says:

    i love you~
    please do your best. i will support you.

  7. Qila says:

    I love you ~~~~

    !% chance for faster chapter ? right 😀

  8. Schrodingers Cat says:

    love ya.

    thanks for the translations 😀

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